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Project Fries (Fr: Projet Frites; Ch: 薯客会议) was the Codename for the Video Game Olde Crew (VGOC) operation on November 11, 2005, hosted by MF.

General Information

Every few months (Or more often, or less), the VGOC convene at someone's house. They come with some warning, stay for about twenty-four hours, make the parents mad, consume all the food, spill pop on the rugs, break a handrail (This is most often done by Olezhiak), and then disappear, leaving the host to cry, whimper and feel sorry for himself and wonder why he does this when he eventually has to clean it all up. ----[Yeah, Jeez Li...]

And so we come to the current edition. Codename: Fries. MZ created the name, which will sound very silly later on.

It will be held on Friday, November 11th, 2005. At MF's house. [I'm in the phone book. Nearest to the University. -MF]. All people who are coming are to arrive between 2 and 2:30 PM. Even Oleg should be awake by then, so nobody should be late, unless MF clears it ahead of time. Ask him, he will probably say yes, but it must be a good reason to be late.

So far, those cleared to be late are:

  • Li

No one else should show up late. The standard punishment for being late shall be a smack for every half hour late. This punishment will increase after three hours. However, it's better to show up late than to never show up at all. Punishment for not attending without decent reason shall be severe annoyance courtesy of Amir.


Eight people can be in attendance at Fries. Please, do not invite others, or else your spot may be revoked. The parents of MF are strictly against any more than eight people coming in, and invitation of another who shows up will result in your request for leaving.

The host of Fries is MF. Seven other people will come: Five of the classic VGOC, one late joiner, and one new inductee:

  1. Hope
  2. Li
  3. Nathan
  4. Nick
  5. Oleg
  6. Sean
  7. Zhang

Brendan Shaw was initially invited, but was unavailable. The guest list for Fries is now CLOSED. That means no one more is coming. So don't ask. Unless you don't want to come.

UPDATE: Ken is coming at 2, and staying until a reasonable time. That's nine people, no more.



We played with the following roles:

  • Two Mafia
  • One Cop
  • One Angel
  • Three Villiagers
  • One Jester

Ken was known to have dropped a level because he showed his card of Jester inadvertantly, and lost a clear winnable situation. In another surprise, Oleg actually won as the Jester. This proves the role of jestor as fairly effective as it cancelled out both extremes of the Mafia spectrum [We're nicely ignoring my flawless victory as the jester where no one suspected me until it was over. Jeez. -MF]. Nathan was known for his continuous random accuations, and Sean was beaten various times for violating the Oleg Rule, and has superceded his title.

Punishments were to be given for aggravating people. The causes of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking a long time to decide on something (Oleg rule #1)
  • Failing to see the bleeding obvious (Oleg rule #2)
  • Saying the bleeding obvious (Zhang rule #1)
  • Making unfounded accusations in order to be a prick (Zhang rule #2)
  • Claiming to know who's who arbitrarily (STFU Li rule)
  • Complaining about your character selection (STFU MF rule)
  • Randomly casting a vote to screw things up (Wayne rule)

Video Games

MF owns a Gamcube, and Sean supplied an extra controller. Oleg and Nick own XBOXs, and will bring them and two copies of Halo 2 [Oleg: Remember to rent one. -MF]. Games played were:

  • Timesplitters
  • Halo 2, in which Sean got bored.
  • Smash Bros. Melee involved a brief duel between Ken and Sean, who apparently waited six months for the event.
  • Mario Party was never played
  • Oleg rented Splinter Cell and duelled with others late into the night.

In terms of hardware, MF has the appropriate cables to initiate a system link.

Board Games

While board games are a minor focus, they are often played at VGPP gatherings. Pool turned out to be the only one actually played, and it only remotedly counts as a "board game"

  • Cards
  • In Snooker (Pool), Oleg defeated Zhang with a score of 31-21, after sinking the black ball on a crucial last shot. In the second game, Zhang hit in 3 coloured balls in at once; unfortunately, this put him only 18 points behind.


The football event contained many comical events, the most prominent was Sean getting banged in the head. Hope's advanced plays turned out ineffective.


No movies were watched.


If you have another idea for Fries, add it here!

How bout inviting Jiajia next time eh? Or does that disrupt the azn/white equilibrium?

--Try visiting Wikipedia's article on Party games for other cool games.

Food and Drink

Pizza will be ordered. Pop will be provided, but not in large amounts. Bottled water will be provided in greater amounts, due to it's price, the lessened severity of a spill, and the less consumption that will occur. Ironically, more water was consumed, because Oleg consistently opened a bottle, took a single sip, and then left it for the night. Total useless bottles: About 6, out of 30. Nick brought salt and Pepper chips, and Zhang brought the classic "Chubbies", which were the favourite drink of the day.


Any questions regarding Fries should be asked on the discussion page for this article. If possible, ask questions earlier rather than later. See you on the 11th!

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