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Godzilla challenges you!


Hailing from a world where the Cuban Missile Crisis resulted in worldwide thermonuclear annihilation, ECRPG's Godzilla is far more powerful than the standard version, almost six hundred feet tall and tipping the scales at 300,000 metric tons. It was brought to Valgris in its role as "Leviathan Prime", the champion of the Keeper of the Monsters of the World. Godzilla battled the Lodgers (piloting Mimicker-provided battle mecha) to a standstill, and nearly killed both Asuka and Raven. Its rampage was only stopped when Kennichi piloted his small mech down the creature's throat and entered it's bloodstream through an artery in the stomach wall, eventually self-destructing the mech inside Godzilla's heart, causing a massive heart-attack, which incapacitated the monster.

Defeated, but not slain, Godzilla escaped to fight another day. Its current whereabouts are unknown.


In addition to being a savage and cunning fighter, ECRPG's Godzilla possesses all of the standard abilities of both the Heisei Eiga Godzilla and the Millennium Godzilla, only at a much higher level. These include:

  • Resistance to injury: Godzilla's hide is almost as tough as diamond, and is resistant to most explosives and cutting implements. Its bones are possibly the densest non-stellar material in the universe, and are for all intents and purposes indestructible.
  • Regeneration: Godzilla regenerates lost or damaged tissue at a phenomenal rate. Even if something does manage to get past its defenses, the injury will heal within moments. This same ability renders Godzilla immune to most poisons and all diseases.
  • Nuclear Metabolism: Godzilla's body is fueled by a nuclear chain reaction. As a result, the creature is highly radioactive, and possesses immense strength, even greater than its size would account for.
  • Nuclear Pulse: In a pinch, Godzilla can harness the nuclear energies of its body to generate a (relatively speaking) small nuclear explosion.
Nuclear Pulse
  • Breath Weapon: Godzilla's most formidable weapon is the blue-white beam of radioactive plasma that it can summon forth from its open mouth. This beam reaches temperatures in excess of four thousand degrees celsius. As a finishing move, this can be upgraded to the red "Spiral Fire Beam", which burns even hotter and has greater penetrating power.

Godzilla is (c) Toho Studios Ltd.

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