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HTBG Calendar


This page contains the Calendar of the Happy Trails Biking Group. The most recent dates at the top. Remember also to bring walkie talkies. This schedule is tentative & subject to change so if you plan on coming out, good idea to check your email or this blog the night before & we'll update any changes. Also if you do plan on coming out but are slightly delayed, please call Ingrid on her cell & we'll wait for you. Note that if you are unduly late, we will start without you but please have your walkie talkie on channel 11/0 to call and see where we are on the trails or your cell phone to call Ingrid.

Global Rankings are constantly updated based on reviews from those who have ridden them

Hydro Cut Global Rank #454

Kelso Lake Global Rank #512

Puslinch Lake Global Rank #1272

Guelph Lake Global Rank #1802


I know we have had great biking weather so far. I hope you each were able to get the cobwebs off your bike. We were not able to do a tune-up session this year but that's something we each need to do before the first ride (nothing like being in the back 40 with a flat). Here are the dates Anita & Ingrid picked. There may be dates where we are flexible so if you'd like to come that week but the day is not there ...send Ingrid a quick email and we'll see what we can do. The start time will be 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted. If you plan to be there but are running late, please send Ingrid a text.

Friday November 30

Biking Dinner

At Ingrid's and Joni's

Monday September 17


Commentary This will entail being out after the lights go out, so if your up to doing a "lights required" ride ...come join us at the Glasgow entrance to the hydrocut.

Saturday September 15

Guelph Lake

Commentary Jake, Ingrid and Anita met for an impromptu ride at Guelph Lake. Weather was awesome as the temperature had cooled down somewhat. We were surprised by the low water levels in the lake and how receded the shore line was. The trails are really well marked by the GORBA. Hard to believe the season is coming soon to an end.

Tuesday August 28

Strasburg Creek

Commentary We, the die hards have discovered new trails, very close to HNA.....just on the south side of Huron, adjacent to the ACC on Strasburg Rd. We didn't even have time to go on all the runs Tuesday night so we'll have more trails to discover next time. Trails are double track and single track, rolling hills, some steep hills, bordering corn fields around the woods and also along Strasburg Creek. A gold mine in our back yard, well Anita's back yard. Weather tonight was awesome, less humidity and no skeeters.

Tuesday August 21

W & W (Wilson & Wabanaki)

Commentary Tuesday was a beautiful night to be out biking, the weather being perfect.The die hards were out tonight and apparently we were a bit rusty not having gone out in several weeks, so both of us experienced technical difficulties. I had an altercation with my bike ...and the bike won! Anita and I both ended up with blood on our legs ;o) The trails by the cemetery are undergoing reconstruction as many of the old paths were bulldozed away and the king kong hill was not the same (not that we actually went on it).

Tuesday August 14

HNA (Huron Natural Area)

Tuesday August 7

Puslinch Lake

Tuesday July 31

Guelph Lake

Tuesday July 24

HNA (Huron Natural Area)7pm

Commentary We had a great turn out on Tuesday night... 14 in all. We welcomed back our fearless leader Wayne and also many new comers : Esther, Murray, Maria,Milan, Paul, Charity, Gabi, Lucas, Roselyn, Shannon & Josh. The young ones did very well to keep up with us older folk. Thankfully, it cooled down a bit and the skeeters didn't come out until dusk. We hope to see more people out next week at Guelph Lake. (This is a switch from Puslinch)

Tuesday July 17


Tuesday July 10

Guelph Lake

Tuesday July 3

Guelph Lake

Commentary Me ( Jacob ) and Ink had an event filled evening biking around both our neighbourhoods. Ink ran over a ground-hog (we think it will be ok), with a shriek that almost gave me a heart attack. Also we lost each other for a while, but i logically stayed in the same place, so we soon found each other, ;-). Cough. [ IJ ]. Anyway we putzed around some more until we were in my neighbourhood, so we decided to visit my place. We had a game of badminton and a cold drink for Ink and we called it a night.

As the weather appeared Iffy, Anita and I decided against the drive to Guelph ...didn't want to be caught in an unexpected shower. Sooo, we both decided to do our own thing. Did anyone else head to Guelph Lake? Because we didn't go this week ...I'd like to change the location for next weeks ride to GL.

Tuesday June 26

Puslinch Lake

Commentary Tuesday night ride at Puslinch Lake was accompanied with perfect weather for biking. The parking lot was full of all kinds of groups of bikers, everyone enjoying the trails

Thursday June 21


Commentary Rained out!

Tuesday June 12

HNA (Huron Natural Area)

Commentary This past Tuesday night, despite the rain after lunch, the weather was almost perfect for biking as it cooled off somewhat and there was a nice breeze that blew all the skeeters away. We were very happy to see our fearless leader Wayne back with us along with Alison. We welcome new comers Mike and Ben (co-workers of Wayne) and hope they enjoyed their evening out with us. Lots of people using HNA tonight from boy scouts, fisherman, dog walkers and of course bikers. We hope more of you can join us in our next rides.

Thursday June 7

Guelph Lake

Commentary Wayne & I were the only two to show up. Guelph Lake conservation area has done some adjustments to the trails where we normally take a dip. Really beautiful evening...especially as it rained earlier and looked overcast. Wayne took some video footage of the ride so I'm hoping he is able to load it to the wiki. Ingrid

Thursday May 31

Puslinch Lake

Commentary Puslinch lake trail is fairly strenuous. There are plenty of off-the-seat uphills followed by on-the-brakes downhills. There are a lot of roots and rocks to make this trail quite technical. The trail markers could be redone to be more visible as you're flying past. If you find and follow the routes, its about 20km long. I think Chris, John, and I all fell off at various points during this ride. It was a great ride. John F.

Thursday May 24

Hydrocut - 6pm

Commentary Change of plans ...lets meet at the Glasgow Street entrance (between the Romania church and the Waterloo Regional Recycling place)

Friday May 18

HNA (Huron Natural Area) -6pm

Commentary Friday night's ride at HNA was the 1st for most of the group (except me as I was solo at W&W the previous week). The weather conditions could not have been more perfect! Not too hot or cool and no skeeters yet. We welcome Naomi B. for her first ride out. In no time at all she'll be biking circles around us like her sisters who didn't want to stay on the easy trails with Naomi and their Mom. No, they wanted to hit the harder trails! We enjoyed some refreshments afterwards at Anita's

Thursday May 10

W & W (Wilson & Wabanaki)- 6pm


Right now I'd like to get a consensus as to what evenings work best for the majority of people. Please let me know what your preference is and I'll send out a schedule.

Friday Nov 18 Biking Dinner

Boronka's in Plattsville

Tuesday September 20

Hydro Cut


I'm proposing to ride on. However, if anyone else is interested in going and would prefer a different location let me know ...I'm willing to change it up.

Thursday September 8

Puslinch Lake


Well last Thursday was the best night of biking this season. The weather was perfect (just a tad cool) and no mosquitoes. The trails were in great shape considering it had rained earlier in the day. We were able to keep the ride fairly fast ...then Jake took a tumble off his bike going around a corner. I must admit, I almost lost it once but managed with great panache to keep myself upright and in the saddle.

Thursday September 1



It was a beautiful night for biking, as I ( Jacob ) joined happy trails regulars Anita and Ingrid for another memorable night on the trails. Surprisingly there were virtually no mosquito's. I took a fall in the mud as I misjudged a small log, hey what can I say, it happens to the best of us. It was also very muggy, so muggy that Ingrid couldn't stand the smell of herself! Anyway it was one of the best bikes of the year at a very beautiful nature area. Join us for a ride before the summer is over! Jacob

Friday August 12

Guelph Lake


Don't forget the bug spray for Friday night as well as towels if we decide to take a dip ;o) Another perfect night for biking. Low humidity and no skeeters and trails weren't crowded. Anita and Ingrid got a good hour and half in and of course, had to end the night at DQ. Hard to believe just a few more weeks of summer left, hope some more of you can join us before the season is over.

Thursday August 4

Pusclinch Lale


Thursday night was an awesome night for an August bike ride. Probably the best night weather wise this year. Humidity was much lower then it has been and we didn't see/feel many skeeters....perhaps because some of us were very well slathered with bug spray. Lots of people were out on the trails biking or walking dogs, just a great summer night to enjoy the trails... And Jake & I enjoyed a very warm swim after ;o)

Friday July 15

Wilson and Wabanake


For this weeks ride meet at the parking lot at the end of Wilson at 6:30 pm. If your going to be late call/text me on my cell to let me know. (don't forget the bug spray)!

Thursday July 7

Huron Natural Area


Well the trails have really improved since last year at HNA but alas, we all forgot our skeeter spray and they were out full force!(note to self ...never ever ever forget your bug spray again). The flowers were also in full bloom! The Boronka girls joined Jake, Anita and I and they kept up well. Afterwards we enjoyed some rhubarb crisp (compliments of Irina's garden) and ice cream at Anita's.

Friday July 1

Holiday Day ride Guelph Lake

Commentary Friday was a perfect day for our Canada Day bike ride. Both the weather and the company were great!. We had 22 in attendance, including babies. I was able to round up enough bikes for the whole group, although sadly, my own chain broke pretty much at the beginning of the ride. We found a spot to have a picnic lunch right by Guelph Lake and the day wouldn't have been complete without a jump in the lake along our trails, very refreshing indeed. Glad so many Americans could join us on our Canada Day bike ride.

For this weeks ride, lets make it a family day! Meet in the parking lot of the Canadian Tire Store / Golden Griddle at 11:00 AM. Bring along a picnic lunch and wear your swimsuits under your biking clothes. There will be some Canada Day activities along the riverfront so be prepared for busy trails. Don't forget your drinking water! If you will be late, call or text me and let me know so we an wait for you or meet up later.

Thursday June 23

Guelph Lake

Friday June 17

Puslinch Lake

Thursday June 9



For this weeks ride, meet at the parking lot by the train tracks at 6:30 pm. Don't forget your water! If you will be late, call or text me and let me know so we can wait for you or meet up later. On June 9, Jake and I did the hydro cut. It was packed with beautiful flowers ...along with tons of mosquitos. You really couldn't get a breather without being eaten alive, so we did the monkey run twice and took a tour of the gravel pit between runs.

Friday June 3

Wilson and Wabenake


Meet at the the end of Wilson Street in the parking lot at 6:30 pm. Don't forget your water! If you will be late, call or text me and let me know so we can wait for you or meet up later. It was a perfect night for the 1st ride of 2011.....Unbelievable as it seems, this is our eleventh season of biking. We had perfect temperature, no humidity and blue skies. There were lots of flowers along the trails and also lots of fallen logs (and no, we didn't attempt to ride over them). Enjoyed lots of rhubarb desserts (pie, coffee cake, crisp) afterwards, compliments of Anita's Mom and Irina's Plattsville garden.

Friday May 20



This ride is on the Friday night of the long weekend, I will be out of town and Anita might like to make it an earlier start. Please let her know if you plan to come to meet up with the group

Tuesday May 17

Puslinch Lake


Trails too wet.

Saturday May 14

Biking 101 at Ingrid's


Well today was the official kick off of the biking season. Of course it had to rain .. how can we have a biking season without rain ;o) Anyway, initially, Anita, Jacob & I were there. Jacob proceeded to give us a thorough run down on how to adjust derailers and, oil bikes etc. We managed to oil Anita's on Jakes awesome stand and then since Ingrid was having derailer problems we decided that we would all attack this problem together. Things went from bad to worse and, in short order, we had gears that did not work at all and lines that appeared to be hopeless. Alas all was not lost as my friend Chris showed up and between Chris and Jake and I arguing ...we were actually able to put the thing back together so that I now have a bike in better shape than I had before. Thanks guys for you help ...couldn't have done it without you. Well ...the afternoon was just starting...my friend Michelle showed up with her son Logan and since he needed a bike we went unto Kijiji to see if there was anything there he could use. We found the perfect bike in Cambridge so after supper we all got into the car and did a quick trip to pick up the bike. It was in great shape with the exception that the tires needed to be replaced. So Chris said that he would attempt to put the tires together if we stopped at Canadian Tire and picked up new tubes. After a few tense moments (hard to do a job when your working with Ingrid's limited do it yourself kit) Chris did manage to get the new tubes in and the bike was in perfect working order. So, biking 101 went longer and saw more action than any of us planned ;o)


It's that time of the year again for biking. Please let Ingrid know if you wish to be removed from the biking list. We are going to accommodate Anita since she's one of the regulars for biking. Therefore, this year it will not always be on a set date. Please see the list below. The locations are only suggestions in order to trade up where we go. If you want to come on a specific date but don't like where we're going, just let Ingrid know a week or two in advance and we can change things around.

Biking Dinner, November 19, 2010 6pm

Ingrid's New Place

Tuesday September 21, 2010

Huron Natural Area

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Puslinch Lake

Thursday September 9, 2010

Hydro Cut

Tuesday August 31, 2010


Tuesday August 24, 2010

Guelph Lake

Thursday August 19, 2010

Huron Natural Area

Tuesday August 10, 2010

Puslinch Lake

Thursday August 5, 2010

Guelph Lake **Meet in the Canadian Tire parking lot at 6:00 and we also want to stop for a swim in the lake.**


Jake and Anita hit the trails a bit early on Thursday and the weather was just about perfect as it was a bit cooler by the lake. They tried some new trails. They have really improved trails for the directionally challenged at Guelph Lake with trails maps at all the resting points and labels throughout each trail. It`s really hard to get lost, as they have in past years, when GPS Ingrid was not there to guide them. A swim in the lake was well in order and most refreshing.

Thursday July 29, 2010

Hydro Cut: Entered trail at the Glasgow Street Entrance


The weather was ideal for biking. The mosquitoes on a scale of 0-5 were 1.25 (not bad at all). The trails had some minor mud puddles from the previous rains for a little technical difficulties.

After being cooped up in the office all day and 3 young boys at home, I asked the boys if they were interested in going biking.

I had called Ingrid and she was unable to come because she was playing real estate agent. Jake was playing tennis and then was supposed to meet Ingrid but she had not heard from him when I called her. Anita was working. The other guy I invited never returned my call. This would of been his second time on this trail.

We left my place at around 7:00pm and biked to the trail entrance at Glasgow Street, the old man, his 13yr old son, and 2 of his cousins age 13 and 11. Names are excluded for privacy concerns.

The following trails were completed: Kaitlyn's Switchbacks; Stinky Girl; Frankenstein; The Bridge; Bypass......up the hydro corridor and into the woods via Scrambler; and right back out on Monkey Boy; and back down the hydro corridor to the Double Bypass; Andy's BBQ Run; Rockin Ronnie and back home.

Total round trip ~19km and ~1hour and 45minutes

We left the following for another day (~10km): Sweet Street; Jake's Attack; Jake's Breakaway; Dead Camel Bend; Twister; Jessica; Kamikaze; Creepy Corner; Bootleg Trail; Adam's Run

Somewhere on Stinky Girl the 11year mis-calculated a log pile and never made it over. He ended up on top of the logs with the bike on top of him. His brother the 13 year old helped him up while the old man supervised the rescue effort. I figured I'd let the young guys go first and I would follow behind (some Japanese philosophy where you let the slowest person lead the pack and the pack stays close together). Since the old man had the water bottles, I figured this would also keep them from getting too far ahead of me.

Some minor injuries were sustained. He had scraped the back of his leg with the pedal. Of course, I did not tell him until we got home.

His 13 year old brother complained of losing traction when going thru the mud. I had to remind him that we were not playing a video game, this was real. We all got a bit of mud on us but nothing serious. Going up the switchbacks on Frankenstein caused the 13 year old to walk his bike a few times. He was feeling lighted headed. I realized then I could not push these guys too much otherwise they would never want to come back with me. Was it altitude sickness or to much video games doth make thee lightheaded?

The rest of the ride was uneventful just the regular sweat, fatigue and thirst. We all had a good sleep that night.

In addition, we have all qualified for this year's biking dinner. Sent the invite to the old man, I'll make sure the young lads are notified.

Thursday July 22, 2010

Wilson and Wabanaki:Meet at the end of Wilson in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill at 6:30 pm. If your planning to come and your running late let me know on my new cell


On Thursday Jake and I met at 6:15 so we left early. It looked overcast and was very hot but the ride was great. I was feeling a bid exhausted but we managed to be out for an hour and only got a few droplets before we cut the ride short. Only slight damage to Jakes pants when he got caught in a tree branch. You know the Bible says ...pride goeth before the fall....When manoeuvring a really big log pile I was so happy and proud of myself but coming down it, I did not manage to avoid the tree standing there. Well I was feeling the effects of my run in with the tree for a few days after our ride. The Lord took care of my pride right there & then.

Friday July 16, 2010

Huron Natural Area Meet at 6:30 in the parking lot

Thursday July 8, 2010

Puslinch Lake


Well, despite the heat wave out there this week, Thursday's ride was not all that bad. It's seemed a bit cooler out by the lake and in the shade of the trees and with a little bug spray, the skeeters were kept at bay if you kept on moving. The die-hards were out tonight as well as the Boronka's. It was most refreshing to jump into the lake after our ride, the water was just the right temperature. See some attached pictures of the swim and some fields of flowers we encountered on the trails. Next week, we are switching up the schedule, see the highlighted changes below and also we are meeting a bit early, so pack a picnic lunch in your back packs, as we also want to stop for a swim at Guelph Lake while we have our supper. Meet at 6:00 at the Canadian Tire Parking Lot. If your planning to come and your running late let me know on my new cell.

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Hydro Cut


I told Jake he could do the write up for yesterday...but I'm afraid he'll tell you all I was a wimp ;o) Actually yesterday was our longest and most challenging ride yet. We met up at the hydro cut about 15 minuets early. We got up into the trails and crossed over by the huge power lines to the dump area. We did the double by pass and were actually feeling pretty good so we went on to the triple bypass and the stinky girl. We passed on the Frankenstein & did the brides run which is an amazing trail. Other than the slight mishap on that trail ... I think we did ok! I have a picture of Jakes arm where he almost looks like a druggie because of his crash (I'll forward it tonight. I was very surprised by the lack of mosquitoes, which this trail is notorious for ...I think the cooler weather and the wind kept them at bay ...for which we were very thankful!

Next week is Puslinch Lake on Thursday night. If your planning to come and your running late let me know on my new cell(see email for number).

Tuesday June 22, 2010

Puslinch Lake


Inclement weather.

Friday June 18, 2010

Wilson and Wabanaki **Change in the meeting area*** As the ball diamond is no longer, go straight through on Wilson to the bottom of the hill. There is a parking lot at the bottom - meet there at 6:30 pm.


Friday night was another perfect night to hit the trails for Jake, Anita and myself ... cool breeze and minimal skeeters. Jake & I took slight tumbles tonight ...we were waiting for Anita to have hers but alas ...it didn't happen ...although Anita almost got hit by a deer crossing the trails. Good thing it wasn't the black bear that is rumoured to be roaming around south western Ontario! No one dared King Kong, that is once we found it. It was a good run and we hope to see more of you out next week, Tuesday June 22 at Puslinch Lake. BTW, I have a new cell phone number (please check your email for it), should you be running lateand need to call me before we start out.

Thursday June 10, 2010

Huron Natural Area Meet at 6:30 in the parking lot.


Tonight was an awesome ride, nice and cool and no skeeters! We had very good turn out, 12 in total, first ride out of the season for Anita, the Tomics and the Boronkas and we must not forget, even Levi the dog joined us. The girls did a great job on some of the more challenging trails - Especially Zippy who became a "REAL mountain biker" as she managed to get muddy and took a few tumbles. But she got up each time and carried on. In a couple of years, these girls will be doing circles around us! Afterwards, most joined Anita on her deck for ice cream and cake. Come join us next Friday June 18 at Wilson/Wabanaki.

Tuesday June 1, 2010

Guelph Lake: meet in the Canadian Tire parking lot at 6:30 pm


Tueday night at Guelph Lake was just amazing. We had beautiful weather and a great ride. Only one sighting of a mosquito. We managed to ride without incident for the fist 20 minutes and were feeling pretty good about the ride. Jake suggested that we try a diamond or something a bit more challenging. So, we hit what we thought was the "Ping Pong" only to be on the " Off Camber" trail. As we started the trail there is a sharp, rocky patch and Jake hit it bad and did an endover right into the rhubarb. Jake has decided we need to rename that trail "The Groin Buster". It actually reminded me of my fall some years back at Guelph Lake where I walked out with a broken collar bone. Thankfully, other than a bad case of road rash and some raw flesh, we were good to go. We finished the trail to past the "Widow Maker" and found some new ones on the way back. The sun over the lake was almost as nice as Africa. All in all...it was an awesome night finished off with a great DQ. Looking forward to having Anita ride along this Thursday at Huron Natural area.

Thursday May 27, 2010

Hydro Cut **Note Changed to Meet at Ingrid's**


Quick change of plans for today ...we're going to meet at my place as the mosquito situation will be terrible today due to high humidity. Hope you can make it!

On Thursday night we had a lovely ride and toured the town of New Hamburg.Perfect biking conditions. No one else showed to it was just Jake & I. Hopefully more of you can make it out tomorrow night (June 1). It the weather holds, it should be one of the nicest rides.

Tuesday May 18, 2010

Puslinch Lake

Tuesday May 11, 2010

Huron Natural Area -meet in the parking lot at 6:30 pm


Rained out!

Monday May 3, 2010

New Hamburg (Meet at Ingrid's place) 6:00 pm


On Monday night we had a lovely ride ...although slightly on the short side. It was perfect weather conditions, however only Jake & I went as no one else showed up. It was great to get out and warm up the bike for the season. I'm hoping we'll get more joining in as the weather gets warmer.

Bike Show Friday March 5,2010

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