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Greening McGill Requested Articles

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  • Reducing material consumption
  • Toxic Stuff in the Home
    • Cleaning: alternate ways to clean & recipes; gross toxic ingredients in conventional cleaners
    • Low VOC paints and stuff... fabrics, construction of furniture
  • Reducing Energy in an Apartment/Dorm setting: heat, water consumption, electrical/appliances, CFLs!
  • Food
    • Organic sources on/near campus
    • Organic Food Co-op
    • Reducing footprint by reducing meat consumption; organic meat
    • Containers are cool! Styrofoam, not cool!
    • Growing your own: Kitchen herb & veggie gardens year-round, summer balcony growing/rooftop veggie gardens
    • Santropol
  • Compost
    • Gorilla Composting
    • Vermis
  • Where You Live
    • Info on cooperatives
    • MUCS
    • Link to Rez document
  • Reuse
    • Crafty ways to reuse things & links to crafty sites & other info (e.g. ReadyMade mag)
  • Living In Rez
    • Shortened document with links to many of above topics -> applicable to people living in McGill residences


  • Investing sustainably
  • MSE & Environment-related classes (Geography, ecology, earth&planetary sciences, sustainable architecture??/urban planning, ?)
  • Transportation
    • Evaluation of cars, hybrid cars, motorcycles & motor scooters, public transportation, carpooling, bikes/rollerblading/walking
  • Cool Places to eat on campus & Bringing your own lunch...
  • Minimizing impact at school
    • Sources for recycled paper
    • Recto-Verso Notebooks
    • Refilling pens?
    • Spreading the word
  • Campus enviro clubs: History & how to get involved
    • Commissioner, PGSS, SSCE, Rethink - info & links
    • McGill's environmental record


  • Activities that are low-impact on the environment
    • Hiking on Mt. Royal, Biodome
    • Travelling to see some cool natural areas around Montreal - Laurentians, Gault? - link to MOC

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