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Locations on Valgris

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Graph City

Graph City is a metropolis on Valgris. Little is known about the city, except that its residence and government hold an emnity for Sega City and its residents, and that they are currently under occasional random zombie infestations. It is unknown as to why either of these facts hold true, but general consensus of the city's inhabitants claim the two to be related.

Locations, organizations, and notable people from the city are currently unknown.


An advanced, technological and industrial city about ten miles from Sega City. The home of mad genius Dr. Ivo Robotnik, aka Dr. Eggman, and formerly of Dr.Henry Von Klaus. Also home to their robot hordes and some of their followers.

The city was originally supposed to be Sega City's sister city, but Eggman managed to take control of it during its construction, and was rumored to be one of the main contributors of the project.



Typhrea is costal, tropical town whose claims to fame are the Hotel Royal, the Soul Beacon Lighthouse, and Purity Spring. It was the location of the vacation adventure RP.

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