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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/17

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Chapter 17

A New Disturbance

NIOCK SUDDENLY STOOD up and looked around, throwing around a few cushions on the couch. By now it seemed everyone suspected that Niock had developed a habit of "magically" losing things. Niock himself was not usually suprised about it, but this time, he was certain he had the marker in his proximity. He did a small mind-search, recalling the meeting with Dumbledore and all the places he's been since. Most things he'd lost earlier in the year were of little significance, a wolverine pencil, cheap sunglasses and the potions textbook, which unfortunately costed him the equivalent of about fifty pounds at the end of the year.

Niock cursed furiously.

Jet looked at him sternly. "What's wrong? You didn't..." Jet said, thinking of the worst.

"I'm positive I had it in my pocket! Mitch saw me put it in there." Niock yelled, startling a few people near to Jet and himself, who had turned their heads to look at Niock.

"Well...Check underneath, it very much could have fallen out of your pocket." Jet suggested. The two searched the couch, getting a few confused looks from some of the common room inhabitants. They searched for about a minute, but came up with nothing but Salt-and-Pepper chip crumbs and a Jar-Jar Binks doll someone had vandalized and shoved in the cushions. It was ceremoniously shoved back in.

"Damn it... what if someone took it? You've been here this morning, Jet, did you see anyone suspicious?" Niock asked Jet, followed by a sigh.

"No man, I've only been here fifteen minutes."

"Okay...Let's ask if anyone's seen it; and be careful with what you ask, we don't want any unwanted tag alongs." Niock told Jet silently.

"Let's do so with ease." Jet said, and the both went in seperate directions and started asking people on the periphery of the common room still engaged in their morning chat. They used the utmost care not to reveal the marker's true purpose, except to those who already knew of it.

After some time of fruitless "What?'s and a couple of people filled with drunken stupidity, Niock confronted Song, who was hanging out with Candy, discussing the latest in chess strategics.

Song turned around, somewhat surprised, carrying a questioning look with a frown. "Oh, the marker... Yeah I think I've seen it. I think Oliezhik took it." Song replied flatly. Niock had avoided asking Oliezhik for a few reasons. First, Oliezhik was usually fairly trustworthy, and secondly, up until this point because he didn't want to be rude in front of Brianne, one of the girls who actually looked alright in ugly robes, whom Oliezhik was talking to at the moment. Besides, Oliezhik slept for about fifteen hours a day, so Niock doubted he would be up earlier then 7:30 to take the marker. But new evidence from Song seemed to suggest otherwise.

Niock casually strolled up to Brianne and Oliezhik and joined their conversation on annoyances with different teachers, particularly Snape, which lasted a good 20 minutes before Brianne left to join some of her girlfriends to walk to class. Niock was frustrated, but he knew he couldn't interrupt their conversation. He was impressed that Oliezhik hasn't left halfway through with some crazy excuse. It was popularly believed that Oliezhik was not particularly proficient at socializing with girls. But earlier Brianne had given Oliezhik a look Niock had never seen her give before, a look that almost definitely suggested that Brianne was interested in him. Niock felt a bolt up his body. What the hell does that mean? He shooks his head as suddenly his thoughts shifted back to the marker.

"Gar! Niock! Thanks for interrupting the privacy." Oliezhik said with an obvious hint of sarcasm, still staring at Brianne's back attentively as she left the common room area with her girlfriends.

"Yeah yeah, whatever..." Niock said, giving a chuckle, and then switching back to seriousness, "but I had something important to ask. So you took the marker. I'm not mad, but it wouldn't it have been nice if you had asked?" Niock said, a little irritated.

"What?!" Oliezhik looked like he found out Hermione had a serious crush on him. "Uh... I don't have it Niock."

"You sure? Song said he saw you with it." Niock asked.

"No I really don't have it," Oliezhik said, pulling out his left pocket to reveal its contents to be nothing but his wallet. "See, I Don-" Oliezhik looked at his right pocket. His hand was in it, prepared to show what was in it just like he had done with his left. But just hanging out was the florescent glow of the light green tip of the electronic marker.

"Oliezhik!!!" Niock exclaimed impatiently and gave a fist with a few shakes.

Oliezhik slowly removed his hand. It held the lost marker, thinly painted in darker green with flurescent ends. "What the fuck?" Oliezhik said in a confused voice. "Uh... Niock, I seriously didn't take it." Oliezhik's attitude was suddenly more serious.

"Don't have it, huh? Give me that!" Niock ordered. Before Oliezhik could respond, Niock ripped the marker from his hand. He was relieved that the marker was found, but very much frustrated that Oliezhik would play games at this crucial moment. Within a few hours they were to enter the fantasy world. He turned and began to walk back to Song. Oliezhik grabbed his arm, turning Niock around.

"I honestly...uh...honestly didn't know it was there!" Oliezhik said, obviously stumbling.

"Okay...how'd it get there then?" Niock asked, now with a good hint of irritation.

"Well... basically, you see, someone could've put it there when I wasn't looking." Oliezhik tried to explain with a few pauses here and there.

Niock wasn't convinced, he replied in a very serious tone. Oliezhik, I'd appreciate it if you ask when taking something very important like this. Do you have any idea how much this means to us?"

Oliezhik sighed, now knowing Niock was serious. "Niock... you know I didn't take it."

"Sure sure..." Niock said, and then left for his dorm, marker in hand.

Oliezhik, confused, headed to Potions class, for the first time that week, still not knowing when they would make their grand entrance in the fantasy world.


45-YEAR-OLD Foo Dai See, anglicized as Mr. Dance, or more simply just "Mr. D", had owned around fifty pets. Of them, the most exotic had to be the South African Lama, or the cross-breed of a camel and turtoise. He is actually Thai, and owned 26 dogs and 11 cats, and had fun regularly testing new cross-breeds that usually resulted in bad deformities or deaths. Having been a friend of Dumbledore and a close companion to Professor Snape, Mr D liked a random sequence to things, especially DNA. He had a mysterious background in the real world, and was presently intrigued by the different elements of the Magic World, where there were obviously less limits, and more things to mess around with.

Being such a fanatic about magic, Mr D detested Anti-Magic activists like Niock Frederick and Mitch Chang, and especially Jet Liu, whose adept martial arts were effective anywhere. When he got the chance to post a message of distraction in the real world outside of the Da-kai Chun-fat Supermarket where Jet and Oliezhik were shopping for bitter melons, he posted several notices, including the one about claiming the reward of a dog if one found a dog.

His morning phone call with Snape, was, like usual, short but to-the-point. He asked about how the "toilet" was treating him, and when he'd get back to teaching classes. More importantly, he asked for Dumbledore's health conditions, which were said to have been failing fairly rapidly. One lung is now almost useless, and talking resulted in violent coughs that lasted in five-minute intervals. He told Snape he liked the situation, got out of his king-sized bed, looked at the clock, and dressed for lunch in an Arab costume with a full turban and white robes. He would go pay another visit to Snape, and Hogwarts.


NIOCK'S DORM HAD been of great mess lately. He really couldn't care much about cleaning his room when so many bizarre things had given him so many headaches. Dumbledore's mysterious illness and hidden agenda, Snape rising out of the toilet, the Bachina-enriching drink that made everyone sick, and now Oliezhik stealing the marker for no apparent reason.

He sighed as he jumped on his bed, thrashing a few clothing articles spread amongst the area. He lept up and grabbed the phone, thought about phoning Mitch and asking about Oliezhik's weird behavior, but couldn't get past the dial tone, as he violent hung it up again.

It was almost as if, now no one was trustworthy enough. Niock sighed more deeply as he thrashed more clothing in frustration. Oliezhik... Oliezhik out of all people, had taken the marker. Why? It didn't seem to make sense. Niock's first instinct was that Oliezhik knew something he didn't, and wanted the marker to complete whatever ulterior motive he had in the fantasy world. After all, he was the one with all the Tracker information, slouched over the computer instead of attending class, there was a good chance Oliezhik had already tracked down Pukes and wanted to make a grand entrance. It seemed like Oliezhik, wanting to catch some backroom info, or get in on a story before others so he'd sound wiser in front of the gang.

But this was the only marker, given to them by Dumbledore, to enter the fantasy world. Why would Oliezhik be this naive and believe it could be screwed around with?

Then there was Mitch Chang, altogether appearing to be calm and wise, but also appearing more and more like he had a hidden agenda, or at least didn't trust anyone. He wanted to take on everything himself, Niock thought, while ignoring Niock, or overruling him thinking that he himself was correct and wise. Niock didn't like it, but didn't voice much in the hope for cooperation in these important days.

Why would anyone betray him now? They'd come to the Magic World as activists from the real world, knowing secrets that could destroy Hogwarts. They chose instead to get chosen to attend Hogwarts instead, finding out more about its true nature as they went along role playing its students. They failed to predict their powerful entrance as Slytherin's main influences. Now that they were, however, now that a friend was killed, a whole new possibility was opened. The fantasy world could explain far more than anyone had previously imagined, intellectual treasures that would gain them more than just fame in the real world.

Or better yet, imagine everything that could be gained if Harry Potter were captured alive and returned to the real world so people could see up close and personal who he really was? And if Niock now held the lust to grab this one and only chance, why wouldn't anyone else?

That was why there was danger and distrust. I've been too trustworthy of others, Niock thought, I myself had never questioned that Oliezhik and Mitch, among others, could all be sleeping giants, hidden faces, ready to draw blood. I cannot let them make the first move. Plankistan's death was a now distant reality; Dumbledore's deal was now secondary, Harry Potter was the goal, and they've never been closer.

He looked in his left hand and realized that he alone held the marker, the key to the Fantasy World.

And obviously, in this mysterious house of Slytherin, someone, perhaps more than one, perhaps everyone, were watching him. He would go an spend to the rest of the day to pack up his things, he decided. Why lie here and sigh?

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