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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/11

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Chapter 11

The Reunion

THE RIDE BACK took much less time than the ride to Suburban London, due mostly to the fact that cars weren't as conjested at 11PM. The next morning Niock and Mitch had a discussion about some preliminary plans, things like who to tell, what to prepare and the sort were discussed. It was 11:45 am when they finally ended the discussion. By that time they were joined by Oliezhik. Niock, Mitch, and Oliezhik exited the dormitories. They were not happy, nor were they angry. They had gotten what they had wanted, but at a price. This morning in a letter delivered to the Slytherin dorms, he announced proudly that he was to get some of the few who were technologically talented in the Magic World and aid Niock and co. in tracking Pukes when they get to the fantasy world. He was also not to remove any of the technology-believing people from the school. The purpose of this newest agreement was because Dumbledore had gone into deep thought last night, and no longer considered Niock and co. a threat to his power, as he did before.

Oliezhik was incredibly hungry, and he vocally expressed this enthusiatically to the group. They agreed to go with him to the cafeteria, but they all obviously had different things on their minds besides food. Malfoy joined them halfway, tagging behind looking downwards, feeling included.

"I think I am just going to go get some sleep you guys. See ya later." said Robert, who had obviously been shaken by the whole experience. He was assigned the previous night in deleting and cleaning up every configuration Oliezhik had made on the tracker computers, also as a minor part of the deal. It took him seven hours, all the way to six in the morning, when he was called by Niock to the discussions.

"Alright. See ya brotha', hmph. Look out for that gay elf on your way back. Ha ha ha." said Oliezhik, in an attempt to lighten the mood. It failed.

Like usual, they walked through the hallway of trophies, and onto the common hall, through to the cafeteria. Just before they arrived there, the three of them saw a familiar person.

"Hey, Song!" yelled Mitch, who's mood had been lightened by the sight of one of his good friends.

"Hey peeps. Committed any pedophilac acts lately, Olizhik?" asked Song. This was his usual greeting for Oliezhik, who was incorrectly believed as a pedophile, albeit the admittance by Oliezhik.

"A lot has happened since you left, bro'" said Niock "We shall explain at the cafeteria, if you'd care to join us..."


NIOCK TRIED TO go through everything, but being the big talker that he was, Mitch had to interrupt so many times that Niock gave up and let Mitch have the floor. After explaining about the deal and the planned entry into the fantasy world, Song looked extremely surprised. He was sent on a voluntary basis to Hamburg, Germany in a Mercedes-Benz automobile factory shift. It was one of the few technology projects going on at Hogwarts, and Song liked cars, so he chose this assignment -- at a price. He missed the most important Quidditch game of the year.

"Holy shit, I've missed a lot. That fucking Moron Pukes killed Plankistan!? We must bash his ass into chunky pieces of meat!" yelled Steven. This gained hime some ackward glances from the lunch-time card nerds playing Pokemon? cards.

Oliezhik was devouring a plate of his favourtie snacks, deep fried Buffalo Teztacles?, made from weird egg-like material and stuck crudely to a ball-shape, it looked discusting and terribly inappealing to the eye. Many wondered how Oliezhik could eat something like that. But they all recall two months ago, Oliezhik's success in the "Savage Eating Watermelon Competition" when he devoured cut pieces of two entire watermelons in less than a minute. He and Mitch were also having coffee to recover some Bachina, because they had not gone through the normal morning practice and meditations. Niock was enjoying some meat-lovers pizza.

"We were searching for him, but due to some dealing shit with Dumbledore, we have to cooperate with his authority. Oh well, at least we can get into the fantasy world now. Until then we will hang with friends, and increase our power and abilities for the final bashing of Pukes." Niock said, still thinking of the tremendous amount of magical force they had seen on the Tracker in a previous search. When he inquired Dumbledore on this, He had said that no magical field trips of any kind had been out on that day. Niock was hoping greatly that this force was not indeed Pukes.

"This talk of 'friends' gives me an idea." said Mitch, who had been pondering many things since their arrival in the Cafeteria. "Garmeeto and Jeetu were good friends with Pukes, were they not?" he asked, not to anyone in particular, but just in order to get an answer. He was staring at Jeetu and Garmeeto, who were busily playing Pokemon? cards.

"Yes, I believe the were." said Oliezhik, who was still savagely stuffing his face with balls.

"I suggest that we gather them, and all that were on the field on the day of Plankistan's infamous 'Watermelon splash', to a meeting of some kind tomorrow - You know, for questioning."

"Good idea! lets start by telling Gar' and Jeet', and then we shall get Candy, Robert, Ax, Seen, Hanky, Dobby, and perhaps David Beckam." agreed Song, he was not totally sure about the last suggestion.

"What about Malfag?" asked Oliezhik.

"Fuck him!" yelled Song. He believed he would be as worthless as shit.

"He may have some useful information. Remember, Potter did have some gay attempts with him, and Pothead is believed to be with Pukes." said Mitch. He also believed that Malfoy would be shit, but they wanted to be sure.

"What about that one dude who is the only friend of Potter? You know, um... Kurtious!" said Oliezhik, who was done eating balls and now started on the 2-litre Coke.

"Fine, we'll get him too. This will be one big-ass meeting." said Niock. "Lets just go tell Those two nerds too start, and we'll gather the rest tommorrow."

The group got up from the table, and headed over too the table of Jeetu and Gar. Perhaps none of them were aware of how "big-ass" the meeting truely was to be...


AS THE PLANE taxied into the London Heathrow International Terminal, Jet Liu made a phone call on his cell to Mitch, telling him that he'd arrived in London, but the gate wasn't opening, and there seemed to be a problem with the walkway connecting the plane and the terminal building. On the other side Mitch sounded unenthusiastic, telling Jet to get to Hogwarts before supper time and rudely hung up. Jet was pissed, but he knew everyone there was probably real grave right now after what happened.

Jet looked at his watch, it was still Shanghai time. It read 1:12AM, that'd be 5:12 in the afternoon in London. Fuck, supper time was usually six. He went through the options in his mind, and decided to resume the use of magic for a good purpose.

He stepped into the cramped washroom on the plane, surprised he wasn't being blocked by a flight attendant. He sat on the toilet meditating, picking up strands of magic last used by him two years ago, with some sort of supernatural communication to Hogwarts, he dissappeared, without unlocking the washroom door.

Jet Liu was one of the few people who could conduct this in the real world without going through a transfer portal. And he was glad. It would be a while until people on the next flight found out that the locked washroom had no one in it, though most would suspect this as a case of chronic diarrhea. Whatever the case, Jet wasn't going into that washroom again, and the door had to be jammed open someday.

He ended up in Malfoy's closet, and opened the door...

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