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Exterior.jpgHackerhouse-cropped.pngHAX-Moving In.JPG

Palo Alto HackerHouse: SV HQ - Poe St

San Francisco HackerHouse: SF HQ - Page St

San Francisco HackerHouse: HH/San Francisco

San Francisco HackerHouse: Yscraper

San Francisco HackerHouse: HH/San Francisco

Mountain View HackerHouse: White House Satellite

Mountain View HackerHouse: HH/Mountain View

Palo Alto HackerHouse: Triangle ▲ Underground

Palo Alto HackerHouse: HH/Mountain View

Current tenants

Winter '09: Facebook, Heyzap, Redwood Systems, Arista Networks, Sprowtt, SLAC, *stealth startup*, and a Stanford student.

Previous tenants

Summer '09: Google, Facebook, TechCrunch, Microsoft, Stanford CS Grad, Twitter, GraffitiGeo

Spring '09: Petasales, Divvyshot, WattVision, ShoveBox, iPodRip

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