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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/10

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Chapter 10

A Deal

THE RESTAURANT WAS more than luxurious, probably the best Chinese Diner in London. The walls decorated with Chinese paintings and calligraphy, without the shortage of golden dragons. It took Dumbledore almost an hour after school to find the place, and another fifteen minutes to find a table for five at a small corner. Dumbledore chose to meet with Niock's gang in the real world to avoid getting tracked, and even in one of his most visited restaurants in Suburban London, he had to be careful. A corner table meant privacy, and what was about to be discussed definitely needed it.

Dumbledore was dressed in a plain orange T-shirt and blue shorts for a good summer day. His bear off temporarily and he looked fifty, much younger than his real age. He wore sunglasses and a cap. NO one could recognize his identity, no one could really notice him.

After ordering some deluxe meal combo served only this week, Dumbledore looked at Niock, then Mitch, and said, "Order whatever the hell you want, I got enough dough." It was as if he was a corporate executive on vacation.

Mitch stared at the menu in awe. That deluxe thing costed 325 pounds. After ordering a simple meal, he gave the menu to the waitress and tunrned to Dumbledore. "Sorry about my yelling there, Professor, it was certainly nice of you to invite us to dinner."

Dumbledore frowned, starring at his cup of Jasmine Tea, then replied, "I like it when you called me Albert."

No one was used to calling Dumbledore by his real name. Niock said, "Professor, you should understand that neither Mitch nor any of us meant any harm to you." The words contained somewhat of a sympathetic tone.

"Alright, let's get to business," Dumbledore said, "How on earth do you know so much about me and the Magic World?"

"Mitch stared at Niock, not knowing what to say. Oliezhik spoke, "Professor, we made a deal, if we tell you about us, you help us find Moron Pukes."

"Yes, yes," Dumbledore said hastily. He took out a one-hundred stack of 100-US-Dollar bills, covered in waht appeared to be a 3-D greeting card in disguise. He handed it to Niock, "if you give me what I need, all this can be decided between the four of you."

Niock saw what the offer was and quickly rejected, knowing what was right. "Professor, we don't want this, we just want to find Pukes."

"You're assuming I can help you."

"Yeah. You're kinda the creater of all this magic, and supposed to know the code to the fantasy world." Niock said.

"You're assuming that they're in the fantasy world."

Oliezhik found the flaw in Dumbledore's sentence. "Who's 'they', Professor?"

Dumbledore thought for a moment, then decided to let out some information. "Okay, alright. Tell you what. I know exactly where Pukes is, you just can't get there cause I'm the only one who knows how to get to the fantasy world." Dumbledore admitted.

"So you hid Pukes then." Mitch wondered.

"I did not hide him, nor did I want him to be hidden, but I have tracked down his location in the fantasy world using a highly secretive device."

There was a relatively long period of silence. The connection between Dumbledore and Pukes had always been suspected, but never confirmed. Dumbeldore's statement was met with anger, the fact that he had a tracking device in his own hands while Mitch and Niock were stuck with that shitty 6-year-old Hogwarts tracker.

Niock spoke. "Who hid him, then? Since you're one of the few people who knew the code... it must've been you." Niock paused, then said, "Voldemort? Was he somehow involved?"

There was another period of silence as the waitress brought the drinks. Root beer for everyone except for Dumbledore, who preferred Vodka. The Watermelon Splash was on the menu, but no one ordered it.

Mitch's temper was rising again. He leaned towards the table facing Dumbledore directly, frowned, then bursted out. "Goddammit Albert! Just tell us if Voldemort was involved! We'll help you if we have to."

Dumbledore finally spoke. "Voldemort ceased to exist a year ago. I created him and I destroyed him... satisfied?"

"Why would you be hiding something from us then, if you yourself weren't directly involved in hiding Pukes and Potter?" Niock asked.

Dumbledore let otu a huge sigh. "Why the hell don't you just take the money? Why find Pukes?"

"Listen, Albert." Mitch said loudly, "We wanna find Pukes 'cause he killed our friend and teammate, and we'll deal seriously with any bastard who'll get in our way. You included, Albert. Your little scam will be exposed on the international scene as a child-trapping hell-hole and we'll all be heroes for saving the world, while you'd be half-dead and struggling..."

Dumbledore interrupted with fury, "That's enough!" Then calmed a bit, and said, "Listen, I want Pukes outta there too, and I can get him out with some help, but right now, something's blocking that from happening." Dumbledore looked around to see if he attracted any unwanted attention. Thankfully, this was a Chinese Restaurant on a busy night. Maniacs everywhere were busy shouting, drinking, pounding the table and laughing wildly. No one noticed.

"Okay... deal's off then." Mitch said without much thinking.

"Let's make a new deal." Dumbledore said.

"That's incredibly difficult, Professor," Niock jumped in, "If you continue hiding things from us."

"I'm afraid of it, that's all."

"What are you afraid of, dammit?"

"Dumbledore finally spilled something important. "It's Harry Potter, okay. Right now Pukes has pretty much controlled him inside and out. Harry lost a lot of his magical powers. I'm afraid that Pukes might harm him if any of us gets close."

So Pothead's life is more valuable than Plankistan's? Niock thought, but didn't say it out loud.

Niock and Robert's meal combos arrived in trays with accompanied fortune cookies. Robert started pecking at the rice and Niock ignored the food and threw the fortune cookie out the window. The last time it said, "In order to gain interaction, you must talk to people." Robert, on the other hand, opened the small red package and looked inside, it said, "You are a brilliant person, search for things you excel at." Robert took this very seriously, and decided to do so as soon as he got back to his dormitory.

Mitch was bitter, "Oh goddammit, Albert! We'll plan it okay? Potter won't be touched." Mitch managed this for the moment, he knew inside that everyone probably couldn't care less if Harry died, but Harry seemed very valuable to Dumbledore, and they're working on a deal, after all.

"Everyone knows you Slytherin players have something against Harry..."

"Albert, that doesn't mean we want him dead like our lives depended on it. Besides, what the hell does Pukes know? He can steal Harry's powers but he doesn't know shit about how to use them. Albert, we just want Pukes dead -- won't actually take all that long if you just let let us in the fantasy world or let them out."

"That's easier said than done." Dumbledore said, now looking down at his glass of vodka and reluctantly took a sip.

The food arrived for Oliezhik and Mitch. Oliezhik started savagely stuffing chow-mein in his mouth as if he never ate a good meal before.

Dumbledore continued relenting conditions because he didn't want to lose the deal. "You four can enter the fantasy world through the real world. That's what criminals usually do when they don't want to get caught. Moron's created some new areas in there, I suspect it's probably as big as Greater London by now."

"Holy shit, how od we find him?" Niock asked.

"He'll detect you when you come in, but he'll be forced to stay in the fantasy world or else he'll get tracked. Chances are he'll attack right away, so be ready -- know what you're dealing with."

"I've got my Bachina!" Olezhik said with a mouth-full, doing a self-proclamation hitting his fist on his chest.

"Now for my part of the deal. I will inform all transfer portals to not let any of you go anywhere if Potter is harmed, you'll have to come back to me to face the consequences if that is to happen. Only if you accept this will I let you into the fantasy world. Furthermore, the Magic World secrets that you possess does not leave your mouths."

"Wait a second," Mitch scrutinized, "We should be the ones enforcing the conditions, Albert. After all, you're afraid we might spread rumours or expose your secrets."

"It all depends what you think is more important, finding Pukes, or exposing me."

They ate in silence for a while.

"I say we kill Pukes." Niock insisted.

"Yeah." Mitch and Oliezhik agreed. Robert was silent.

"Listen," Dumbledore said, "I want Pukes dead just as much as you, but for a different reason, one which I'm not ready to disclose."

They didn't push Dumbledore.

He contineud, "Tonight you can come back to Hogwarts with me and experiment with my wand and magic..."

Mitch interrupted, "Fuck you magic, Albert, Bachina's good enough."

"Okay, fine, don't take my magic, at least take Jet Liu with you."

"Jet Liu?" Mitch asked in disbelief, "He quit Hogwarts two years ago."

"Well, he's beaten Pukes four times at the magic power competition and is a martial arts master. It's that or my magic, you have to take one. I cannot risk you going in and failing to destroy Pukes."

"Fine, we'll take Jet Liu." Mitch said, thinking maybe it wasn't too bad of an idea.

There were a few looks back and forth, but then they all went back to eating.


THE PHONE CALL was a quick one simply imforming Jet Liu that his presence was required by some old pals of his at Hogwarts, for something real important. Avenging someone's death or something of that sort. The whole conversation was horribly vague, but Jet knew that Mitch wouldn't stress much on details. But the last time Mitch called Jet Liu into action Jet got a good experience. He battled several thugs who blocked a street asking for money before anyone was allowed to proceed. Jet thought about the experience and smiled slightly as he walked through the security check at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport, with a ticket in hand for a direct flight to London Heathrow.

He had only finished his latest course in Kung Fu and got to go on a tour of Shaolin a month ago. Recently he's been vacationing in Shanghai, at the same time searching for employment oppurtunities. His favourite occupation had to be private investigator. He would've been a perfect bodyguard for any high-ranking government officials, but he hated all of them and didn't want to feel inferior. After all, his Kung Fu skills are probably among the best in the world by now. He could easily roam around freely committing forceful and agressive acts without fear of getting caught, but he believed in morality. A real Kung Fu master knows -- the purpose of Kung Fu is not to win a hundred fights, but to avoid a hundred fights. Some fake martial artists who believe they know a lot cannot interpret this phrase correctly, so they show off a whole bunch in the belief that the fake fighting skills will make them look a whole lot greater.

Perhaps it is because of Jet's past experience, and the training he's been through, that Niock's gang really needed him on their team. Jet will be an asset in the attempts to destroy Pukes. He's coorperative, modest and wise-- everything a fake martial artist isn't. But perhaps he was too much into morality, part of the reason he quit Hogwarts. He thought morally people's lives were being wasted there.

As he boarded the Boeing 757 and put his small bags into the overhead containers, he began thinking about Magic morality again. He sat down, looked out the window onto the tarmac. He wanted to help his friends desperately, not help them avenge one person's death, but along with his friends help the world to avenge the many deaths occured because of magic, since some 60 years ago.

As the plane steadily increased speed along the runway, Jet stared mindlessly out the window. The plane began soaring upwards, and Jet decided, this is it, Hogwarts, by the time I get back here you'll be gone, along with all the harm you've done...

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