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Grocery Coupons

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Finding Grocery Coupons

Believe it or not, but grocery coupons have been around for 116 years. The coupon was for the newly created cereal Grape Nuts! While that coupon was for just one penny off the regular price, Grape Nuts, and almost every other brand of cereal, still offer consumers money saving coupons regularly. It is estimated that more than 77% of households use coupons, though this number historically goes up in poor economic times.

Coupons do get a bad reputation since many are for boxed and canned goods, sugary cereals or snacks that are not nutritionally sound. However coupons for fruit, produce, meat and dairy do exist and offer great money saving opportunities to the consumer. Read on to find what kinds of coupons are available, where to get them and how to maximize your savings with grocery coupons.

What Kinds Of Coupons Are Available?

Just about every national brand offers coupons and many local brands will have coupons in regional newspapers or in store advertisements. A quick look on a popular coupon website shows coupons for cereal, juice, milk, ice cream, frozen vegetables, board games, diapers, cat liter and cleaning products. You can also get coupons for personal care items, office supplies and even clothing.

Where Can I Find Coupons?

Coupons used to only be found in the Sunday newspaper inserts but now they can be found on line and through direct mail. On line, you can get coupons from coupon websites; just find and print the ones that you want. You can also get coupons from the manufacturers website.

Sometimes you need to complete a survey or sign up for their emails, but most will offer you a coupon. Don't forget about calling the 800 number on the back of your favorite products to compliment the company. Many times they will send coupons or samples. Also if you sign up to receive free samples on line, your sample will often come with a coupon.

Sometimes you want more than just one copy of a coupon and there are numerous coupon clipping services on line where you can pay to have clipped coupons sent to your home. You can also find popular coupons on eBay and Craigslist. If you don't like the thought of paying to save money, ask friends and neighbors for their coupons if you know they don't use them. Check with the local library and fast food places and ask if you can have the coupons from the papers they receive.

Grocery Coupons

How Can I Get the Best Deals?

Use coupons on sale and clearance items to get the lowest prices and try to find a store that offers double or triple coupons. Usually this happens once a week or once a month, find out about your store and then head there on that day to make the most of your grocery coupons.

Many manufacturers often have great promotions which are available at most stores. There are many cereal and milk promotions from companies like General Mills and Kelloggs where you buy six boxes of cereal and get a gallon of milk free, or some similar scenario.

Sometimes with frozen and canned vegetables, frozen pizzas and chips and soda you must buy upwards of ten items (usually you can mix and match them) and then submit your receipt and UPCs to get a rebate. You can sweeten this deal by using coupons to get them for less than the advertised sale price, making it possible to earn money with some promotions!

Another way to get some super deals is to stock up on items when they are really cheap. These loss leaders, items priced really low so as to get you into the store, are great bargains, especially when paired with a coupon. Stock up on these to last you for three to four months, when they will likely be on sale again. Stores just rotate their sales every few month, so be sure to stock up and never pay full price again.

Stores That Offer Great Savings With Coupons

Stores that doubles coupons are usually great places to shop at since they offer you additional savings. While their shelf prices may be more than the Wal-Mart Super-center, the savings you get from double coupons will make up for it.

Drugstore chains like Walgreens and CVS are well known for their great rewards programs. Even though they are not grocery stores, they offer a decent selection of grocery items and price them competitively. Though their rewards programs slightly differ from each other, you can use both their store coupons and your manufacturers coupons on each item you purchase, thus saving you more money than buying it at a regular grocery store.

Their rewards program gives you store money in the form of a coupon, good on your next purchase. If you have a coupon for a dollar off a gallon of milk, there is a store coupon for $1 off any dairy item plus a register reward of $1 the gallon of milk, that will cost everyone else $2.99, will be free for you. You will pay $0.99, plus any tax, and then get a coupon for $1 off of your next purchase.

While you do need to pay some money up front, you can make the most of their program by using your old register reward coupons on your next purchase.

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