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Welcome to the Wiki for Experimental Telepresence for Spring 2008 at RPI. [ARTS-4966, 6965]

Feel free to use this site to share anything related to what we do in class, as well as to haptics and telepresence in general.

Vibrobyte Roadmap

The following outlines each step data must take from the initial triggering to the actuation. Different groups are focusing on different portions of this process, and some in-between portions are being dealt with as they emerge.

  1. Conductor creates/maps vibrobyte OSC data for display (GUI and input mapping in Max/MSP, PD, etc.)
  2. Data is sent to remote spaces
    1. OSC Data is transmitted (ports must be open, remote space must have necessary hardware & software)
    2. (...continues as with local space)
  3. Data is distributed at local space
    1. Data is packaged (from OSC into a form suitable for local transmission: serial packets, using Max/MSP, PD, etc.)
    2. Data is sent via serial to an Arduino
    3. Arduino echoes data to RF transmitter
    4. Each vibrobyte RF receiver sends packets to the microcontroller
    5. Each vibrobyte microcontroller interprets the packets and executes the command
      1. Outputs (vibrator motors) may be actuated (need to be attached to performers)
      2. LEDs may be triggered

Vibrobyte Research Teams

Technical development

First meetup for vibro-byte

Second meetup for vibro-byte

PCB development

Resonant Inductive charging development

Physical Development

few pics of the crude prototype board 2/22/08 -max

PPT and links added. 2/22/08 -max

Software Development

Varying pulse types from Max/MSP


Vibrobyte Protocol

Vibrobyte Firmware

Vibrobyte Transmitter


A Brief Taxonomy of Tactile Illusions A fun paper giving an image of how versatile and easily confused we are. Some may be particularly relevant to developing deceptive haptic display devices for implying movement (e.g.: "the comb").

Haptics on del.icio.us Kyle's bookmarks tagged with "haptics".

RPI Haptics Flickr Pool

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