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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/21

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Chapter 21

Tangled Spiral

IN HIS SUFFERING this morning, Oliezhik tried to recall Bachina self-healing techniques. His head spinned and he felt like he had nothing left to gag. Plowing through the pile of mess that was his schoolwork below his bed, he found one of Hanky's drinks admist the bottles of Tylenol and cough drops. He examined the hand-sized bottle, put it back down, and then picked it up again, staring at the liquid inside. He did not know what to do. Although the drink has had its terrible side effects, its taste was amazing, and it did boost Bachina, if only so temporarily. Maybe he could use it to boost his Bachina and then proceed with the self-healing.

He thought about the possibilities.

He unscrewed the cap and gulped down the drink. Queaziness hit him heavily, and within a minute he fell soundly asleep.

Waking up promptly at 4PM, he suddenly began to recall everything that had happened the night before. His mind was clear and lucid as if everything has just hit him now.

Snape entered the room past midnight with a fire staff. He bore the smell of a steaming pile of shit. Oliezhik remembered still being half asleep while being confronted. He tried all of his defensive Bachina against Snape, but the smell was so unbearable, not to mention Snape himself was using dark arts against Oliezhik. Lightning attacks were his favourite, although he was very keen on using his various shit and vomit induced attacks, such as eye shit, saliva shit, and ear shit. These were not power attacks, but Oliezhik simply could not combat in such an environment.

It seemed the fight was only halfway over when lightning began outside as rain poured, but Snape had used this as an opportunity to go into the toilet and “clean” himself. Oliezhik tried to use this chance to get out, but Snape emerged from inside the washroom, covered in shit, put Oliezhik into a chokehold, and threw him back down into the bed. Oliezhik had no choice but to send a text message to Mitch, hoping he would answer. Mitch did not, and Oliezhik was left to deal with Snape himself.

When Snape came out again, literally steaming from his nostrils, he warned Oliezhik of an “incoming nemesis” much greater than himself. Carefully avoiding any mention of names, Snape specifically told Oliezhik to be mindful of transfers to and from the magic world into any alternative existence past darkness the next day, as that was when the last Hogwarts Express for Christmas would leave.

Oliezhik, completely caught by surprise of Snape’s arrival, was not ready to remember details of Snape’s warnings. He remembered Snape promptly leaving the room saying, “and for now, I leave with you my esteemed friends to bask in this fulfilling environment I had worked so hard to sew.”

He remembered it as if he had just heard it. Then he remembered the morning; Mitch coming in, himself feeling like shit and trying to get Mitch out of the door so he could rest for a bit longer, and Jeetu and Gar being there. He looked outside. The wintery fireball that was the sun was nearing the horizon. He realized it was winter solstice, with the shortest of daylight during the entire year. The sun would not be there for much longer.

Suddenly, his ringtone of blaring Russian rap music began.


“Oliezhik.” It was Song’s voice.

“Uh… Song! What’s up man?”

“We’re just getting organized for the transfer portal. We plan to depart in half an hour. Where are you now?”

“I’m uh… well, uh… I’m still back at rez.” Oliezhik did not know if he would be able to make it on time for sunset. Half an hour? Are you kidding? He thought.

“Oliezhik! Still at rez? We’re scheduled at Scotland Tranfer Portal, 4:30PM, we have everything set. The marker’s with us.”

“Uh… well… would I be able to get a ride?” Oliezhik asked reluctantly.

Song sounded a little frustrated, “Listen, I’ll give Mitch and Jet a call. They were at the armoury getting weapons earlier. They can bring a Golden Par Transporter, it’ll fly all of you to Scotland in fifteen minutes. You have to hurry the fuck up though.”

Oliezhik brushed his hair back, felt like his head was wrinkled. He desperately needed to put on some clean clothes, which were in short supply. He didn’t know if he was ready to leave. “Uh… guys, I’ll try my best to make it. If I can’t…”

Song had hung up.


THE ROOM CONTAINED three large brand new leather couches surrounding a small table, a giant oak desk with a few piles of papers lying on it, a large bookshelf, full hardwood flooring, and a singular, large window where the sun was shining through from the West.

Song chucked his cell phone on one of the couches, looked at Niock, who was sitting on a side couch, as if he’d ran out of solutions.

“I hate to say this, Song. But I told you we needed to get there by midday.” Niock had been kept in this room all day, albeit with a specially served lunch and wine, he wanted to get out. Song convinced Niock over lunch that he knew Pukes’ exact location by describing what he thought were disturbing movements from records of a pirated tracker program, which he ran in a separate room of the building. When Niock asked Song to see the room, he refused, saying Oliezhik and Robert pirated the technology for them, and they had locked it from further viewing. Niock insisted that he simply wanted to see the tracker, and not log onto the system, but Song continued to refuse.

Niock reasoned that knowing Mitch’s diligence, he’s probably been waiting at the transfer portal all day. Song told Niock he’d heard from the other members of the gang, who were all waiting patiently in a little town just south of the portal. Song showed satellite phone messages from Seen Action and Big Ax telling him that due to the importance of the matter, they would wait on him and Song before making a move into the transfer portal, and told him to trust Song’s decisions.

Over lunch Niock had completed a deal with Song that if they were to wait until the afternoon for entrance into the portal, Song would keep Niock’s lone wolf “marker testing” strategy a secret to avoid any potential infighting.

Throughout the day, Niock had recalled the situation with the marker from earlier, which had led to his decision to try and go about doing this all by himself. Although he was suspicious of Oliezhik at first, Song seemed to suggest that Oliezhik taking the marker a few days ago was due to a careless curiosity, and not due to a desire to head into the fantasy world himself and “take credit”. Knowing Oliezhik’s generally well-intentioned personality this was not hard at all to believe. Yet it still confused him why Oliezhik would be curious and take without asking. Furthermore, what he had a harder time with was the belief that Mitch had nothing to do with this. It occurred to him that it is possible Mitch was taking the opportunity to use Oliezhik’s personality. After all, only he and Mitch knew Dumbledore’s secret and cared to expose it, and he knew Mitch wanted the limelight. Oliezhik could easily have been simply a pawn in a large game.

Song lit a cigarette and asked Niock if he wanted one. Niock politely refused.

“I don’t smoke. Thanks man.”

“Are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Yes. Quite certain.” Niock was firm.

“I’m gonna go dress for the portal. I’ll give Mitch a call. What should I say if he asks about why you haven’t been picking up your cell for days?”

“Uh… Tell him it’s broken ‘cauz it got soaked in beer, please.” Niock said reluctantly.

With the cigarette stuck between his teeth, Song took his robes and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

For a moment it hit Niock that he had been inside the confines of this room for the entire day and have not seen the rest of the building. The elevator is right next door, and from what he saw of the hallway it seemed like any large office building. Why was he even here? How did Song know he was leaving in the morning? And why did he see people in robes different from what he were used to? Where was he anyway?

For once Niock felt lost. His determination shaken by the sudden exposure of what now looked like a self-serving scam to the rest of the gang. He didn’t want Mitch to know, yet Song now had him by his tail. For the whole day he had felt passive, and no longer in tune with the world.

He sat back, and let out a heavy sigh. If it wasn’t for Plankistan’s ever-so-publicized murder, he would be home by now. But he realized, things would be a lot easier to deal with, if this was just a case of Plankistans’ murder. It was not. It had spiralled into something that he himself did not want to get into, but now have no choice but to be part of and boldly go on. He felt a numb responsibility. Hanky had disappeared in what looked like a gory ordeal. A mysterious drink wrought havoc upon the entire gang. Dumbledore had attempted to bribe them outright with a suitcase of money, and seemed all too likely now to be lying on his deathbed. It all seemed too strange. Niock knew if Dumbledore were to die now, Hogwarts will mourn for months, but more importantly, a behind-the-scenes power struggle will ensue. If Pukes is just an Gryffindor loyalist fed up with his house constantly losing in Quidditch matches, then Dumbledore would not have taken him this seriously, as far as to summon them to a nightly meeting within his secret residence, to ensure they know about the marker, and know how to get into the fantasy world without a hitch.

Overwhelming evidence seemed to suggest that Pukes did not simply want the pride of performing a large-scale magical attack during a widely publicized event. Pukes is not holding Harry Potter hostage for the hell of it, to perform sadistic rituals. According to Dumbledore, Harry was the "chosen one". Pukes’ goal now seemed much greater. What if Pukes wanted absolute control over the magic world?

This whole event had also led Niock to become less tolerant and trusting of long-time friends and allies. While he was planning to carry out a well-intentioned mission to go into the fantasy world to avenge a teammate’s death, no one around him seemed totally aligned. He had trusted Mitch for nearly twenty years, and Oliezhik for fourteen. Even Song and Robert were part of the original Slytherin gang that ousted Malfoy. They’ve been through lots together. But Mitch is the type that likes the heroic recognition. If his suspicions are true, it is entirely possible that Mitch has his own plans. Mitch knows he could not defeat Niock’s superior magic skills. But being a skilled orator, Mitch’s convincing skills could sway friend to foe.

Yet Niock stepped back. Distrust? Based on what? A stolen marker for curiosity? Oliezhik not waking up on time? Over all these years of brotherhood?

What is happening to me? Niock thought as he ran his right hand through his fro, which needed a cut. Is the situation really at the point where he can’t trust anyone, or is he just overthinking? Was cutting off all this communication worth it?

Questions swimmed. He took out his cell phone, still turned off, sighed, and put it back into his pocket.

Song opened the door in what looked like SWAT combat gear, with the helmet and all. “Niock, we gotta go. Mitch and them are coming.”

“Hmm… alright.” Feeling desperately underdressed, Niock got up from the couch and walked out the door with Song.


“HAVE YOU SENT in your little bitch yet?” D asked in a particularly scathing tone to Jay-jay, who standing to his side.

“Yes. Sir. I made sure. Brianne is on her way to Oliezhik’s room. Should be there any time now.”

“Tell her to hurry up. We haven’t got much time. Have Kerry and AJ as backups.” D stared attentively into the various screens in front of him, alternating between a few. “Chunny, why isn’t Jet with Mitch?”

“Unfortunately, sir, we couldn’t capture Jet this morning. His Bachina and martial arts were too much for our troops.” Chunny sounded careful in his reply.

D looked back at Chunny and stared at him piercingly for an extended period of time. Chunny tried to look away. “Jet Liu is the most powerful of them all. Dispatch another 100 after them. I want him here, alive, by tomorrow morning.” D took a sip of his watermelon splash. “How many did we lose?”

“Only 4 soldiers sir, new trainees. I have already cremated their bodies. Mitch Chang is on his way to the Reception Center. They are up for a show tonight.”

“Good, good. Make sure you bring popcorn for them.”

“Yes sir.” They replied in unison while looking at each other.

“Jay-jay. I want Dumbo to see this as well tonight.”

“Sir, I have already poured him your Elixir. He should be wide awake by now.”

D closed his eyes for a few seconds as he seemed to be contemplating something deep. “Oh, and, I hear Hanky wanted to join. This I will leave up to you.” He spoke very slowly. “As for Big Ax and Seen, they will not be of much use past tonight. Dispose of them in ways you see fit. Do not leave a single trace or I will hold you responsible.”

“And Candy Jennings, sir, he still does not seem to care.”

“Release him. Install a tracker on his tongue first.”

“It shall be done.”

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