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Final Fantasy Saga: Spells

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Unless noted otherwise, all spells are a standard action to cast with a range of line of sight. They generally only affect one target, unless enhanced by the Spell Refinement tree.

Spells automatically refresh at the end of an encounter. They can be refreshed earlier by spending a Mist Point, and all spells are refreshed automatically if the character rolls a natural 20 on their spellcraft roll. Other than that, barring talents, spells only refresh at the end of an encounter or at the end of the day, whichever comes first. So no unlimited healing between battles. Any cure spells cast are lost until the end of the next battle or the end of the day.

There are five schools of magic: Black, White, Time, Arcane, and Blue. Blue Magic can only be obtained through the Blue Mage class. Red does not count as its own school.

Spells are listed as

Spell Name (Spellcraft DC to cast the spell): Effect.

If a spell lists a defense as the resist, make a single spellcraft roll and compare it to the relevant defense of every target in the area of effect. Any target that the roll met or exceeded their defense is affected by the spell, while anyone else is generally left unaffected. The only exception to this is with Black Magic spells (an Cure when used against undead) are cast as area spells, where they do half damage even on a miss. Spells that list "opposed" as their DC are compared against the target's spellcraft roll. If the roll equals or exceeds the target's, the spell takes effect.

Black Magic Spells

Fire (Reflex): Deals 2d6 fire damage.

Blizzard (Fortitude): Deals 2d6 ice damage.

Thunder (Reflex): Deals 2d6 lightning damage.

Aero (Reflex): Deals 2d6 wind damage.

Water (Fortitude): Deals 2d6 water damage.

Quake (Fortitude): Deals 2d6 earth damage.

White Magic Spells

Cure (15): Cures 2d6 damage. OR Cure (Reflex): Deals 2d6 holy damage to undead.

Esuna (15): Moves the target +1 on the condition track, plus an additional +1 for every 5 points over the DC the caster gets on their spellcraft roll. This removes persistent conditions from poison, disease, magic, or fatigue, but not from lost or crippled limbs.

Rise (25): Grants an unconscious ally an immediate free Second Wind, returning them to consciousness.

Protect (20): Grants target DR 5 against physical attacks. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Shell (20): Grants target DR 5 against magical attacks, and a +2 bonus to Will defense against magic. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Dispel (Will): Immediately ends all magic effects on the target if it hits. OR Dispel (Opposed): Counter a spell cast by the target. This use of the spell may be cast as a reaction.

Time Magic Spells

Float (20): Target can levitate, ignoring all difficult terrain and even allows walking over water. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Gravity (Will): Reduces the target's hit point total by 1/4 on a hit. This damage cannot move them down the condition track.

Haste (25): Reduces all actions taken by the target by one category. Full-round actions become standard. Standard become move. Move become swift. Swift remain swift. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Slow (Will): Increases all actions taken by the target by one category. Swift actions become move. Move become standard. Standard become full-round. Full-round, reactions, and free actions are unaffected. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Reflect (25): Reflects all incoming spells back at the caster, except dispel. Use the caster's original spellcraft roll to determine its effects. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Warp (2 x squares teleported): The caster can teleport anywhere within line of sight, provided they can make the spellcraft roll. This spell only requires a move action to cast.

Arcane Magic Spells

Berserk (Will): Target becomes enraged for 2d4 rounds, gaining a +2 rage bonus to melee damage rolls. When the effect ends, the target moves -1 step on the condition track. While enraged, the target cannot use any skills or abilities that require patience or concentration, including spellcasting. Mind-Affecting.

Bio (Fort): Poisons the target for 2d4 rounds. Roll spellcraft vs. the target's fortitude defense every round. The target takes 2d4 poison damage and -1 condition on a hit, half damage and no condition on a miss. The condition is persistent as long as the poison is in the target's system. The duration is affected by Spellpower and Spell Potency, but the poison damage is not.

Confuse (Will): as Mind Trick. Mind-Affecting.

Dark (Will): Target is blinded (See Saga pg. 254). Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Silence (Will) Target cannot speak. They cannot use any abilities that require speech, such as the Noble's Inspiration or Leadership abilities, as well as any spellcasting. Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Vanish (25): Target becomes invisible. You are considered to have Total Concealment (see Saga pg. 156). Lasts 2d4 rounds.

Blue Magic Spells

Fear Gaze (Will): Target flees in fear as with Weaken Resolve for 2d4 rounds.

Death Glare (Will): Deals 2d6 dark damage, and the target may only take a swift action on their next turn.

Choco Meteor (Ref): Deals 3d8 physical damage, and moves the target -1 step on the condition track. 3x3 area effect.

Poison Nail (10): Swift action. Self-only. Your next hit with a natural weapon poisons the target. The poison rolls 1d20+5 against the victim's fortitude defense each round until it misses, dealing 2d6 earth damage and causing a -1 step persistent condition each time until the poison leaves the victim's system.

Blaster (Fort): Deals 4d6 earth damage. If this damage exceeds the target's threshold, it is turned to stone. This may be cured with a Soft, Dispel, or Esuna.

Dark Flare (Ref): Spend a Mist Point. Deals 8d6 dark damage.

Magic Hammer (Will): Target loses access to one randomly determined spell it knows until the end of the encounter.

Bad Breath (Fort): Targets move -2 steps on the condition track, -1 even if the spell misses. Spell is cast as a 6 square cone in front of the caster.

Holy Shock (Will): Deals 2d6 holy damage.



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