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GC: UW happening now

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Everyone can edit this page at will. Please share battle reports and tactics here.

We want to know what his stack is at any time. GC is the main page about the rest of the game.

Freedomnow is about to blow up the RT server's universe

Status: Freedomnow is currently winning in part because we're not collaborating and sharing stack info! Many people only have their ships captured by the viral to add to his defense!

You info here! Edit the page to collaborate!

Current stacks

He is said to have lots of anti-queen tactics (chem resistance) so that neutrals don't harm him much and other ship types get captured. I suppose that means lots of strafez fodder?

We need the numbers!

freedomnow`s fleet 
Pike Destroyer          53,598    0    53,598  
D.Angel Battleship       2,905    0    2,905  
V.Borrelly Destroyer   146,535    0    146,535  
Hercules Juggernaught    1,302    0    1,302  
M.Flysch Battleship      1,436    0    1,436  
G.Lictor Juggernaught      147    0    147  
P.Thor Destroyer         4,669    0    4,669  
Pyth Battleship            312    0    312  
M.Chlorite Destroyer     5,615    0    5,615  
Tyr Dreadnought            460    0    460

And he was hit badly at least once since.

Live chat

We don't have a live chatroom specifically for UW in progress. If you find a free chat service convenient enough, add link here.

Virus Absorb

Do they get all ships, or only those they don't destroy? Makes a HUGE difference in tactics. -Rhishisikk

Seems like they can't get neutrals. But they're armor-plated against queens right now, someone would need to have many power stacks to aim the queens at the right targets.

Please share his combat stack info if you know.

Succesful tactics against powerful UW virals

Can you remember something that worked against a viral UW in the past? Put it there GC: Succesful tactics against powerful UW virals

Interview with freedomnow after the fact

GC: freedomnow interview

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