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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/15

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Chapter 15

The Red Dawn

HANKY STOOD IN the center of a richly gilded carpet, which in turn sprawled in the center of his capacious, unlit room. Quickly, Crouching Crane, to Flight of the Moon. He moved with a deadly, yet graceful way. In a sense like dancing. Hanky despised dancing, but he could get used to this. The lifeless shambles of his enemy fell to the floor with a heavy thump, beating out dust from the red carpet. Calm, he was calm, like a pond in mid-winter. Yes. That thought stirred something deep inside him. A memory of the long past. He recollected on that memory. Reminisced the events that had brought this about.

Hanky remembered being left standing at the edge of the Hogwarts pond, watching Kurtious? form fade into the distance. He shook his head, freeing his mind of the corrupting thoughts of the Bachina-rich drink. 'Gotta stop thinking about it, and just drink it!' Hanky had told himself. With that, he popped open the bottle and let it?s wonderful, tasty contents wash over his mouth and chin. He realized that to a passerby, he probably looked like one of those savage harem-humping, grog-chugging officials from that Chinese novel. What?s it called? Hell, it didn?t really matter. For, already, he was feeling the effects of this drink, feeling the raw Bachina course through his veins, melting most snowflakes before they even touched him. His eagerness to test his new powers was too rampant to contain, so he walked to the nearest tree and BAM! The entire tree shook once Hanky?s fist made contact, sending large amounts of snow plummeting down toward him.

?FUCK!? Hanky roared, savagely rubbing his hand and shaking off the snow. Apparently his Bachina was not yet powerful enough. 'And besides,' he thought bitterly as he rubbed his numb hand, 'it?s good to sometimes be reminded that you?re not omnipotent'. Yet, the potential of this new drink had given Hanky hope, and he decided to chug a few more bottles before running to tell the others about it.

'Yes, that was it,' Hanky thought. That was when the change began. He still remembered that first sip he took, it was the dividing line between his weak past and his new future. With amazing speed, he went from Take Tiger off Mountain, to Stopping the Boulder. Once again, his enemy fell, broken in half this time. And once again, he continued to flow from one position to the next, stopping the foe before he even had the opportunity to advance. His body was like a sword, no, a whip. Strong yet agile. In the distance, he thought he heard knocking, someone pounding on his room door. But it didn?t matter, nothing could bring him out of his trance. 'Wait a sec...' Hanky thought. 'Knocking? Oh shit!'

"Hanky! Open the damn door!"

It was Oliezhik?s voice. 'Oh shit,' he thought again. Panic engulfed him. Quickly, he forgot about his exercises and started stuffing the remains of the wooden dummies he was practicing on under the bed. Finally, when he thought he did a decent enough job, he opened the door, trying to look sleepy. And was greeted by Oliezhik?s angry face, his eyes still hazy with sleep, and a muscle twitching in his cheek.

"Hanky, it's 2 in the morning, what the fuck's going on?"

Hanky forgot about looking sleepy and tried to look innocent: ?Uh? hi! I was just? err? cleaning my room, you know! Not practicing Bachina, no! Why, it would take some kind of insane megalomaniacal fiend to wield the tapestry of creation! All that power!?

"I see..." Oliezhik said, as he took in the destruction

"So, uh, why aren't you asleep?" Hanky asked, trying to change the subject.

"Why the hell do you think I was pounding on your door? Keep the noise down." Oliezhik paused, then decided that he should try to stop Hanky from doing whatever it was that caused him to wake up: "Dude, you sound tired, you really need some sleep."

Hanky apparently, took it as a question, ?Nope,? he said, smiling and bouncing on his toes. He knew he probably should, but ever since Kurtious gave him that drink two days ago, sleep just wasn?t in it.

Oliezhik looked indignantly at Hanky, realizing the unfruitfulness of his attempts to get Hanky to settle down. Finally, he let out a resigned sigh and blundered down the creaking stairs to his room.

Once again, Hanky was left standing looking at the darkness, the moon casting its ghastly rays on the floor and walls around him. He turned around and walked to the center of the room, no longer oblivious to the creak of the floor boards beneath. He was resolved to be as quiet as a mouse. Hanky knew that Oliezhik and the others would endure it if he started practicing his techniques again, but he wasn?t as egotistical as some liked to think?


OLIEZHIK TRIED TO find his way in the pitch black around him, yet despite clinging to the rail, he almost managed to fall down the stairs.

"Damn it!" Oliezhik cursed, as he painfully bumped into his room door. Silently, he turned the cold brass handle, and walked inside, slowly and cautiously making his way to the bed. He fumbled in a drawer nearby, searching for a pair of earplugs that he was sure he put there before. Lately, everyone got into the habit of wearing these, in an attempt to drown out the noise coming from Hanky?s room. 'Ah, there is that heavy thrashing again,' Oliezhik thought, wondering how much lower Hanky?s respect for others could sink. He lay down in his bed, promptly sticking the plugs in his ears to drown out the noise? and the screams that would follow.


IT WAS LATE morning, and already the Sun looked like a red ball of fire on the distant horizon, illuminating the sky and clouds around it, making Hogwarts cast its long, dirty shadow over the snowy hills. To an observant eye, it might have even seemed that the Sun?s dim rays jovially played upon the school?s windows. In one word, the sight was beautiful.

Niock didn?t give a shit. He was sprinting to the bathroom as fast as his legs could carry him, knees bent at an awkward angle, hand clutching his stomach. He truly needed to take a dump. He was grateful that it was Sunday morning, and no curious eyes yet wandered the hallways; there?s no telling what might happen to his reputation if he were seen like this.

He turned a corner, which looked the same as the one before. And the one before that. The halls of Hogwarts were like huge stone caverns, and despite their vastness, Niock could never shake off the feeling that they were about to squish him in. A sentiment of dread filled him, what if he was going in circles? 'Damn these fucking hallways!' Niock thought angrily. 'End it, just end it now,' whispered a voice in his head, 'no one will see anyways.' It was quite tempting, but Niock thought he had more dignity than that.

He would have gladly went to the bathroom in his dormitory, but it was now out of order, since all the toilets were congested with shit. Niock thought that must have been the side-effects of that drink which Hanky passed on from Kurtious.

Two days ago, Hanky had offered him some concoction which, supposedly, would enhance his Bachina. Niock would never have taken any food offered by Kurtious, but apparently, it tasted very good. And besides, Hanky was still alive and well, even after chugging around 12 bottles. Yet, Kurtious had never told them of the side effects

"There!" Niock thought gleefully. At the end of a very long corridor he spotted a few doors, and if his memory still served him right, one of them led to the boy?s washroom. He burst through the heavy oak door, and quickly made for one of the side stalls. Relief flooded him as he finally sat on the can. What followed afterwards was horrible.

What seemed to be an eternity later, Niock finally got up from the toilet. He turned around and looked down at it in awe. No words could have even began to describe the mess. Surely, in the not-so-distant future, even these toilets will become out of order. Suddenly an idea struck him. If he ever got the chance, perhaps he would stick Kurtious Hamter?s head in this shit and make him eat it. He laughed silently at this for a moment. And then he thought again. Chances are, he would be using this bathroom, seeing how all the people in his dormitory were lazy fucks and didn?t bother to clean the one out of order. The toilet was now surely congested and would not flush if not for some hardcore plunging. He would be doing people a favor, and besides, girls like hard working men, right?

Unwillingly, he reached for the plunger. Gripping it with both hands, he plunged with all his might. And was glad he didn?t get splattered. It took some effort, but Niock finally managed to pull the plunger back up to the surface. And there, on the end of it, very much to his surprise, was Snape.

His face was completely covered in filth, and a copious amount of shit was flowing from his mouth accompanied by a disgusting gurgling sound. A smile was on his face. Whether this was at finally being rescued, or at having a decent meal Niock didn?t know. And he didn?t care.

"Snape!" Niock muttered darkly.

"Please," gurgled the child-molester, "call me Severus."

Niock was too disturbed for words, and quickly stuffed Snape back down to the murky depths from which he came.

"There." Said Niock to no one in particular as he dusted his hands, Snape will not terrorize the students with his pedophilic ways for at least a while longer. Pothead though, if he was still here, would probably welcome Snape with open arms, literally, which was kind of ironic seeing how it was Harry in the first place that stuffed Snape down the toilet. But that was only because Snape hit on Ron.

He turned around, and without bothering to flush left the bathroom.


NIOCK HAD A very uneventful walk back, several times stopping to admire the scenery of the blood-red sky outside. From his stomach aches, to the encounter with Snape, he thought that the day just couldn't get any weirder. He had no idea.

When he arrived at the Slytherin common room, he only expected to find a few people up, playing video games, or perhaps chess. Yet what greeted him was beyond anything he expected. Not many people were yet awake, but all of those that were, wore sad faces, surprised that Christmas time could bring such events.

"Hey, what's going on?" Niock asked the closest person to him, a teacher, who was attempting to calm a nearby student.

"It's... Hanky." was the only response he got.

Still confused, Niock made his way up the stairs to Hanky?s dormitory, meeting Robert and Seen who were sitting on the steps in front of Hanky?s room, looking at nothing. Slowly, he opened the door.

The scented candles that Hanky sometimes liked to burn gave the room a sort of sickly-sweet stench. That, and of course the smell of blood. Niock felt as if a heavy boulder was dropped into his stomach as he looked around the room. Furniture was scattered everywhere, rarely in one piece. The red carpet which Hanky had once brought back from China was now stained with a deeper red, as was one of the walls, a thin streak of blood running across it.

Mitch, Oliezhik, Candy and some other people were also in the room, but Hanky was nowhere in sight. Of course, Mitch was trying to act the leader, attempting to comfort people, but he too, was pale.

Niock only said what everyone was thinking, Pukes.

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