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Greening McGill

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Welcome to Greening McGill's Wiki!

This wiki is meant to be a public space where people can share their ideas & tips about environment-related things on-campus at McGill and in Montréal in general. So go ahead!

Things to do here:

  • Index: By visiting the index, you can see an alphabetical list of everything on the wiki so far. Read up on information regarding Greening McGill's projects and the environment.
  • Requested Articles: There's also a section of where you can request articles. I've put down some ideas of things we could talk about in this space.
  • Create an Account: If you'd like to address a topic, it's very easy - just create an account and write a paragraph or two, whatever you'd like.


I've just finished migrating the old Green Wiki from Schtuff to BluWiki.

Now, let's get this thing going! Please see here before editing.

- Warren

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