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HDR marathon

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On behalf of the High Desert Runners, Graeme McRae will coordinate a marathon training program for people in the Antelope Valley to prepare for the Los Angeles Marathon, which will be on March 19, 2006.

Training program

The training program is customized to your ability and goals, and is based on Hal Higdon's free Marathon Training Guide. You will track your individual training progress on your own page right here on this wiki.

How to join

This wiki will be used for all coordination and communication among the participants. To join, just edit this page, and put your name at the bottom of the list. Then, if you like, make a page for yourself on this wiki called "HDR" followed by your name. If you don't know how, Graeme will make one for you. If you have questions, go to Graeme's talk page, click edit, and write your question at the bottom. Later, come back to read Graeme's answer.


Organized group runs

Graeme will organize group runs on Saturday mornings at 8:00. Since the hills behind Highland High School are now off-limits due to housing construction, we will move a few miles west, and meet at the Godde Hill Road bridge, where it crosses the aqueduct.

Schedule of group runs

Saturday, November 19 -- meet at 8:00 AM at the Godde Hill Road bridge, where it crosses the aqueduct.


Name Joined on (date) Experience Goals
Graeme McRae 11/16/2005 two marathons, PR 4:12 sub-4-hour LA marathon
Caitlin Elizabeth 11/16/2005 half marathon, PR 2:06 to follow a novice or intermediate-I training schedule
HDR Yolanda Melena Yolanda Melena 12/08/2005

Advanced 1, to finish in 3:45:00 or better

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