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Project Hamlet (zh:贺含聚会) is Michael Zhang's 18th Birthday party held on April 28, 2007, a day after his actual birthday. All VGOC are welcome to the event, which runs from 6 to 12. Basically, things that happened included playing Dragon Ball Z on the Wii, courtesy of MF, a game of Flags at Wildwood Park, watching deleted scenes from Borat, and setting off of fireworks, again at Wildwood Park.

Those Present:

  • Zhang (host)
  • Li
  • MF
  • Oleg
  • Nick
  • Ken
  • Jiajia
  • Seanacton
  • Samir
  • Adam

Honorary Invite:

  • G2


  • Zhang: There are no girls or alcohol at this party, on purpose, just so you guys know.
  • MF: Yeah! I'm in!

  • Cashier at Pharmisave: Fireworks? do you guys have ID?
  • Samir: yep...

Wonderful Things

All must praise Li and Oleg for the bringing of Chubbies. Also, MF is of the opinion that Adam should be adopted into the Olde Crew, as he seemed to fit in quite well. In addition, greatness was experienced in the form of running around like morons at midnight with sparklers in the park. MF suggests that this become a tradition at VGOC parties, since everyone enjoyed it.~MF 18:05, 3 May 2007 (EDT)

I very much agree with MF.

Jiajia is an Idiot/Thank You

Jiajia was an idiot and lost his keys in the dark park. Thank you to all the Horatios who spent over an hour in the cold helping me look for them. I am sorry for the trouble it caused. I later found them, by the way, around 1:21 AM. They were in the general area we were looking, so we didn't completely waste our time...

But thanks. I truly appreciate all of your friendship. --Jia² 13:44, 29 April 2007 (EDT)

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