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Group 5

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McIntire School of Commerce

Promotions Group 5 Collarborative Page

Spin the Bottle Shots


Group Logos

Axiom Logo.jpg


Worksheets - Final Copies

Hoover's access

Choices 3

Preferred Meeting Times

  • Michael:
    • M/W before 11am and after 5pm
    • T/TR before 11am and after 12:15pm (I'm free most of the day)
  • Kelley:
    • M/W
    • T/TR
  • Krystal:
    • M/W
    • T/TR
  • Cassie:
    • M/W
    • T/TR
  • Sarah:
    • M/W Mon any time, Wed after 6
    • T/TR between 12:15 and 3:30, or after 4:45pm

Contact Information

  • Michael Staples:
    • Email: mss6d@virginia.edu
    • IM: innyaface (lame, but I was young when I created it)
    • Cell Phone: (804) 304-7575
  • Krystal Kovalick:
    • Email:
    • IM:
    • Cell Phone:
  • Cassie Meiresonne:
    • Email: cass@virginia.edu
    • IM: crm2012
    • Cell Phone: 616.481.2031
  • Sarah Unger:
    • Email: sju2d@virginia.edu
    • IM: zuzie333
    • Cell Phone: (914) 552-9444
  • Kelley Mulfinger:
    • Email: knm7h@virginia.edu
    • IM: none, sorry :)
    • Cell Phone:813 857-1593

Clay Sucks



Group Name

  • Axiom

Coke Advertising Links

Interesting Coke Articles / Other Info

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