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GUN is an acronym for Guardian Unit of Nations, a military organization. GUN operates in a similar fashion to the GDI, operating outside of any one country's government. Unlike the GDI, which is controlled by the United Nations from its homeworld, they do not seem to be controlled by any governmental entity but its own brass. It has been responsible for three major projects: The Eclipse Cannon, Project Shadow and Project Seven.

Recently, most GUN Black Ops bases came under attack from Space Colony ARK's Eclipse Cannon, operated by the former leader of Project Seven. All but a few were destroyed.

GUN from time to time has been known to work alongside the Lodgers and the Global Defense Initiative in large-scale battles.


Eclipse Cannon

Project Shadow

Ace of Spades

Employees, Former

Professor Gerald Robotnik

Employees, Current

The Commander

Shinji Ikari

Hilda Lorenz

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