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Georgia Stahlmansche

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  • Name: Georgia Stahlmansche
    Georgia Stahlmansche
  • Nicknames: Miss Stahlmansche, Red (for her hair color)
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Hair color: Crimson
  • Eye color: Green
  • Skin color: Pale, with freckles
  • Home World: Earth Tergo
  • Player: Tergonaut


Georgia Stahlmansche is confidence personified. All her life she was raised with great expectations, receiving the best of schooling and training in social and business aspects. But more than that, her personal drive is extraordinary - she believes that she can succeed in taking over the world, and works toward that goal every day. She is good at keeping her frustrations and anger at bay with an interminable self-control, letting her stay on top of any situation. There is nothing she likes better than to frustrate an opponent while staying cool as a cucumber.

Stahlmansche considers her goals paramount - even the lives of people are unimportant to her if that is what it takes to achieve what she wants. She envisions a future of perfect order, where she controls everything. Robots represent that future to her, and she employs them in any way she can. She uses people too, manipulating them into giving her what she wants. More than one of her talented employees has a secret that she discovered and that they will do anything to keep her from letting out.

Stahlmansche is a living lie. To the public, she is an upstanding citizen and a talented CEO. But she excels at deception of her true motives as well as of her actions outside the public eye. She will do anything to prevent the truth from coming out into the open. As the head of Effective Cybertronics Unlimited, she directs the advertising and public relations departments to maintain her holdings and ensure that the least amount of damage is done in all cases.


Stahlmansche is an attractive, youthful-looking woman with a medium build - she looks ten years younger than she actually is. She has medium-length hair that is a definite crimson shade, and green eyes that are hypnotically pale. Her freckles give her a youthful, daring appearance, and she typically dresses in a black business suit with a thin European-style black tie, and generally preferring the colors black and red in most other garb. She wears a black savate uniform with red stripes up either side when exercising. She sometimes accessorizes with a cane.

Combat Style

Stahlmansche is surprisingly fit due to a constant regimen of exercise, and she has been trained in the savate form of kickboxing, as well as the use of a cane with this style. She is also trained in the use of smallarms, though she usually relies on her robots to protect her if the situation is truly dangerous.

Stahlmansche is no fool; she will avoid fighting personally unless she is sure of her opponent's capabilities being lesser than hers. She often has at least one or two robot bodyguards with or near her, and with her cybernetic implants she can give orders to any robot her company has ever produced. This way she can call for help remotely without needing to press a button or open her mouth. If forced to fight, she will often have at least two or three gadgets hidden in her clothing that will help her to end the conflict quickly and escape. Jet boots, spring shoes, grappling cuff links, smoke bombs, small plasma guns, and the like are in her repertoire.


Stahlmansche is from Tergonaut's Earth. She is the last in the Stahlmansche line, and has inherited the family fortune and company. But she wasn't satisfied with simply being the head of a company - she wanted to rule the world. She begun to quietly offer support to criminal and terrorist factions that were against the United Earth Government, supplying them with weapons and equipment and even supertech to give them teeth to bite the government with. But it was Tergonaut's diligent efforts that eventually drove her to desperation, which outed her on Earth and forced her to use a dimensional portal to escape to a new world where she could start anew and work toward her goals.


  • Stahlmansche is equipped with cybernetic devices in her body that allow her to become totally invisible to any form of electronic recording. This means that any attempt to record her during a vile deed will most likely fail if it relies on any technology, including sounds she makes. She can turn on and off this ability at will, and by default will have it on.

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