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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/13

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Chapter 13

Jealousy & Revenge

HANKY DEFINITELY COULDN'T get rid of the embarrassing memories from that alleyway outside of the supermarket. In fact, he'd been thinking about it the whole ride back to Hogwarts. He was boiling inside and hated himself, but he could not have easily expressed this near his friends. So when he arrived in his dormitory at lunch, he released his frustration by punching the wall with his palm and cursing at the same time.

Hanky was the kind of person who had to gain some pride back if his reputation got damaged, even when it is totally unnecessary, like in this case. Lying on his bed he brainstormed about what would gain him back what he?d lost with his failed walking on walls attempt.

He thought about going to search for Pukes all by himself, then realized that it was impossible. He thought about doing some of his amateur cooking, but then ruled that out because it was infamous, second only to Mitch. He knew he needed more ways to impress people, but what could he do? His Bachina & Qi Gong were nowhere near Oliezhik & Candy's levels, and his martial arts were revolting to the eye compared to Jet. Even at mathematics, he was outperformed by Robert, not that it would impress anyone.

He recalled the last time he needed to gain back pride. He did it passively, and by chance. That was when he lost balance when jumping down stairs backwards from one floor to another, and fell on his rear with about ten witnesses. He was lucky on that evening during the school dance, a girl named Lira asked him to be her partner during a slow dance. Lira was a real attractive third-year and at that time shared a few classes with Hanky. After the dance, which Hanky assumed was enjoyed by both, he was peppered with congratulations and indirect words of jealousy from others.

Ahh! What great times, he thought, if only they were to resurface. The pride, the joy, the jealousy from others?

But then again, what was stopping him to be actively involved in the rebuilding of the fame he had lost. There was to be some party tonight - a perfect chance to show off some skill.

It didn't seem all that appealing, though, to show off this skill in from of his close friends who would probably just ridicule him. He went against Mitch?s suggestion of having no girls, and decided to invite a few by sending them e-mails.


BY FIVE IN the afternoon, Jet had already started his specialty cooking of bitter melons rich in Bachina, and Candy, Robert and Seen had begun setting up the place. Tables were put up, a huge TV was set up with several accompanying game systems. The DDR arcade game was moved in, with help from some of the Potion-7 staff.

Hanky arrived with two six-packs of beer, probably in an attempt to feel accepted. He was followed shortly thereafter by Niock, Mitch and Oliezhik. Song made his entrance surprisingly, with Garmeeto Par and Jeetu. Jeetu was dressed in a suit as if this was a deeply serious gathering.

Malfoy was ordered to stand by the conference hall entrance for the whole night to redirect any unneeded people to the Pokemon gathering at the Hufflepuff common room.

Song did send out an invitation to David Beckham, but was ignored because his chief of staff chucked it in the garbage before even opening it.

By the time Ax & Ron arrived, people were already spread around the conference hall, playing video games, socializing, that kind of thing. Oliezhik had already drank six cans of root beer and was lying on the couch daydreaming, until he saw several girls at the hall entrance.

Malfoy looked in and reported to Niock ?Your coolness, should we invite these people in??

Niock looked over after losing to Kurtious in a game of WWE Smackdown!:Jarkis of the Pain. He was stunned.

He saw Brianne, a girl he used to like, but didn?t go as far as dating, and also saw Ellen, Kerry and AJ dressed in really nice clothing ? tank tops and tight jeans. He found them staring at him, and his judgment suddenly became clouded. ?Yeah? sure, come in!?

After saying hi and doing some introductions Niock walked over to Mitch in a corner and asked silently ?Who the hell invited them??

?Dunno. I told you a party was not a good idea. I mean our friend died and it doesn?t seem these people really give a shit.?

Other then Jet, who was still cooking, and Candy, Robert and Seen, who were still trapped in the video game world, the four girls had become the centre of attention. Niock started talking to Brianne, while Oliezhik Looked at their assets from a distance. Kurtious stood by Niock as he tried to talk to Brianne in a private manner.

It was harsh for Hanky, because his attempts at making conversation were usually correcting people?s facts or giving peculiar technicalities at a real trivial subject.

?Whoa, I?ve actually never been up here,? said AJ, who was hanky?s newest crush after Lira found some boyfriend and started ignoring Hanky.

?You know? uh? AJ,? Hanky interrupted, ?This place was actually designed by an Australian architect twenty-three years ago.?

AJ ignored Hanky?s comment and asked, ?Oh! Oh! Isn?t Jet supposed to be here??

Hanky saw that she was finally talking to him. ?Uh? yeah, he?s in the kitchen cooking bitter melons, he said it was good for Bachina. You know, we actually went to that Chinese supermarket?? By this point, he realized that AJ had already went to the kitchen with Ellen to find Jet.

Mitch was still angry that the party was still in progression. He did however, try to lighten his own mood when he and Jeetu convinced Kerry to talk in a sexual manner to Candy.

Hanky could only see AJ talk to Jet, whatever they were saying, he didn?t feel accomplished inside. He went over to Niock, who just finished a conversation with Brianne, and asked him to call the party to order, with the excuse that Jet was done cooking, and the food was ready. Everyone had begun to eat them.

Niock, who was to picky to eat the melons, did what was asked, and called people to his attention. Mitch began speaking.

"Thanks to everyone who came today, lets put this very simply," Mitch was real pissed at what this had become. "One point should be made loud and clear, our friend Plankistan died, and we have yet to avenge his death. People who were largely unrelated to this even can have fun with what you see fir here in the hall. I do ask, however, that Jeet, Gar and Ron come with Niock and I to the corner table for some discussions and questions regarding Plankistan's death."

After Mitch stopped talking, people began to return to what they were doing, but Hanky, seeing that AJ & Ellen were continuing their conversation with Jet. They had been joined by Kerry, who had made no progress with Candy. Hanky found an opportune moment. He walked over to Jet and said, ?Your bitter melons taste really bitter.?

?No shit.? Jet was pissed that his conversation was interrupted.

?Uh? you know, your cooking isn?t actually that great, and neither are your martial arts.?

?What the hell does this have to do with my martial arts??

Ellen cut in. ?Oh, Hanky, maybe you should just learn from Jet, he?s really good.?

?No, he?s shit.? Hanky said as he tried an immediate palm push into Jet?s stomach region, which was really fast. Jet was not able to fully defend, thus was pushed back.

?Wow Hanky! that sure was good.? AJ said.

That?s it, must perform and grab the chance, Hanky thought, not realising that AJ was being sarcastic.

As Jet approached Hanky again, Hanky simply threw out the punches. The first few were blocked easily by Jet, who was looking sideways unenthusiastically while Hanky concentrated on every move by a muscle. Twenty seconds in, Jet used the weak stance of Hanky against him, and pushed him aside with a hard blow on the shoulder. This was not intended on injuring Hanky because he knew it was not worth it.

By this point everyone in the room had turned to the fight, eyes wide open and anxiously awaiting the next move. Well, with the exception of Candy, Seen, and Robert, who were still playing video games, and Oliezhik, who had snuck behind the girls for a closer look at their assets. Mitch was especially pissed, since he knew the party wasn?t such a great idea. He was in disbelief and shaking his head.

Suddenly, Hanky made another move, an amazingly fast walking on walls, which he had perfected during the afternoon. But this proved to be a terrible tactic as Jet stopped hanky from landing by grabbing his legs and then tossed him towards the beer bottles, 10 meters away, with relative ease using Bachina. Yet again Jet purposely did no bodily harm to Hanky, just put him through some considerable pain that wouldn?t leave scars. Hanky, though badly shaken, began an uncontrollable phase of rage, and threw unopened beer bottles at Jet while cursing Jet & his mother with some of the worst insults in the English and Chinese languages.

Jet kept his calm. He easily caught two beer bottles and dodged the rest with incredible agility, but this dodging resulted in the bottles hitting the wall near AJ, Ellen and Kerry, with beer and broken glass spilling and shattering all over them.

After running out of bottles to throw, hanky breathed heavily and stood there with his eyes watering. Then he ran out of the hall and headed for his dorm.

AJ, Ellen & Kerry were all quite angry, and decided to leave. Of course, Brianne followed them. All the straight males in the were quite dissappointed, especially Oliezhik.

A couple of minutes later, Candy, Seen, and Robert finally turned their heads from the video games, and by what they had seen, they knew they missed a lot.

/-+-\ MITCH HAD FAIRLY little choice but also to leave the party due to the bad organization. But after lying on his bed pondering what had gone wrong until about nine PM, he called Niock at the Potion-7 and asked about the situation.

Niock didn?t waste too much time explaining. Malfoy cleaned up the broken glass and Oliezhik attempted to drink some of the beer, and was now in the restroom puking. Most had eaten the special meal cooked by Jet, and enjoyed it quite greatly. This seemed to have lightened the mood somewhat. So aside from partying, Niock himself did some sessions of interrogation with Jeetu and Garmeeto, said they knew little. Then Niock told Mitch to get over to the Potion-7 and help him with some of the interrogation. Mithc agreed and jogged to Potion-7.

When he arrived he ate for a while then made his way to the corned table where Ron & Niock were now sitting.

?Hey Ron.? Mitch said.

?The food here is great!? Ron exclaimed.

?Ron, all we want is some friendly discussion with you to see if you can help us get out of the truly grave situation we?re in? Niock repeated for the third time during the evening.

?Okay, but I don?t know a lot about Harry.?

Ron finished several chocolate bars and threw the wrapper to the piled up mountain of wrappers that were already there.

Mitch began the questioning.

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