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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/14

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Chapter 14

Talk by Waters

MAGIC COULD NOT stop the early December wind from cutting like a knife on people's faces. The short period of winter at Hogwarts was usually cold and dry. It hit twenty below for the first time not too long ago, the wind made things worse.

The freezing temperature, however, did not seem to affect several things. First, the choice of clothing after taking off the infinitely ugly robes after school remained similar to summer. It was till tight jeans or skirts for girls, and athletic shorts for guys. Secondly, the water in the central Hogwarts courtyard was still in its liquid state, preserved by what magic can still control.

Magic had its limits, and so too, did morale. It wasn't totally wrong to say that many did not have morale in the first place to go and cature Pukes -- notably, Candy, Seen, and Song; morale has deteriorated for a few, like Ax and Robert. But for others, the determination was still at high levels in the hope that Pukes would be finished off soon.

The so-called "party" thing was a week past, and the interrogation of Jeetu, Garmeeto, and Ron yielded fairly little useful results, and made little progress as far as finding Pukes went.

It had crossed Niock's mind many times, that Perhaps he should just give up. "What the hell is all this shit?", "It's not like Plankistan was really that great of a friend anyways." But each time he told himself this, he felt a sense of fear, obligation and guilt. Pukes must be killed, and he knew that with the help of a few of his friends, they were capable.

Mitch and Oliezhik have continuously expressed their frustration over Dumbledore's delays on when they can enter the fantasy world. The newest set plan suggests entry time on the morning of 14 December, being pushed back four times already, they expected another delay. Many noticed that Dumbledore was appearing in less and less public and school events. In the last four dinner conferences and the last few Quidditch Games, the honorary seat for the headmaster was always vacant. Proffessor McGornagal presided over most of the headmaster's duties and now gained the position of Deputy Headmaster.

Dumbledore did show up once, but looked real frail and sick. He dissappeared in a matter of minutes.

Slightly similar to Dumbledore, Hanky had spent the past five days without much social contact. Skipping school, eating chips and bitter melons, and watching movies that dealt with fake martial arts like "Crouching Moon, Hidden Sun".

Hanky could only stand loneliness for a limited period of time. On the Friday he felt bored. Like the typical naivite of a child after a few days of protesting in silence -- to the fact that Jet didn't win the fight fairly, Hanky was ready to interact again.

Jet had already forgotten much of what happened. He invited Hanky to come to the Central Courtyard and hang out for a while that evening. Hanky accepted with ease, not realizing any abnormalities.

When Hanky arrived at the countyard at around nine that evening, he found a deserted place. A thin layer of snow was magically and beautifully laying flat across the pool in the center, and the two remaining trees were covered with frost. Hanky knew the holiday season was approaching. He promised his parents that he'd be home by the 21st, in time for Christmas, and will be at his hometown of Yancheng until Chinese New Year.

But after so many embarrassments lately, Hanky though it would be real fitting if he joined the crew to finish off Pukes, and when that will happen was still uncertain. He might delay, ot even worse, be forced to cancel his trip home that winter.

He went over to the pond and picked up some snowflakes. He practiced a bit of calm Bachina, ripping up leaves in the air, and then made snowflakes melt by large numbers. He then made then freeze into a ball of ice. It was amazing what one could achieve while calm.

Hanky picked up some icicles collected from the leaking of dirty water from garbage cans that no one bothered to clean. He was doing the school a favor by breaking them softly and then dissolving it in the magical water. Besides, who doesn't like breaking icicles when they're near it?

One of the icicles accidentally hit a person sitting on a far, wooden bench. Perhaps it's a Bachina misuse, Hanky thought. Hanky had not noticed anyone being in the courtyard until he heard the "Ouch! Who's there?"

The voice was that of Kurtious Hamter.

Hanky walked over with a slight degree of curiosity. Kurtious was bent down, staring at the snowy ground from the bench.

"Hey, Kurtious, sup?" Hanky greeted and sat on the bench, but was careful to keep distance.

"Hello, Hanky."

"You know where everyone else is?"


Kurtious seemed confused. He never made eye-contact with Hanky. Hanky took this, falsely, as a sign of his powerful Bachina and how it controls people's eye-contact.

He continued questioning, "I thought the whole gang was here, so I'd drop by and hang around for a while. Why are you here, Kurtious?"

"I don't know." Kurtious replied. He could no longer see with his glasses on because the lenses were covered by a thin layer of ice accumulated from moisture.

"C'mon Kurt, you gotta be here for a reason."

Seeing Kurtious had not replied, Hanky tried something else. "So Kurtious, what's all this stuff about Pukes... you know... what do you think about it?"

"I could care less."


Kurtious looked around for a second, then gulped down some drink from a bottle he was carrying. "This stuff is addictive." Kurtious explained, and then drank some more.

When Kurtious was about to reach over an grab what appeared to be the last bottle in a box, Hanky stopped him and asked, "What's that?"

"It's not really a potion... I mean... Song says it improved like... your Bachina or something. I just like it 'cause it... like tastes great."

My Bachina powers had already improved greatly in the last few days, imagine how powerful it would be if I drank this. Hanky thought.

"So how much Bachina did you get, Kurtious?"

"What the hell's 'Bachina'?"

Without saying anything, Hanky reached over and snatched the bottle Kurtious was holding and began sipping, and then gulping. He obviously liked its taste.

"Man, this is good stuff." Hanky said.

"They used to sell this at Potion-7, I think, but like... a lot of people drank too much and were like... hyper and stuff."

Hanky laughed, "Once I ate too much Chinese jello and couldn't get to sleep." Hanky recalled after drinking the whole bottle. "Tried making Candy eat a bunch but he wanted to play Smash Bros instead. Imagine Candy high!" Hanky exclaimed and then laughed wildly.

"I'll give you some more... like... if you want it. But don't drink too much, cause then you'll like be really hyper." Kurtious said, followed by a giggle.

"Sure, how much do you have?"

Kurtious pulled out a whole pack from under the bench. Hanky stared in awe. SO MUCH BACHINA!!!

"Song like bought these. He thought there were gonna be like... a lot fo people in the courtyard discussing something about capturing Pukes, and they probably all wanted more Bachina." Kurtious explained.

"I'm already sensing the extra Bachina!" Hanky shouted, "I'll go giev this stuff to Niock, Mitch and them. They'll be damn excited."

The light on the main doors flashed for a second, and then went off, making the entire scene by the pond seem eerie and dark.

Kurtious didn't even have to say the most important thing, Hanky fell for this too quickly and easily.

"Oh yeah, Mitch and Song told me they were at like a Mechanics Shop fixing a car or something. I think they're meeting tomorrow when no one's busy."

Perfect! Thought Hanky, I have one more day to think about how to raise my reputation with this Bachina-rich drink. "Thanks Kurtious!"

"I should go." Kurtious stood up and walked to the main doors, and shut off his earpiece.

The lights on the door were never broken.

The icicle never hit Kurtious.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON BROUGHT good and bad news. The good news was the fact that Dumbledore finally handed Niock a pass for a Transfer Portal to enter the fantasy world on December 14th, now all that they required was the Fantasy World marker to ensure their safe return - something that required magic to synthesize. The bad news was Dumbledore's deteriorating health. Rumors went that he coughed blood several times the night before. 72-year-old body and bones had limits as to what they can support physically and emotionally.

That afternoon Niock had a small talk with Hermione, who had shaven a bit of her eyebrows that were still bushy. The operpowering negative opinions of people at Hogwarts, Niock learned, could not sway Hermione's personal admiration for Harry.

Hermione had also expressed her hatred for Pukes, and how disgusted and scared she was at the scene of Plankistan's death; how she had insomnia for a week after worrying about the aftermath, and where Harry was. She got real emotional, and broke into tears many times during her conversation with Niock.

Niock actually felt real sympathetic. He told Hermione that the gang would do the best they can to help Harry and return him to Hogwarts.

Talking to Hermione dramatically shifted Niock's position towards Harry. He even began feeling sorry for Harry, and regretted some of his past ridicule, physically and mentally, towards Harry Potter. Maybe everything he learned in the Anti-Magic Coalition was partly bad propaganda. Now that he's vowed to Hermione that Harry would be safe and sound, he thought of another plan. He could remould Harry into one of those follower-type people like Malfoy. Moreover, he'd gain more respect than he'd already had.

After informing Mitch and Oliezhik, however, the prospect of rescuing Harry dwindled. Mitch and Oliezhik just laughed it off. Oliehzhik commented, "ah... who gives a shit about Harry? Let's just go kill Pukes."

Since it was useless explaining morality issues to Mitch and Oliezhik, Niock decided to have a gathering in the Slytherin Common Room on Sunday night.

Just the members of the "old gang" were invited to the lobby area of the common room. Hanky was also there, and introduced people to the tasty drink he had become recently acquainted with.

After a couple of sips, Ax asked, "Where d'you get this, Hanky?"

"Kurtious says it's from Song."

Mitch looked over and commented, "Good stuff man!"

Oliezhik walked over savagely and took the whole box to a corner sofa and began gulping bottle after bottle. Its addictive powers were endless.

Oliezhik was somewhat an alchoholic, so no one came near him when he was drinking liquids at amazing speeds.

The rest of the group grabbed a couple of drinks and began discussing matters concerning Pukes.

Jet and Candy agreed with Niock's position on rescuing Harry, then making him a follower. Jet said it would be a piece of cake to get Harry and kill Pukes at the same time.

"Yeah, Jet. Use the Bachina and teleport Harry to something." Niock said after a sip of the drink Hanky gave him.

"Bachina doesn't teleport, seeing how it's real." Jet explained, "The magic crap, though, might be able to do something of that sort. I mean its a fantasy world right?"

Jet, Niock and Mitch were the only ones who were discussing the appropriate topic. Ax, Robert and Seen were asleep on the couches. Niock guessed they had a long day and didn't get enough sleep the night before. Oliezhik was puking rampantly in the corner, but still drank, now two bottles at a time. Nothing extraordinary, Niock thought. Candy was doing his "Ko-shee, ko-shee, ko-shee, yi-ar-san-bi" dance to the tune of a DDR song.

Then Niock found his own stomach acting up, and felt a sudden urge to head for the bathroom.

Something was wrong.

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