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What is Gowalla

Gowalla is a location-based travel game that rewards you for visiting both everyday and extraordinary places with your Palm webOS, iPhone, Android or Nokia N900 device.

Gowalla Logo.

Check out all the Gowalla Videos.

Here's where you can get The App in the iTunes store.

The mobile site currently supports the location-aware browsers on Android and iPhone OS devices, as well as the Nokia N900.

The Gowalla FAQ (no longer available - make an unofficial FAQ?)

Unofficial FAQ & Tips

The Gowalla Blog

Ben's awesome Gowalla Tools available on web and iPhone.

An unofficial message board can be found here.

The official Creating Spots Post posted by Josh Williams

Gowalla Categories

Gowallawalk See where you've visited

Users like me Discover people who have similar checkins to you

What's Here

Icons - Up to date information on what icons are available and how people have found them!

Mission Pins - Mission pins available and how to get them. Covers both trips and achievements.

Food Wars Spots - Known spots for Food Wars!

Temporary Spot History - Informational page on some of the short-lived spots created for specific events.

Positology - This needs no explanation.

Pro Tips - Some helpful advice in order to make the game better for everybody.

International Travel Tips - Good advice for traveling outside the US with Gowalla.

Discounts for playing Gowalla - A small but hopefully growing list of merchants that will give you a discount if you mention Gowalla.

Street Team Elite - Users with Street Team Elite status who can Edit and Merge spots.

SXSW Icons - Icons specifically released during SXSW 2010

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