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Project Hai! (Ch: 东海聚会 Fr: Projet Rai) was Zhang's birthday party for his 17th Birthday hosted on May 7, 2006.

VGOC Present:

  • Zhang (host)
  • MF
  • Jiajia
  • Li
  • Rocky (left halfway through)
  • Hope
  • Nick
  • Oleg

In addition, Hank refused to come.

This rocked. It was awesome. Watched a bit of Monty Python, some Wuxia, ate cake, and played flags. It was only hampered by Rocky's oddness (Which none of us will understand), and the failed game theory (To be repeated this week). Other than that, it was great. Flags was especially awesome, as well as the 2-hour session of randomness that I may have fallen asleep during at the end. Mrmanme 23:19, 7 May 2006 (EDT)

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