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Friendly's Coupons

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The Scoop on Friendly's

If you're looking for the very best in family dining, then you need to find some Friendly's coupons. Friendly's started as a humble ice cream shop in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1954. Serving double-dip cones for only five cents in the beginning, it soon grew to an east Coast phenomenon, now hosting approximately 500 locations across 16 states on the Eastern Seaboard, including Connecticut, New York, and Virginia.

Now more than just an ice cream stand, Friendly's prides itself on serving some of the best family-style and comfort food you can find at an affordable price.

If you're looking for a great place to get lunch or dinner, Friendly's is your place. Whether you favor wraps and sandwiches or larger platters, you're sure to find what you love on this menu.

Friendly's Menu Information

The burgers are large enough to satiate even the hungriest of diners and come with complimentary fries, while the signature chicken entrees offer a great taste that skimps on the calories, but not the flavor. Moreover, there's a great selection of menu items that focus on seafood, and a number of salads are great for diners who want to eat great without breaking their diet. Moreover, a large and diverse kids' menu ensures that the little ones are always fed well.

Friendly's Ice Cream.

If you're a senior, then you're going to love Friendly's! All guests who are 60 or older can take advantage of specially-priced menu options that offer modest portions with the same great taste you've come to love. To sweeten the pot, any guests who is 60 or older gets a free "Happy Ending" sundae with any purchase of a senior meal or regular entree.

Friendly's Ice Cream

On that note, the ice cream that Friendly's serves is certainly worth mentioning, especially considering that that's where the franchise got its start.

There's a plethora of decadent sundaes served at every location, incorporating world-class ingredients such as bananas, brownies, and crisp pecans. Indulge your sweet tooth with brand-name sundaes such as the Butterfinger Sundae, Kit Kat Sundae, or the Reese's Pieces Sundae, which combine your favorite candies with the restaurant's world-class ice cream.

Friendly's Coupons and Specials

There are always promotions and developments in Friendly's restaurants. Recently, they've introduced a new section of the menu aptly named "Under 555 calories." These are lighter menu options that still pack the flavorful punch you've come to expect from a restaurant as such, ensuring that you can adhere to your diet without missing out on great food. Considering that they are $7.99 or less, this is a great way to make sure that your wallet is always full while keeping your waistline slim!

Friendly's has a great club called the "BFF" which is perfect for fans of their amazing food. By signing up through the official website, you're taking the first step to always being the first to know about amazing deals and new menu items. Moreover, you get a free three-scoop sundae just for signing up, which is a great way to start appreciating their confections.

The "BFF" club also gives you and your family access to special events and holiday promotions, including special deals for your birthday! What better way to celebrate your day of birth than eating at a great place like Friendly's?

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