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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/6

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Chapter 6


AS HIS NAME suggests, Moron Pukes is a messed up idiot. 5'1" in height, he had failed continuously in all his courses. This was his fifth second-year at Hogwarts. The only reason he was selected to be on the Quidditch team was the fact that everyone else was afraid, and he would fluke out once in a while in making people disappear.

And that was about to happen.

Moron stretched four of his chubby fingers in the direction of Harry, just before Niock could freeze Harry's location, he was gone.

Harry dissappeared. The outline of Harry's body remianed for a second, but only to people's eyes. It then dissappeared altogether. Wild gasps came from all over the stadium. The broomstick Harry had used began plunging to the ground.

Ron was perhaps most worried of all. Last time Moron tried this Harry had ended up in Rons bed, slowly anticipating his entrance by nighttime, and then making Ron puke with all the attempted seduction.

Jeetu and Garmeeto looked at eachother

"Fuck it." they said. They then went to go arrange their Pokemon? cards for a tournament.

So Moron Pukes and Dobby were the only players left on the Gryffindor team. In contrast to the team of 8 on Slytherin.

"Fuck!" Said Moron.

Both Oliezhik and Plankistan used FREEZE to stop Dobby from moving. This variation of FREEZE, however, made Dobby spin around wildly in a stationary position in mid-air.

Niock slowly approached Moron Pukes on his electronic flyer. Then he spoke, "So you made Pothead dissappear..." He said mockingly, "...What a brave thing to do..."

Moron wasn't the least bit intimidated. HE had stolen some medical Bachina from Oliezhik's lab last night, making him invincible from most attacks. "Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?"

Oliezhik, Mitch and Big Ax watched in anticipation of an attack. It didn't go quite as planned.

The sky became cloudier. Some fans became bored of this nonsense. Most became attentive at the Advertising Screen at each quarter of the stadium. Loud boo's came when David Beckham was advertising for some soft drink company. The boo's quickly subsided, however, because many "magical" David Beckham supporters became displeased.

Niock knew that it wasn't worth his attention watching people argue over some overrated soccer player. It was pitiful because Beckham was just another loser who didn't deserve all that attention. Niock thought he did.

Niock cast several golden rays that suddely shot out from the clouds, attracting everyone's attention. Then he turned to Moron Pukes. "We challenge you, Mr. Pukes, in a Martial Arts battle. We'll even start by using our weakest players to allow you an advantage." He'll probably be easily beaten by Plankistan, Niock thought.

Moron thought about it for a second. "Nah." He replied, "I'll challenge all of you at once." Moron slowly began his descent to the ground, and ended up near where Ron was sitting in the VIP section, reserved to him by Harry.

"Go Moron!" Ron yelled. Despite the fact that he hated Harry, he was pretty fond of Moron's skills when it came to important moments.

Moron ignored Ron. He did a matrix-style "come-to-me" hand gesture. Mitch was frustrated at this, and annoyed by this arrogance. He rushed forward and threw some chops and kicks, but was pushed back by an invisible layer of jell-like material.

Hanky and Plankistan were next to show off their skills.

Hanky could easily qualify as a Kung-fu master at Shaolin with speedy, adept and stylish moves. Well, with one exception. His were all fake. Thus he was no challenge for Moron's Berlin Wall attack -- forming a solid concrete barrier to where Hanky was about to punch. As Hanky noticed this he had no time to withdraw his attacks, so his knuckles started bleeding as he shrieked in pain. Plankistan, even clumsier, ran head first into the wall and battered his head like a cut watermelon with blood spraying everywhre.

Niock dropped his newly acquired weapon and stared blankly at the injuries, concentrating on Plankistan. Oliezhik laughed, then realized that perhaps it wasn't the most appropriate of ideas. Mitch tied his shoelaces. Even Seen Action gave a silent "outch!". The only team member that didn't seem to care was Candy Jennings, who waved off the matter, mumbling something like "Aww... just cut his head, no big deal."

Oliezhik's Bachina could not have helped. He was in a pretty bad mood, which disturbed his Bachina. Mitch Chang's Bachina was fairly low-level and he didn't really understand most of the concepts involved, anyway.

As most people gaped in awe, Moron Pukes withdrew the Berlin Wall attack. He stared at Niock, grinned evilly, and asked, "want more?"

Hanky cursed at Moron in Japanese... or was it Korean. No one could understand so no one cared. Moron didn't even realize he was being insulted, called a "Big chicken egg."

Plankistan jerked a few more times, then his heart stopped beating. Little children began crying on the seats as their parents attempted to comfort them. Indeed, it was a horrible sight, too horrible for young minds to witness. Blood spilled on the grass turf near Plankistan as he lay there, motionless, one eye still halfway open, but battered. His head was no longer in one piece. The bleeding would continue.

Yet at the worst of times, David Beckham began advertising for a red colored watermelon juice on the big screens. "Drink a Watermelon Splash! And refresh your minds." Said Bechkam as he took a sip out of the product and appeared to be extremely satisfied. In the background there was a "SPLASH... SPLASH!!!" tune playing. This only discusted and annoyed the people watching.

Hanky, being injured pretty badly himself, began walking to the locker room, followed by Candy and Oliezhik. Slowly, Niock rode his robotic flyer and left the stadium to the locker room. Mitch ordered Malfoy and Robert Harding to go and collect Plankistan's body, and then he turned around and left for the locker room, too. It was a matter of time before all fans began leaving their seats. Some still sat there, unable to believe what they had seen even after Plankistan had been taken in.

Moron Pukes had already dissapeared mysteriously. No one knew where he'd gone.


HARRY KICKED AT the leaves and sticks in fron tof him as he finally saw a ray of light coming his direction.

He had passed out, maybe for several minutes, maybe a couple of hours.

When he first woke up everything seemed so dark around him. He struggled to understand where he was. He saw the red colored sun on the horizon. He didn't know whether it was sunrise or sunset.

When he stood up he saw tropical-like trees around him. The weather, however, was not so tropical. Harry felt a nasty wind blowing towards him. He was shaking and cold. He carried his heavy legs and walked a few steps, and then paused, seeing if anything was around. He saw a few pigs, but they didn't come close to him.

He felt dizzy. He was hungry and thirsty. He knew his weak body could walk no further. He yelled for Ron with his last bit of energy.

Then he passed out. And Moron Pukes can now take a break from watching Harry's every move.

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