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Gameworks Coupons

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GameWorks Coupons

GameWorks is an all-in-one chain restaurant, arcade and bar that is marketed towards adults and children. The inclusion of a bar and games that are more aimed at an older audience makes GameWorks a hot spot for those looking to have fun in an adult oriented atmosphere.

Families are able to take advantage of the kid's area to play video games without being by the bar. Party packages are offered for both children and adults.

GameWorks is owned and operated by SEGA, a popular video game development company which has been in business, in various different formats, since 1940. From the early 1980's until 2002 SEGA focused on creating and selling video game systems, such as the Genesis and Dreamcast.

Since 2003 the company has branched out into other areas of the entertainment industry, such as the development and implementation of 22 different GameWorks locations, 7 of which are currently in operation.

GameWorks History

Originally GameWorks was jointly owned by SEGA, Dreamworks SKG and Universal Studios, but SEGA Entertainment USA became the sole owner in 2005.

GameWorks is best known as an all-in-one entertainment center. The design of each location is intended to maximize the customer's entertainment experience. Arcades are well known for featuring video games but before the advent of places like GameWorks they were not a place where you could also go to get a nice meal.


They were also generally seen as being created for children. The GameWorks business model breaks through such previously held conventional thinking and opens up the world of arcade games to people of all ages. GameWorks locations across the United States frequently host parties comprised solely of adults, especially for corporate retreats and team building outings.

GameWorks Locations

One of their seven locations does not operate under the primary GameWorks name. Located in Tuscon, Arizona, it instead operates under the name World Sports Grille. The other six are spread out across the Western and Midwestern states, including locations in Las Vegas and Chicago, along with their flagship location in Seattle.

GameWorks.com offers customers the ability to book parties and to print out discount coupons. Those looking for coupons should visit the "special offers" section of the website to see the latest available combo deal.

Currently they are offering a 4 pack combo, which consists of 4 one hour game cards and one of 3 different family sized meal options for $39.99. The chain also posts discount offers on local area sites, such as Seattle Weekly's coupon section.

Coupons in the News

The Seattle Weekly is currently offering a $20 game card for only $10. GameWorks does not typically offer coupon codes, such as those found on popular online coupon websites, so searching their website and local media sites is the best way to go.

The restaurant portion of GameWorks offers a good variety of appetizer and meal options. They also have a specialized kids menu. Food items can vary from location to location, but a portion of the menu can be viewed on the GameWorks website.

As previously mentioned, they often offer in store specials for customers who are planning to both dine in and spend time in the arcade. Be sure to inquire about these specials before placing your food order as they generally save most customers a fairly large amount of money. Each GameWorks location also features a full service bar.


Drink specials are offered on most nights and combo discounts may also be available for those who would like to purchase a drink or two along with some video game credits.

One of the things that customers dislike about standard arcades is the necessity to change bills into either quarters or tokens. It gets messy, can require multiple visits to a coin changer and causes people to have to root through their pockets between games.

GameWorks recognized this issue and, from its inception, has eliminated the need for quarters or tokens. In their place, each customer receives a rechargeable game card that, much like an ATM card, is swiped on each machine before the game begins.

The price of the game is then deducted from the card. Once the total amount of game credits is used, the card can be reloaded. Holding onto your GameWorks card is in your best interests as a small deposit is required for each new card. This rechargeable card option is not only more convenient for consumers, but it's also more environmentally friendly.

GameWorks Cards

GameWorks cards are also used to store a record of all tickets that a customer wins by playing games that are enabled with the ticketing program. This is very helpful as it allows customers to save up their tickets over several visits without having to actually hold on to the paper tickets.

This format also encourages customers to save up for a higher ticket item. Once enough ticket points are collected they can be redeemed for prizes located in the prize center.

Overall, GameWorks is well known, and deservedly so, for their unique business model. The majority of their customer reviews are positive, both from families and those who have gone as part of an adult outing.

Their pricing structure for the games is lower than typical arcades, due in large part to the reduced operating costs of the rechargeable game cards. Combining all of this with a quality restaurant and a bar makes them a great choice for your next outing, whether it's date night or family night.

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