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Gar Par Yar

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Gar Par Yar (abbreviated as GPY) is a nonsensical phrase which has been declared the official chant of VGOC, and has evolved to become an unofficial greeting between fellow VGOC members.

It is heard often at the cafeteria, where it will be chanted in a successive fashion -- member A says Gar, member B says Par and the Gar Par Yar chant goes around the circle, often pausing at either Ken or Oleg as they realize that the chant is taking place.

When it is used as a greeting, "Gar" is the most prominently used. "Par" is usually used as the return greeting, as members have discontinued the trend of replying to "Gar" with a "Gar".

It is featured prominently in electronic communications between VGOC members as well, such as text messaging, MSN, and Facebook wall posts.





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