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Do not edit this page, unless you are a member of the Hare Club Council. Only the Hare Club Council is allowed to edit the Hare Club Website. If you feel this page needs to be edited, please voice your opinion in a Hare Club meeting. If you are not a Hare Club member, you will never be allowed to edit this page. Hare Club members found editing the Hare Club website without permission will be removed from the Hare Club.


Hare Club Online Directory

Hare Club Anthem
Hare Club Bylaws
Hare Club Chant
Hare Club Council
Hare Club Media

Information for Approved Hare Club Editors

Hare Club Page Format


The Hare Club website is copyright 2008 Hare Club. No content on the Hare Club website is licensed under the GNU FDL, unless explicitly stated (the bottom GNU FDL button does not mean we have explicitly stated that content is released under the GNU FDL). You are not permitted to edit any content on the Hare Club website, unless you are given edit permission by the Hare Club Council (see Hare Club Council). This notice applies to all pages on the Hare Club website, even if a page does not contain this notice.

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