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Greening McGill Greening McGill

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Greening McGill is a student environmental organization at McGill University which promotes environmental awareness and activism. We work for a large number of environmental causes, mainly concerning the environmental impact of the university and its students.

We are a working group of QPIRG-McGill (Quebec Public Interest Research Group, McGill), and are independent of the SSMU club structure; this gives us a degree of flexibility in determining the goals, projects, and roles of people within our organization.

Previous projects have included publicizing and fundraising for land trust efforts around McGill's Gault Nature Reserve, successfully campaigning the McGill administration to adopt a paper-use policy that requires professors to accept assignments printed on both sides, running energy awareness events, establishing The Plate Club to loan reusable plates and cups to both campus groups for their events and students for their lunches in Shatner, and much more. Currently, we're working on a wide variety of projects, such as the annual organization of Car-Free Day at McGill and Buy Nothing Day festivities, and 'From Field to Feast,' which is a campaign to raise awareness and promote the eating of local food. We also administer the Green List, a 500+ member mailing list that is a resource for environmentally interested people at McGill.

Our coordinators are currently Fanyi Meng and Warren Huard.

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