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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/20

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Chapter 20

The Game of Lust

THE SPACIOUS ATRIUM was filled with marble flooring that reflected the golden chandeliers above with a characteristic sophistication. Even the reception desk could not escape the reflective glow. The receptionist, a rather intelligent looking brunette in reading glasses, quickly got up when she saw Mr. Steven Song in his ceremonial robes.

She bowed. "Master Song, welcome back".

Without acknowledging her presence, Song led Niock over to the elevator. Several elevator attendants in their usual uniforms were standing there. One elevator to Niock's left opened with a few elves rushing out murmuring in their own language that Niock could not understand. Then, following them, a large man appeared. It didn't take long before Niock noticed that it was the one and only, Hagrid.

Hagrid was dressed in long robes similar to that of Song. Niock stared at him in awe.

Hagrid displayed a quick smile as he came over to give a slight bow to Song, who returned the bow ritualistically.

Where am I? Was the only thing Niock could think of.

Hagrid looked over curiosly at this new character with a large fro. Niock was familiar with Hagrid - his moral character was famous at Hogwarts, Hagrid was respected by magic fans and 'muggles' alike. He didn't know if Hagrid had any idea who he was.

Song was quick to introduce. He extended his right arm to Niock, and said, "Master Hagrid, let me introduce one of the bright spots in activism in this day and age, Mr. Niock Frederick."

Niock was surprised at Song's uncharacteristic formality.

"Mr. Frederick!" Harid was quite to give a slight bow and sounded very enthusiastic. "I have long heard about you. It is quite the honour, sir."

With an obvious lack of comfort in this whole situation, Niock managed to return the bow, only slightly. He was now even more confused. How did Hagrid know him? Surely it couldn't be that one potions class where he came in to give Prof. McGornagall that broken disk...

"Uh.. it is quite the honour too, Hagrid, Sir." Niock obviously didn't know what to say.

Hagrid turned to Song. "Show him around, Master Song. I think Mr. Frederick will like it here."

With the elevator staff still controlling the elevator doors so they would not automatically shut, Niock reluctantly walked in. Song followed. Niock had no clue where he was going.


D HAD ALWAYS had too much pride carrying out little details in his torturing mansion. His trusty assistants, Jay-jay and Chunny, had been with him since they were children, and both of them had their team of goons to carry out the more physical and bloody labour, such as cleaning bodies and spraying the location of torture with flowery scents. When D entered Torture Chamber No. 4, he lit a cigarette, nonchalantly turned a few nearby birch leaves into cats, who scampered as they appeared, and sat down on his large snake skin chair, casually puffing out smoke.

Jay-jay and Chunny advanced further into the chamber, to find Hanky inside his cell.

The cell was very large. It had a queen-sized bed, an enclosed toilet and shower area, a Sony flatscreen TV equipped with a BluRay player, and even hardwood flooring. Inside the closet was a first-aid kit and several books on martial arts. If it wasn't for the bars enclosing the cell, it may well have been a worthy real estate investment as a nice bachelor suite.

Hanky's fate, compared to those of Robert, who has already lost his life, Seen, Big Ax, and Candy, was a lot more favourable.

For the few days that he's been here every meal has been provided for him from a menu sent to him by Jay-jay's young goons. Every night he also gets a visit for a "special massage service" from young, beautiful, silver-skinned women chosen from D's rigorously ran underground business. These were heavenly, and last night, Hanky could not help it but take one of these women to the final frontier. When it happened, it was as if he saw God.

Today, he was looking forward to the same experience. The day was only beginning and he'd already turned on the TV with some ping-pong matches being broadcast on ESPN. If this was the life inside the cell, then think about what it must be like for D and his assistants... The possibilities swimmed in his head.

Jay-jay swept his ID at a censor to open the cell door as Chunny brought with him some lucky charms and grapefruit that Hanky selected for breakfast.

Hanky's eyes turned towards Jay-jay without sitting up from his comfortable position in bed, blanket still covering his body.

"I will not eat." Hanky blurted bluntly.

"What?" Chunny's eyes shot at Hanky.

"I refuse to eat."

"Hanky, D never treats his hostages like this. We don't even get your kind of living conditions. Take it or leave it." Jay-jay said, half annoyed, thinking, what else could the damn guy want?

Hanky took the blanket off of him, went and found a red shirt, put it on, and declared with very clear enunciation, "I want to join you."

"Excuse me?" Jay-jay frowned.

"I will join you. I know you want me on your team... you know..."

"Whoa whoa, Hanky, slow down," Chunny interjected, "Join us? You're out of your mind."

"Just shut up Chunny, I will join you. End of deal."

Chunny looked at Jay-jay, who looked back at Chunny. Jay-jay frowned and thought for a second.

"Hanky," Jay-jay spoke matter-of-factly, "We are aware that your loyalties was never with Niock. We realize you felt quite excluded from their community. You felt your ambitions this lifetime were much grander than what they could achieve with their little gang. Hear me out. I respect that. I love ambitious people."

"Okay, so let me join you."

"Let me finish." Jay-jay pointed out a finger, and then looked behind him casually as if to check on D. Noticing that D was now playing with a few sparrows and his attention was nowhere near them, Jay-jay continued in a softer voice, "We would like to offer you a position here. But this decision is not ultimately up to us. The final decision must go through our esteemed boss, Mr. Dance."

"Get him here, I want to talk to him!"

"Patience, Hanky." Chunny chuckled, "You have to realize you're not that far away, and the more you squeeze, the quicker it gets away. Just wait up."

Jay-jay got out, locked the cell without emotion, and nodded at Chunny.

Chunny exited the chamber, past a gleeful D dissecting live birds, and arrived at the computer control room outside, where machines were buzzing with noise and technicians seemed frantic. "A5, A9!"

"Yes sir!" Two small men with those codes sewn on their chest pockets of what looked like military uniforms replied.

"I want Hanky's cell locked with a laser shield. Use A-class generators. Do it now."

"Yes sir!"


AFTER HAVING A fulfilling lunch made from bird feet, D was soundly taking his afternoon siesta in his animal-clad dormitory.

In the backyard of D's complex was a basketball court where a large group of Thai magical fighters in blue uniform were assembled. They were recruited by D for the hardships of tough military training. Jay-jay was their commissar, while Chunny was their director. Jay-jay had left lunch early to come inspect their progress. Not bad, already performing magic deflections. Only six months of training. Jay-jay was thoroughly impressed as he walked through the soldiers, checking them one by one as they seemed unphased in their routine.

Draco Malfoy, in his full uniform, was the lunchtime officer who watched midday training from a corner. It was past noon but the December winds still blew. Jay-jay signalled him and dragged him aside for a talk. Malfoy reported on witnessing Song taking away the marker from Niock this morning, and showed a poor quality recording from his cell phone proving it had happened.

Jay-jay felt more at ease. He asked another goon in military uniform to go and get some cash. 50,000 Euros, for Malfoy's disposal. And then he promptly gave Malfoy another task.

He then walked past a small jungle-like park, and then through an underground tunnel to arrive at a corridor filled with ancient Burmese paintings. At the end of the corridor was a ancient looking door.

It led to Jay-jay's winter getaway cottage in northern New Zealand.

Jay-jay entered and shut the door behind him. After a dizzy spell he realized he was now wearing his white collared shirt with dress pants. The sun peeked through the large living room window, overlooking blue mountains and the majestic Pacific Ocean.

He was in the Real World alright.

"Wow. Someone looks pretty today." Jay-jay said to the girl in matching shorts and tank top, who was sitting on the couch reading the latest gossip on Cosmo.

"Where were you?" Brianne turned around as her blonde hair swung with her, "I was worried sick!" She suddenly threw down her magazine and came to give Jay-jay a full embrace and a few kisses on the cheeks.

"Just checking on those soldiers. Saw Hanky this morning. He said he wanted to join us."

Brianne laughed out loud. "Hanky said he wanted to join? I saw it coming! Told ya!"

"Mr. Dance is more of a genius than I previously thought. He is really just brilliant."

"Have you checked what's been happening in Venezuela?"

"Yeah, it's been good. Potter's been cooperative. Pukes says he could leave him there for a while to take care of business back home."

"Yeah I heard Pukes was gonna come back. What about Dumbledore?"

"Mr. Dance wants to keep him alive. He's doing well. McGornagall doesn't have a clue yet, and neither does Dumbo. He's on a respirator. He'll survive."

"Wow. You guys surely know what you're doing. I'm so glad you got me to come with you. No way I want to go back to that hellhole of Hogwarts." Her face then grew a bit more cheerful. "You know, you could've at least told me you were gonna leave at six in the morning. I wanted to cuddle in the morning!"

Jay-jay managed to smile. He immediately picked up Brianne and put her back down on the couch, then he went to shut the blinds so only some light would get through.

"Oh what is this?" Brianne asked playfully.

"That's not something for you to know."

"Oh yeah, what is it then?" Her smile only grew more colourful.

"It's something for you to feel, of course." Jay-jay improvised smoothly as he sat down and began to softly stroke Brianne's thighs. His dark brown eyes gave off magnetic rays at her. "Remember the first time? Inside Snape's office?"

Brianne recalled, that day, when Jay-jay shut the blinds with his smooth charm after sticking Snape down the toilet, and walked over to give Brianne their first kiss. Suddenly, Brianne felt a rush of warm energy crawling through her veins.

"Don't you have work in the afternoon? You're so bad." Brianne managed to say.

"Would you want it any other way?" Jay-jay said silently as he leaned in and both of them closed their eyes. Their lips touched ever so gently at first, and then drawn in by each successive electric wave, hands began travelling all over the place, and the passion rose.

The tank top came off ever so easily as Brianne's hair dangled at her shoulders, and Jay-jay's buttons were being undone at a speed faster than usual. Jay-jay proceeded to kiss her body from the shoulder up, the neck, and then, while biting her earlobes gently, he whispered, "you know, Niock and Oliezhik both want you badly. I need you to help me finish things with them."

"Please, Jay-jay, not now..." Brianne took off his shirt completely, threw it on the floor, and softly stroked his refined, swimmer back with her fingertips and then her palm while kissing his chest.

"Trust me." Jay-jay said as he now went back down her neck with his pecks and onto her chest, "We are almost victorious. Pukes will reveal himself to Niock tonight. Our dreams are within our grasp."

Jay-jay was not shy at all in proceeding further down with his skilled kisses. He looked up at Brianne, whose face was now totally red and was breathing very heavily, Jay-jay's firm voice never sounded so sexy, "sweetheart, will you help me?"

"I'll do anything. Please don't stop." Brianne said as she gave out a euphoric moan, and then another, and another...

Jay-jay laughed inside. They have no idea.

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