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General Mills Coupons

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About General Mills

General Mills is one of the largest and most trusted companies in the modern world. This company began making high-quality products in the 1860s and has continually set the standards of how food should be made and sold. The company provides everything from cereal to cereal bars. In order to catch the best deals on products and brands, be sure to grab General Mills coupons.

Humble Beginnings

This giant manufacturer of fine foods began with two simple flour mills built by Cadwallader C. Washburn. After years of working to make his mills successful, his hard work paid off when his first brand of flour was introduced to the mainstream public. Gold Medal Flour made its way into households around the United States.

The company later expanded into many different brands. There are over 40 major brands to choose from as of today. Moms, dads and teenagers can make healthy and wholesome meals in no time with very little effort.

Brands and Products

With so many different brands and products offered by General Mills, consumers can have the nutrition they need to be healthy. One of the most popular brands is the famous Betty Crocker. This brand makes cooking delicious meals, preparing tasty desserts and other foods easy. It gets even easier when consumers have the chance to use Betty Crocker coupons and save on the products they love.

Another famous brand is Green Giant. Mothers love this friendly green figure due to the freshness and easy-to-prepare meals he represents. They can find money-saving General Mills coupons both online and off.

Breakfast is not a problem with all the cereal choices available to consumers. General Mills coupons for Cheerios, Wheaties and other delicious breakfast cereals are found in grocery store fliers, Sunday papers and Internet coupon sites.

Brands such as Fiber One and Nature Valley are relatively cheap when consumers use coupons. They are essential snack items for those eating healthier foods. Other healthy eats by General Mills include all-natural and organic foods. Coupons help make buying these types of foods cost-efficient.

Folgers Coupons

Where to Buy General Mills

When it comes to buying the company's products, just take a trip to the local grocery store or big name retailers in the neighborhood. Even smaller mom and pop stores sell General Mills. This company offers its products in almost every store that sells food.

General Mill coupons can be used in the grocery and retail stores for easier, cheaper shopping. Some coupons offer up to $1 off or more on cereals, frozen meals and desserts. Since the prices are already lower than most other products, the savings can be substantial.

Online Coupons and Promotions

Consumers can stop by the General Mills official website and product links for coupons, promotions and special contests. Recent promotions for Betty Crocker have included seasonal meal and entertaining ideas. The brand's main website link also provides money-saving coupons on many of its product lines.

Box Tops for Education is another promotion that has been around for a number of years. It helps schools get the things students need from the support of consumers who purchase certain products.

The Pillsbury Bake-Off has a contest for consumer recipes. It has given people a chance to win prizes for over 45 years. Shoppers can also learn about going green at Eat Better America. This General Mills site provides great incite, as well as coupons, on how to eat healthier while helping the planet. Members can earn up to $50 on many products by printing the coupons offered on the site.

Saving money is something many consumers think about every time they shop. This is possible by clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or printing them online. Many of the best coupons are found on the General Mills home site.

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