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FoYS/Alchemical fire weapons

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ALCHEMICAL FIRE WEAPONS (ARTIFACT ••) Repair: 1 During the First Age, Exalted alchemists developed reagent fuels far more stable than firedust. Armed with these fuels, they built artifact fi re weapons far superior to any mere firewand and equally useful in the hands of mortals and the Chosen alike, since they did not require Essence expenditure. The two most common types of these weapons to survive into the Second Age are plasma tongue repeaters and fuel bolt launchers. The former are small, fi ve-shot personal weapons favored by rangers. The latter are heavy, shoulder-mounted cannons designed for anti-vehicle and anti-warstrider use.

Fuel bolt launchers can also be loaded with a fire pearl (see p. 57) in addition to their usual gelatinous fuel. Used as ammunition, the alchemically energized pearl hits the target fast enough to lodge itself in the impact point (making the initial damage piercing) and continues burning from within until the target crumbles to cinders. If the initial blast successfully inflicts any damage, the target suffers two lethal health levels of damage per tick, bypassing all armored soak until the target is destroyed or the pearl is removed.

Removing the pearl requires successful (Dexterity + Athletics) roll for a structure or (Dexterity + Medicine) for a being at difficulty 2. Alchemical fire weapons count as firewands for the purposes of Archery Charms.

Name Speed Acc. Dmg. Rate Range Ammo Tags
Plasma Tongue Repeater 5 +2 10L 1 20 (maximum range) 5 F
Fuel Bolt Launcher 6 +1 18L 1 30 (maximum range) 1 F

Ammunition fuel pellets sufficient to fully reload either weapon cost Resources 3, but can be purchased only in a large metropolis. Alternatively, characters versed in the thaumaturgical Art of Alchemy can distill the fuel themselves with a ritual (see Exalted, p. 138, for thaumaturgy ritual rules): Alchemical Weapon Fuel (2, Int, 4, 3 hours): Creates enough ammunition to fully refuel a personal alchemical fire weapon of any type.

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