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Friends and Strangers - current orphans at Pappa Dreda's

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Goodness only knows how many children have grown up in the shadow of the giant Cycad tree in the yard of Pappa Dreda's compound, but one thing is for certain, there will always be orphans in need of a loving home.

Pappa Dreda knows that nurture can overcome the damage done during a child's formative years, he also knows that nurture can temper many violent aspects of a child's own nature, but most of all Pappa Dreda knows that nurture must be imposed upon a child, even when they resist it. Pappa Dreda accepts then that sometimes his guidance of an orphan in his charge will be difficult and tempestuous.

He wonders whether this will be the case with his current residents.

The current charges in Pappa Dreda's care are:

Wendy (Woody) Winter: 7 years old: With beautiful porcelain skin and jet black hair, this human female keeps mostly to herself. She has been at the orphanage for all bar the first few months of her life. She was found alone and cold in the woods far to the north of Atlantis.

Puyter the Archonian:9 years old: A resident of the orphanage since the age of 6 months, Putyer knows all the children very well and is often the first to speak and befriend new-comers to Pappa Dreda's establishment. He has some funny ways about him though, including a tendency to stare up at the cycad tree for long periods of time.

Joarm (Jo) Attuk: 6 years old: He is a Bronchi Pachryd but has none of the collossal stength and size that will mark him when he finally matures, though he occassionaly displays the outright stupidity his race is known for. He has been at the orphanage for 4 years after he was bought from a Herdrakas slave camp.

Terrkl (Tether) Ospa: 9 years old: A winged prankster with sociopathic tendencies who uses her racial flight ability to good advantage. She was delivered to the orphanage by exasperated relatives only a few months ago. She is constantly trying to escape the orphanage which has lead Pappa Dreda to put a 40 meter tether on her foot that defies undoing or severing.

Forran (Forran) Hg'doonar: 11 years old: This stocky boy-child was passed over at last year's trade intake. He has been working out hard ever since. His goal is to be accepted by one of the mercenary guilds or perhaps for the Confedracy militia but his sporadic bed wetting continues to hamstring his confidence. He has been at the orphanage for 3 years after being an urchin in the slums of Atlantis.

Sengal Dulilius:4 years old: Arriving on 6 weeks ago Sengal is the most recent arrival and boy does she have a set of lungs on her! She has barely started to settle and has not yet been housed in with any bunk mates.

Vecna: It's unclear how old Vecna is - he appears to have one of those horrible diseases that ages him beyond his apparent age - although it seems a fairly localised version of the disease, it has only affected his arm. One of his eyes is also a bit squiffy, kind of like the wild look of a caged animal. A strange boy through and through.

Dejo 'Sack' Maundalu: Sack is 12 and has been at Papa Dreda's for 9 years. Being a Droopian she was born with her adult amount of skin and has a lot of growing to do before she will fill out all her folds. She has a love of eating and is friendly with most - that is until they make a move towards her food.

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