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GC: freedomnow interview

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Relax interviews FreedomNow after his failed UW attempt

Q: How long did you hope to succeed?

All the way! Well it was going great until the 20 hour mark where it went off.

Q: So what what was your stack when you triggered the UW? I hear it was well thought. (-;

Stack was:

-thor (100+ mil PR)

-V chircon (100+ mil PR)

-V broll (100+ mil PR)

-Pike (100+ mil PR)

-Herc (100+ mil PR)

-D angel



-M chlorite

Q: do you intend to use a different stacking strategy next time? Or bigger stacks? Or both?

ohh yes big time, different and bigger!

Q: What caused you to fail?

I stoped it for several reasons, and the planning behind it

1: NO Support

2: started the overmind project while i was at 450 mil pr BIG MISTAKE this cost me the most 25% why I failed

3: Hence from the first point no cash due to bad plannning on my part

4: again bad planning should have organised pr levels to maintain a long time ago this would have been heaps better

5: 95% of the server was against me; I had over 820 hits in 32 hours

6: crucial times i had no support at all besides 2 or 3 players at the low pr level and where getting hammered and they still came out again and again

7: over 2000 artifact where used on me which ate 300 BIL $

8: Many backstabbing players switched sides; if you see Azurewrath KILL HIM!


9: Took over 820 hits in 32 hours

Q: Did you give up or did people do you in?

Both; Lack of support from my fed.

Q: Who had the last attack on you?

Loof did, as I was extremely tired and just wanted to get hit, for some reason the server never reduced my PR level when I was trying to kill the pop so I had to plunder.

Q: Will you try again?

Ohh yes 100% sure!

Q: any final thought?

To all my fed mates and freinds that helped, thanks you to the ones that helped out and stood by me through thick and thin. For the ones that never helped out well...

I got more support from Distemper than my own Fed which is sad in a way, but there where a few of you who stood out did a fantastic job.

I must admit it was a good expirience but have lost 5 trillion dollars in the process and also lost 50% of my income. I had no choice but plunder planets, for some reason the server did not reduce my pr when I kill pop off then lost a total ok 200k land :((

I will go after kalzul and kill him.

I might go to VM for a while guys not sure yet

there are heaps of other reasons as well to many to name, MY DREAM WAS TO LET IT SUCCED BUT WAS NOT THE CASE, next time will be a garanteed


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