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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/4

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Chapter 4


THE SUN WAS directly above Harry's head as he began changing for Quidditch in an open field, in the hope that it would attract male attention. However, it failed miserably as most of the 4500 people were grossed out by this unbearable sight. Some lost their bowel control, increasing the heat of an already hot day. Harry had already changed once, but the gear he had on before was fried by Niock's Kamehameha. Harry was once again ready for quidditch. But Niocks Team was ready for some more insulting. Over Harry's shoulder, Dobby was staring attentively at Harry, giving up to fantasizing.

They could hear the fans roaring for a game in the stands. Many held up posters that were depricatory towards Harry. There were a contingent of Harry Potter fans, but they were all pretty much beaten before the game was set to start. Looking at the situation, Harry was very nervous.

"I-I am not v-very sure I can do this D-D-Dobby... I'm way to scared without the helpful hand of Ron!" said Harry shakily.

"Dobby is ready for quidditch, but these mystical characters look more pathetic than master Harry, and he looks hella pathetic!" said Dobby, trying to be funny.

This will turn out to be a great game, probably lop-sided, thought Niock.

"Master Harry Potter, Sir, Dobby no like Ron." Dobby whined.

"Ron's hot, okay? I won't sleep with you tonight if you keep bothering me about this." Harry complained.

This was followed by several grossed sounds of disgust by Niock's gang.

Candy and Oliezhik went over to Harry and commenced a beating. Niock let it last for about 45 seconds before objection.

"Leave the little fuck be...for now. we must go configure more plans." Said Niock. Candy and Oliezhik punched Harry a few more times, then followed their team back to the Press Room.

Little did they know, however, that the crowd had jumped to their feet in support of their actions. There were roars that eventually turned into chants, "Fry Harry!" "Fry Harry!".

Harry was scared and beaten. He was so scared that fantasies no longer had a meaning for him, which, believe it or not, is extremely difficult for Pothead.


OLIEZHIK AND CANDY were the first ones there, but it didn't take long for everyone else to arrive for a pre-game strategy session in the Slytherin press room five minutes before game time. Normally they'd be speaking in front of reporters and cameras, but today, the importance of the game had shunned them away.

Before everyone else arrived, Oliezhik was meditating with some Qi Gong practice and Candy was practicing Bachina. Both were ancient arts dealing with the flow of energy and such, except one came from the west, and one the east. Bachina typically was used for physical attacks, as it improved the person's reflexes impressively; it can also sense moves before they happen. This sensing technique works the best specifically against magical attacks and the use of potions, and a master could even deflect the magical attack back to whoever it came from. Real useful against Potter, who learned to be careful around Oliezhik and Candy, the two Bachina masters in the House of Slytherin.

Similar to Bachina, Qi Gong also dealt with the strength of the body and the flow of energy. But in difference, Qi Gong seemed a much more internal art. It helped improve martial arts, that's for sure. But most importantly, Qi Gong helped a person to be calm and wise. Perhaps that's why Candy and Oliezhik seldom got angry.

The meditations and practicing was interrupted by Niock's entry.

"Practicing Bachina and Qi Gong again?" Niock asked, knowing the answer. It was kind of an acknowledgement to Oliezhik and Candy, so neither bothered to answer.

"We need to hurry up, what do you have planned?" Oliezhik asked Niock as other memebers of the team were just coming in.

"I suggest we just intimidate Potter until he gives up, then we win by default," Niock suggested.

"That can be managed," Mitch added from the side.

Big Ax Alder walked into the locker room, but to his surprise, Oliezhik was testing some of his martial arts and Bachina(R) mixed with potions as a bolt lighting struck Ax. Ax yelled in pain and complained, "What the hell was that?"

"Oh sorry Ax, just getting too excited for the game." Oliezhik explained.

Ax fell on the floor and jerked slightly as some smoke rose. At first he was only bleeding on the ankle, but then blood came rushing out of his spine. This Bachina was real powerful. Oliezhik realized his mistake and was quick to correct it, using a radioactive device to temporarily hold the blood back and cease the pain.

"I can't play like this man. You definitely need me on the team... I can't play like this." Ax complained.

They did need Ax. He was the seeker and also knew how to beat up people. He was also experienced from the spooky and dark magical world of Stronghold Hell in the United States. He had one weakness though, Garmeeto Par could penetrate his defenses with various spells.

Niock and Mitch looked at Ax, neither knew what to say. Seen Action, the biggest loser on the team, popped from the side, "I suggest we just beat the crap out of Potter before the game, and we must avenge Ax's injuries by killing Garmeeto Par."

Niock looked at Seen, not a particularly good friend of his, "Par didn't do anything though, for five months. Oliezhik caused this mess."

Seen acknowledged this with a nod, thinking that it was kind of illogical to beat up Garmeeto. Then he turned to Oliezhik, "Geez, Oliezhik, thanks for ruining it."

Mitch jumped in, "Let's not lay any blame, we'll work as a team."

Niock agreed. "Yes, people. Let's just beat the shit out of Garmeeto Par..."

There was a reluctance in the other team members.

Oliezhik certainly agreed. "C'mon, we'll kill them for fun. It'll get us some chicks, and I'm all for that." Oliezhik's ways of getting attention from girls were definitely not common.

Several simultaneous "yes"'s came from around the locker room, affirming Oliezhik's plan.

They assembled and did the team cheer, a simple and loud "FRY POTHEAD," led by Draco Malfoy, who will soon be on the sidelines flying a slightly feminine broom while cheerleading.

Then one by one, with all of their equipment on, they walked out of the Press Room. They were ready to have some fun.

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