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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/18

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Chapter 18

The Confrontation

NIOCK TOOK ONE last look at his cell phone display screen. It brightly displayed "NEW MESSAGE" from Mitch Chang. Niock turned off his cell phone for good. Texting was never really the norm in the Magic World, but was used when deemed necessary. It was his sixth text from Mitch in the last twenty four hours. He didn't return a single one of them. He had packed his stuff for the entire day in a suitcase which he would send home via Jet's magic teleporting. Mitch was out playing some mini-golf and then at the library doing last-minute research, so the only way to contact Niock was through texting. Niock decided he would only carry himself and the marker to the fantasy world for a test run. The new rift with Oliezhik had made him feel awkward, but all the events that have flashed past him made him feel like there were internal forces at work here. He wanted to trust Mitch, still, but he wanted to be able to test the marker by himself. He knew if he was successful, Mitch, with his supposedly worldly views, would only impose a roadblock on getting to Pukes in time. Apart from that, Niock just needed some alone time to think. Maybe the fantasy world would remove himself from all this craziness. It would be a good thing, wouldn't it?

December 20th was the first day of break. Niock woke up at just past six and sneaked out of the Slytherin Dormitory unnoticed when everyone else was sound asleep. Many of the Slytherin students who were not on the Quidditch team had packed up the night before, so Niock did not look out of place packing, with the occasional visit from Brianne and Kerry. He had told both of them he had an emergency at hand, but did not specify what.

He headed to Potion 7 for breakfast, only to find that it was closed, with a middle-aged cleaner trying to arrange all the trays before she, too, would head on her train home. Disappointed, Niock headed out.

Niock reached the Hogwarts gate, looked back in awe at its limestone buildings and the screeching gargoyle at the door. He looked at Dumbledore's residence, the sun's rays peeking from just above it. He looked forward, paused, checked his pocket for the marker. It was still brightly green, lying in his left pocket. All was well, he thought.

Suddenly, a voice came from the side.

"Fuck a tree. Niock." It was Song's voice. Niock quickly turned his head to see him standing there.

He did not state his trademark line with his upbeat enthusiasm. Today, he was dressed in his school robes, with not a hint of anything but the blackness that enveloped his entire body. Even his shoes were covered by the robe. He had a slight smirk on his face.

"Song. What a pleasant surprise." Niock said, acting calm, although he had no idea why Song was the way he was.

"Surprised to see me here, eh Niock?" Song inquired sarcastically. "Where are you going this early?"

The second question seemed serious. This was not the normal Song.

"I'm heading out for a walk..." Niock lied.

Song suddenly leaped towards Niock, without Niock noticing, Song took his marker in a flash of thunder that he has synthesized over Niock's eyes. It can't be, Niock thought, Song just used a dark art. The very basic lighting attack that they learned about in their first year, just happened before his eyes.

Niock turned to see Song standing just behind him after the flash, smirk gone, marker in hand. Song held up the marker. "Tell me Niock, did you really think you could do it all by yourself?"

Niock was confused. "Fuck man, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Niock said, in a very serious tone. "You know the marker has to be tested."

"Niock, things are not as simple as you think. The marker holds powers much greater than what you are made to believe."


"Niock, man. Listen to me. Did you really think you could escape with the marker all by yourself, go into the fantasy world all by yourself, capture Pukes all by yourself? And leave all of your friends behind? Did you really think so? You thought you'd capture Pukes and Harry would be with him, right? And you'd capture Harry and bring him back to the real world, and expose the scam to the real world..."

"You are being ridiculous, shut the fuck up." Niock blurted.

"Did you..."

"You are being ridiculous, shut the fuck up."

Song tried continuing a few more times.

"Shut the fuck up!" Niock repeated.

"Shut the fuck up."

"Shut the fuck up."

Song stopped for a second. He pulled out a crystal ball from his back pocket, and it increased in size in his hand. A holographic figure began flashing inside. Niock stared. At first it was just an outline, then he saw greens in the background.

And then, slowly but surely, he saw Harry Potter.

"Master Niock... Pukes has me captive! Come and rescue me! I promise I will change! I will do anything for you!" Harry pleaded, Master Niock! Master Chang! Master Oliezhik!" Suddenly Harry's painful screams faded, Harry's figure vanished.

"Who gave that to you?" With his heart beating crazily, Niock still managed to appear calm, even though this sudden turn of events has been a shock to him like it would be to anyone else.

"Do you really want to know? Why don't you explain your selfish actions first? What is it that you don't trust about us? We are your friends, Niock." Song said in a very serious tone.

"I will explain if you tell me who gave you that ball." Niock shot back.

"This ball eh? It was given to me by an Thai magician of fame. He calls himself... Mr. D." Song said.

"Wasn't he the guy that tried to start a similar Magical school in Thailand and ended up failing because the government thought he was recruiting girls into prostitution?" Niock remembered reading it on Google News.

"Listen, Niock. Our friends are under risk. They will be seriously harmed if we do not do something soon. And you better trust me. There is a much bigger picture here - you haven't even scratched the surface. If you don't go now Oliezhik and Mitch will both die. I am serious. Come with me, now!"

Niock had no choice but to follow. He knew inside, that he was afraid.


FOO DAI SEE actually wanted to refer to himself with a single initial, "D". He hated himself for being Thai, which is why his passport has a Cantonese-sounding name. He did practically everything to hide his cultural background, especially the links it could provide for his underground magical community in Bangkok. D had made his parents promise that they would never tell anyone his real Thai name, they promised, and the promise seemed sincere. However, D’s parents told anyway, and D murdered them in their sleep. Breaking a promise made them sinners, and all sinners deserve to die, according to the Bible, which he followed when it served his needs. That was when D was only a teenager.

Eventually D’s real name got around, along with the tag “the boy who killed his parents”. He was sent to jail for quite a while, and even afterwards, many cast him fearful glances, girls left when he was coming their way, and teachers treated him badly. He lacked a normal childhood, and became a vicious and dark adult when his days came. He first associated himself with Dumbledore a year before he began his underground drug business, when Dumbledore came to visit Thailand as J.K. Rowling's agent, Dorian, to advocate for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" in 2002. Fascinated by Dorian's proposals of an Asian magical world, D expressed his interest. Dorian liked him, and signed a deal with him and taught him the basic secrets to the magical world. Unfortunately, D's business was overrun by corruption and government involvement, and was eventually shut down.

D owned a huge collection of animals in his house situated a few miles south of Hogwarts. Today, rabbits and emus were temporarily out of stock for D, thus he was sitting down in front of a window reminiscing. The window frame was made out of exotic crushed Hummingbird bones. The windows themselves were very, very thin sheets of African Swallows’ skins. D’s desk was made purely from emus’ collarbones. His bed was made out of rabbit skin and some internal organs, and the material used for his chair is too dirty a word to be mentioned by a true Christian. They were all made by D himself. He once tried to sell them on eBay, but his advertisements were immediately removed several times in the same instant by different administrators. His attempt at advertising himself on Wikipedia also failed. On pure coincidence, all of these administrators bled to death from their fingernails a few seconds after they removed D’s ad. They would be taken by D subsequently to the magical world, and skinned to create D's wallpaper.

D’s grin almost resembles two-face from Batman, and it’s hard to believe that D’s face was not a mask or had heavy make-up. He had a very, very scrawny body. It was so scrawny that one could trace a vein from his neck all the way down to his toes. His slender limbs seemed to have no muscle tissue at all. Anyone who sees him will wonder how he manages to stay upright.

After D's business failed in Thailand, he moved to Paris where he tried to begin a magic school there. The French authorities were not too fond, and Dumbledore refused to come to his aid. Within a week D was begging for food on the streets, and being beaten up by gangsters for his scrawny looks. D hated Dumbledore. Without Dumbo’s knowledge, he sought Dumbledore’s death. Dumbledore knew his magic world could artificially keep him alive until he is discovered by real world enthusiasts, and his biological age could at least come to around 200 years. But poor old Dumbledore's lungs have began failing, and he has been experiencing internal bleeding for days. It was, after all, a "coincidence".

What Dumbledore forgot was that he left an entire suitcase of magic-related material of research in Bangkok. The books and notebooks explained the fourth dimension - the magic world - an area he has researched fervently for all of his life. When Dumbledore suddenly realized this upon his return to Hogwarts, he knew it was too late. That, of course, was a long time in the past. It has come back to haunt him again.

D took a sip of his goat milk, and heard a knock on his snake-skin door painted in AB-type human blood.

"It's Jay-jay. Sir. I'm here with Chunny." Came a voice.

"Come in." D directed.

Jay-jay was D's assistant who specialized in water magic, and Chunny was D's torture machine engineer. Both were in their early twenties and have served D since their childhood. They were adept in the magic world.

The door swung open. Jay-jay and Chunny were in their dark red robes with a feathered cap with a yellow star decorated against a red background. Jay-jay spoke first.

"Good morning sir. We have the captives you had ordered. Candy is still asleep, but Seen Action, Robert, and Big Ax are all here."

D chuckled at the fact that Candy was still asleep. That boy never gets scared, does he. D thought.

"I have placed them in torture chamber number two, sir. They await for your inspection and interrogation."

"Alright. This is a big day for us. The transfer portal marker has them keyed in for expiry tomorrow at 2AM. I've told Song to go get the marker from Niock Frederick." D said as he grabbed his black robes and slid into them with ease. He grabbed his star cap, and walked towards the door. "You two, come with me to the torture chamber. I want see what tricks these little bastards have left."

"Yes sir." Jay-jay and Chunny said in unison, and then they looked at each other, smirking. They knew some fun was going to begin.


MITCH CHANG WOKE up from a very eerie dream about Dumbledore dying before they could get into the transfer portal. He also dreamt about Plankistan. It was never good to dream about dead people. He turned over and shut off his alarm clock, which displayed 7:22AM. Fuck, he thought, I need fucking sleep. I get five hours each day. This is not gonna make me function.

He crudely stumbled into the bathroom, which had not been cleaned since the beginning of the semestre. Things were scattered everywhere. A few white towels that he had used had already turned yellow, and he no longer knew which shampoo was empty and which was just sitting there. His electronic razor needed charging every morning for a half-assed shave, and the mirror is full of dried up soap bubbles. The toilet's flushing still worked, but barely, and the venting system was broken. So much for student housing, Mitch thought.

If only magic could organize such ordinary things in life.

While brushing his teeth, toothbrush in mouth, Mitch picked up his old Motorola V220 and searched for new messages. Niock still haven't replied, something that really worried Mitch. He would go look for Niock first thing in the morning, he thought. Mitch had it all planned. Wake the gang, assemble a meeting, and then head to the transfer portal in the afternoon after a good lunch. He knew most of the gang wouldn't be up until 11 anyway, especially Oliezhik. Mitch also noted Kurtious sent a usual message telling Mitch to meet him at the courtyard at eight because he needed help getting a plane ticket home." He scrolled down, and saw Oliezhik also sent a message:


Fuck, Mitch thought. Crudely washing his mouth with another bout of semi-clean water, Mitch ran over to Oliezhik's dorm four doors down.

He opened the door, and the entire room had the unbearable smell of shit. Oliezhik was lying on the bed, his head stuck in a sea of vomit. He was still gurgling. Mitch gagged twice, closed the door, composed himself, and entered again.

There stood Garmeeto Par and Jeetu, both covered in clear, juicy maggots with shit all over their body.

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