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Geeks Bearing Gifts

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This is the wiki page for the NN/LM Class, Geeks Bearing Gifts: unwrapping new technology trends.

Class Description

This class is intended to provide a fun, fast-paced, and informative introduction to and update on today's hottest technology trends. Program participants will be able to identify technology trends and they will understand how these trends will impact or can be integrated into traditional library services. Content will be presented in with a "can-do" focus intended to encourage participants to investigate at least one technology for implementation in their institution. Course structure will include brief vignettes and demonstrations of a wide variety of technologies. Some of the topics to be covered include RSS, blogs and wikis, social bookmarking, wireless, Bluetooth, and more.

The hands-on class is 4-8 hours.

Class Outline for 8 Hour Class

  • Introductions (.25 hours)
  • Web 2.0: Using the Web as it was meant to be used
    • Introduction to Web 2.0 (1.50 hours)


    • AJAX: The Web as Platform (.75 hours)
      • Google Homepage*
      • Google Spreadsheets*
      • Google Docs*
      • Hands-on exercise with Google Docs and Google Homepage, including collaboration*
  • Break (.25 hours)
  • Staying Connected: rss feeds and aggregators (1.00 hour)
    • Syndicate this: RSS
    • Bringing in the Feeds: Aggregators
      • Bloglines & Google Reader *
      • Hands on with Bloglines*
  • Bridging the Divide: Wireless (.25 hours)
    • Communicating with the Invisible: Wi-Fi
    • Nine Out of Ten Dentists Connect with: bluetooth
  • Lunch
  • Can You Hear Me Now?: new waves in audio and video (.75 hours)
    • Woo-Hoo: VoIP
      • Skype*
      • AOL/iChat*
      • Vonage/Verizon/etc.*
    • Downloading Zeitgeist: podcasts
      • Possibly hands on with podcasts, subscribing using iTunes if available since the directory is built in. otherwise using Bloglines and an RSS directory
    • Pandora *
  • Six Degrees of Separation: social networking apps (1.25 hours)
    • We Met Online: introduction to social software
    • Uncontrolled Vocabularies: folksonomies
    • We'll Remember it for You Wholesale: social bookmarking
      • Food for Thought: del.icio.us
      • Nature of the Beast: connotea
    • Tag Sale: other cites of interest
      • CiteUlike
      • BibSonomy
      • Furl
    • Tom is in Your Extended Network: social networking services
      • MySpace
      • Facebook
      • Ning
      • LinkedIn
    • Others
      • Flickr*
    • Hands-on with del.icio.us and Ning... (I'm thinking of taking pictures of all participants so they can upload them to the Geeks Bearing Gifts Ning site I'll put together)
  • Break (.25 hours)
  • Blackberry Thumb (.25 hours)
    • ROFLMAO: instant messaging (IM)
    • Thnks fr th Mmrs: short message Serivce (SMS)
  • Web Gone Wild: Blogs & Wikis (1.25 hours)
    • Introduction to content management software
    • The Town Square: blogs
    • Hands on with WordPress or Blogger*
    • Stiki: wikis
    • Hands on with Wiki software*
  • Conclusion and Evaluations (.25 hours)

Items marked with a * have no manual pages.

Meetup.com An excellent site to coordinate fun activities with other people in your area who share your hobby. Go to http://www.meetup.com and enter your zip code and interest, and you may find a local origami paper folding group or local French-speakers club near you!

Tribe.net A site to talk about your hobbies, aka tribes. http://tribe.net

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