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Fresh Step Cat Litter Coupons

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About Fresh Step Cat Litter

Fresh Step is one of the most popular brands of cat litter on the pet care market. Available in grocery stores, pet care outlets, and bargain stores nationwide, this high quality litter is a big hit with cat owners due to its superior performance.

Fresh Step has many options available in the "scoopable" variety of litter, which forms clumps around cat waste for easy disposal. Fresh Step litter products are typically offered in cardboard boxes with plastic handles, which replaced the plastic bucket style of container for the company in mid-2010 to save on packaging costs and offer a more eco-friendly solution at the same time.

Fresh Step offers litter mixtures blended with carbon for odor control, as well as a multi-cat version of the same litter with extra odor protection that receives very good reviews on the company's website, www.FreshStep.com.

New Product Line

Newer products from the company include a special absorbent "crystal" formula that neutralizes urine odor, a dye and fragrance free litter, and a fresh "Lavender Fields" litter that has the refreshing scent of lavender. Continuing with their eco-friendly trend, the company also offers a natural brand, made from fine wood shavings rather than clay, for users that are sensitive to clay or dust.

Saving Money on Fresh Step

Unlike other cat litter companies, Fresh Step litter actually rewards their customers that remain loyal to the brand with special "paw points" that can be redeemed for a variety of different products.

Unlike coupons that are only good for a set amount of money off of the specified product, paw points actually allow a Fresh Step user to select the reward most useful to both them and their pets. Rewards vary, but many selections are available and rotate with enough frequency to make things interesting while ensuring popular redemption items, such as free or discounted Fresh Step, remain each time.

Donating Paw Points

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As a thoughtful gesture, Fresh Step even has an option that allows users to donate their paw points to the SPCA rather than redeem them. Each item has an internal stock counter "behind the scenes", and will tell users if quantities of that item are running low so choices can be made accordingly.

The free items do vary, but include pet-friendly products like cat tunnels, cat toys and collars, and the alternative options for their human counterparts include movie tickets, magazines, and T-shirts. For those that want to save money on litter, the two options - a money-saving coupon for dollars off or a redemption option that can be turned in at the store for a free Fresh Step litter coupon - ensure they won't be disappointed.

Enhanced Savings Options & Prizes

In addition to outright redemption items, Fresh Step also incorporates an interesting bidding system using points. Users can "buy" chances to win large or expensive items like cat jungle gyms and beds. Each month, a different handful of high-value items are available, including unique items like six months of pet insurance or a large framed picture of your cat from a popular canvas framing website.

The item being raffled each month can be found listed in the official rules page, at FreshStep.Com. Users can buy up to ten entries per day with paw points, making increasing their chances to win as easy as clicking a button.

Earning Paw Points

To earn paw points, simply buy packages of Fresh Step products - inside each is a special code that can be entered on the website MyPawPoints.Com to register your purchase and bank your points. A 20 to 25 pound bag or box of litter will earn you 50 points with each code.

When Fresh Step introduces a new product - such as their latest product, natural scoop - they will typically have a period of a month or two during which they'll double the points on that item, as well.

Each code on a full-sized product earns 50 points a bag, and at the current 400 paw point "cost" of a free bag, those that use the program and enter points diligently can score a free 14 pound bag of litter for every six they buy.

300 paw points will score users a $3 off any product coupon if they don't want to take the time to build up six purchases before redeeming a paw points reward. When a free or discounted litter reward is earned, the coupon is mailed in 4-6 weeks to the user's home, and can be redeemed at the nearest grocery or retail store.

Other Ways to Obtain Coupons

While Fresh Step coupons are not a common sight in newspaper circulars and coupon inserts, subscribing to the company's email newsletter can ensure you don't miss a new product launch or "double points" item. When you enter your name, mailing address and information on your cats on this page, you'll be able to log in the site and start entering your paw points codes as soon as you have them handy.

While the Fresh Step litter coupons may take a little legwork to get, it's worth noting that there's no mystery as to how soon you'll be able to get one. With an easy-to-use, dedicated rewards program, frequent promotions to play to earn more paw points, and a rich email newsletter to keep cat owners informed, Fresh Step is the best.

When you're looking for Fresh Step coupons, look no further than mypawpoints.com, which will reward your brand loyalty with free litter and toys for your feline friends, and some fun items for you as well!

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