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~Character Info. Sheet~

Status: Seraph Monk

Name: Haku

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Faction: HoO

Hair: Black

Eyes: Purple

Skin: lightly tanned, but VERY tanned in the summer sun

Other physical characteristics:(Height, build, wieght ect.) 5'8, Athletic, 212lbs

Clothing Style: Standard Issue HoO Monk clothing line has been destroyed. Now wears white cloak over white shirt over white pants.

Important Misc. Info:(Scars, birthmarks, jewlery ect.) Revealed several razor scars in attempt to commit suicide under his sleeves to Jenna, any other scars TBD

Personality: Loyal, very friendly, outgoing, down to earth, makes small jokes (sometimes stupid ones) all these traits mainly to hide other deeper angsty feelings

History (if any, optional): Haku was a normal teenager with his teenage girlfriend, catholic born (having his faith tested everyday by the modern world).

Married his girlfriend Jency, a year later she perished... Haku doesn't remember how nor why, but he knows that after a period of extreme depression and unsuccessful attempts at suicide, the HoO came into his life and taught him things that interested his mind in ways that helped him to forget his angst.

Adept in the ways of the HoO, Haku has revealed some knowledge of common egyptian spells (and some other mysteries) taught to him.

Never truly forgetting the death of his loved one, Haku instead tries to fill his head with "other things" finding comfort in cigerettes and sometimes alcohol (even though when he smokes sometimes his mind flashes images of her death)

Haku joins the school in order to help keep his mind off things and help him remember the HoO teachings that helped him forget a past he finds himself haunted by.

Haku is in conflict with his feelings towards the HoO due to his memories, his past religion, and his inability to quit smoking.

  • Update 07/16/07

After breaking free from the clutches of a small resistance team led by his brother, Haku allowed the "Spirit of Seth" to enter his body and grant him powers to escape. After the ordeal, Haku collapsed and was rescued by Jenna and Jason. Upon awakening in Jenna's room Haku quickly rushed over to Jenna (who had been sleeping in her computer chair), embracing her and spending the day in her dorm.

At night, Haku wakes up and writes a letter to Ms. Divine reporting the incidents. Feeling a new power inside of him, Haku throws his old robes away and adorns a white outfit that had been packed away in his bags. Haku has transcended from a "Monk" into a "Seraph Monk"

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