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Folgers Coffee Coupons

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Folgers Coffee Coupons

Ever since its grand opening in San Francisco, California, in the mid-1800s, Folgers Coffee has made a name for itself as one of the leading coffee manufacturers on United States soil.

With a huge variety of different blends and roasts, Folgers caters to all kinds of coffee drinkers with some of the most enjoyable coffee to be found. Folgers Coffee is a part of J. M. Smucker, a company that is also known for Dunkin’ Donuts and Millstone.

Although Folgers coffee is also available in limited measures in both the United Kingdom and Canada, in the United States there are nine different major types of Folgers coffee, many of which can also be purchased in their less potent decaffeinated versions.

Coffee Products

Besides their regular blends of Classic Roast and Classic Complements, Folgers also offers various flavored blends including Folgers Gourmet Selections and Flavored Coffee, which is available in Chocolate Silk, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla.

There is an Instant Coffee blend, available on demand, and various personal brewing blends including Singles and Home Café Pods. Folgers also produces Cappuccino in two flavors and a lighter, more easily digestible coffee blend known as Simply Smooth.

Due to this large variety of types and flavors, a huge swath of coffee drinkers across the nation flock to Folgers to help them get out of bed in the morning.

One of the most attractive things about Folgers coffee is how widely available it is. Folgers products are carried by practically every large grocery store chain as well as many smaller local grocery stores, so a delicious, fresh cup of Folgers is sure to be less than five minutes away.

Folgers History

Although it has since moved headquarters, the former Folgers building in San Francisco, located at 101 Howard Street, has since become a historical icon of the city. The new owners have left a corner of the building dedicated to history, allowing the Folgers sign to remain intact for curious tourists and travelers to visit and photograph.

Folgers Coupons

The building was such an idyllic part of United States commercial history that it was canonized in the United States National Register of Historic Places as a major attraction. The building is made entirely out of red brick in the typical, historically rich style of the late 1800s. It sits five stories tall and is dotted with bold, nineteenth century windows.

Specifically beautiful is the row of arched windows surrounding its top floor, from which Folgers executives would sit and stare out of while contemplating the next celebrated move of their blossoming company.

The Folgers Brand

Today, despite Folgers’ mouth-watering blends and time-tested recipes, many people shy away from mega-brands such as Folgers, choosing instead to sample coffee of inferior quality and taste simply because of its lower price. But there is good news for all you aficionados of quality coffee out there, and that is that Folgers offers a huge variety of coupons and discounts for its products, available from as many different locations as the coffee itself.

Folgers Coupons

This coupon campaign is Folgers’ way of allowing their customers to have their coffee and drink it too by combining some of the best coffee in the world with some of the best deals in the world of coffee. With so many coupons available, some only a mouse click away, there is no reason to settle for inferior coffee – or even pay the full price for a good quality cup.

Folgers coupons will reduce your expenses without reducing your palate to garbage. Although in many cases these coupons represent hefty discounts on Folgers products, in some cases there is even some free Folgers stuff available if you know where to look.

One of the safest bets for finding great Folgers coupons is found right on the Folgers coffee canisters themselves. Folgers likes to reward its repeat clients with great deals and you can often find free offers or wild discounts printed right on the canister wrapping.

Supermarket Coupons

Supermarket magazines are also great places to look for Folgers coupons. Practically every large supermarket chain puts out a regular magazine in which they detail all the best deals that can be found in their store along with the coupons available for the products they carry. More often than not, Folgers coupons can be found in these magazines, but if none are to be found, be sure to check back next week.

Some of the best Folgers coupons can be accessed by becoming an important member of the company’s world famous Wakin’ Up Club. Membership is granted after a quick, free registration process that can be performed at the following website: folgers.com.

Once you become a member, Folgers will send you all the latest news about their products, including the best deals and coupons as they come out. The Folgers Wakin’ Up Club is not a spam-heavy service and only contacts its members with quality information, promotions, recipes, and coupons.

Folgers on Facebook

Another great place to find Folgers coupons is on their Facebook page, found at: folgers.com. Folgers often posts two for one deals on their Facebook page in the form of printable coupons, of which you can print out as many as you like.

Besides their Facebook Wall where you can find all the latest and most important news and deals, they also have a recipes section where you can download and upload the tastiest Folgers recipes, and a promotions section where you can find out about their latest promotional campaigns or even design your own Folgers coffee canister.

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