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Start or join a haiku conversation. If you want to know how haiku's are written, have a look at this.

Some Haiku Conversations

the day
Whips of lightening
Crackled at earth with anger
Daylight is stolen

Swaying of the trees
Guard of honour to welcome
The approaching storm

Its calm eye belies
The fury that swirls within
Swallows hope and men

a snippet of thoughtjourney being trounced...
by his silence, his
assent was assumed, and so
Mandy is winner

Sitting tapping desk
Like waiting for sky to fall
Mandy lost and gone

you pipe down back there
supervisor spoke to me
reply in good time

Good excuse to use
Powers that be pressing down

Matt's propaganda
the endless flowing river
still spews forth nonsense

Metaphor abounds!
Distracts from bodkin debate
Still a nill response

Silent as the night
Whose blackness envelops all
Light of truth absent

I must nurture it
the poor troubled flame from winds
of misdirection

untimely end
haiku included
in second draft, or left out
like dog in the rain?

Unloved and boneless
the damp mut wanders alone
looking for master

skeletally poor,
dog struggles to walk, and dies
lies prone in gutter

An untimely end
for mans best friend! mine loved not
but was still walking

the inevitable
weary road ended
with perilous climb to top:
report delivered,

wherein was whisper'd,
between printed lines, a tale
words did not utter.

They know it, seek it
they drive us to this purpose:
growth benefits all.

Fruits only nourish
Those that know where trees are
And how to climb them

The tale of grad report
A quest with heroes, villains
Has come to an end

sadly, villians made
in the minds of team members
slightly splintered group

When fourteen minds are asked to
Act as one body

Friendships that survive
Greatest rewards from project
Splinters heal quickly

happily, heroes
were likewise made, friendships forged
in fire of trial

Haiku Inspirations (for my novel)

When I was a child
I thought all homes were the same
interests similar

there's too much writing
too much of nothing to do
distraction is rife

retail therapy
flags deterioration
society's fall

truth dies behind words
of money, power-broking
they forget to look

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