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Harry Potter and the Death of Harry Potter/9

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Chapter 9

The Secret of Albert

OLIEZHIK HAD NEVER had a hard time mixing potions. His Bachina did most of the small work to perfect his grades, which average around 82%. Today, there was some chemical experiment dealing with oranges. And today was not a normal day for Oliezhik.

After coming out of the Tracker Control Room and eating a small lunch Oliezhik barely made it to potions class on time. He had slept a total of seven hours in teh last three days, and three of those were on the unforgiving, harsh surfaces of several stools, with computers humming near him. He had a headache and felt totally miserable.

That was more than enough to make him look forward to the end of his class, which seemed to come so slowly.

When Dumbledore came into the classroom, Oliezhik had his head bowed down, half asleep in his seat.

"Excuse me, can I see a Mr. Olieck Demeter?" Dumbledore asked looking in the direction of the instructor.

Oliezhik suddenly looked up, knowing it was Dumbledore, he eyed his instructor as if to ask for permission to leave.

His instructor was silent.

Oliezhik couldn't care less. He rose from his seat as his classmates stared at him and followed Dumbledore out the door. Whatever was awaiting him didn't seem to matter with the incredible flow of events in the past few days. There were no objections from the instructor.

Outside, Dumbledore walked at a fast speed to the headmaster;s office. Right after he opened the dorr, Oliezhik knew that this was probably trouble. But then again, he didn't care much. Besides, all the previous times he'd come to the headmaster's office was to receive honors and prizes for some achievement.

Oliezhik stood outside the door. Dumbledore looked sternly at Oliezhik with a frown, and said rudely, "What the hell are you doing standing there? Get in here!"

Oliezhik seldom made people angry. So by Dumbledore's words he confirmed that he had probably done something against the rules. As he helplessly stepped inside the office he saw Mitch, Niock, and Robert sitting in their small chairs. These chairs were often reserved for student misbehavior and misconduct, and the subsequent interrogation.

"Hey, Oliezhik." Mitch spoke, something he was not supposed to do. But he liked defying rules. Niock did, too, but hte situation looked pretty grave.

Since Robert was here they all knew this probably dealt with the Tracker. Oliezhik tried to find what was wrong with using the device that would get him in trouble. Initially he couldn't find a good reason. Then he thought maybe they used too much battery power and the water supply at Hogwarts shut down; the works. He would try fabricating excuses, as would Niock and Mitch. Niock had told Rober to not spread anything about the Tracker, but under pressure Robert was the most vulnerable to say something wrong.

Dumbledore began, "Do you know why you're all here?"

Everyone was silent, staring blankly at nowhere in particular.

Dumbledore continued, "Do I need to tell you why you're here?"

Mitch was pretty pissed, but was afraid to show it. "Professor," he spoke with articulation, "please inform us of our wrongdoings."

Dumbledore looked angrily at Mitch and said, "Last night through this morning, the Hogwarts Tracker System was used without authorization. Can any of you explain why?"

Robert's hands were in his pockets, his legs shaking uncontrollably. Good signs that he was really nervous. Niock thought it'd be real easy if Robert just left the damn place.

There was a long pause. Oliezhik tried to think of excuses. Mitch had an urge to burst out and argue with Dumbledore. Niock stared in silence, thinking of ways to murder Moron Pukes.

Dumbledore gave out a big sigh, played with his beard for a while, then grew weary. "All I'm asking for is an explanation, shouldn't be that difficult."

Oliezhik finally spoke. "Proffessor, it clearly shows on the records that Mitch and Niock had signed into the system with authorization. I'm sure there was some kind of flaw in the computer system... or a misunderstanding."

Dumbledore grew angrier. "According to several people who were walking around the Tracker labs yesterday and this morning, Olieck, neither Niock nor Mitch were actually in the Tracker room -- they gave their accounts away for two unauthorized users."

This clearly violated school rules, and all of them knew it. Oliezhik was still trying to think of excuses, but his train of thought was often disturbed by Dumbledore.

"Why were you using the tracker system for sixteen hours anyway? Don't think electricity costs money?!" Dumbledore yelled, as if all the money was coming out of his own pockets.

Mitch tried to sound articulate again, "Proffessor, we are unclear as to the issue being discussed at the present time. Is it strictly about unauthorized use of a device, or about the amount of electricity put into use..."

"It's about both, Mr. Chang."

Mitch was boiling over inside, but appeared calm. "Proffessor, I understand mistakes were made regarding the issue of unauthorized use." Mitch confessed, "But try to see it from our perspective; I ask of you, Proffessor, to understand that this is a truly grave situation facing us."

"What's truly grave?!" Dumbledore roared, "Why can't you students learn that perhaps you should ask a more experienced computer user at Hogwarts to operate the Tracker?"

Oliezhik laughed coldly, then spoke. "I really can't find any experinced computer users at our school, Proffessor. Most people here don't like technology. They say technology is against the ancient way of flowing magic or whatever. They like brewing potions and transfiguring things into animals at two in the morning." Oliezhik couldn't believe he was actually arguing with the headmaster.

Mitch followed, "Our friend was killed, Proffessor, you should understand. Cold-blooded murder."

Dumbledore gave a slight chuckle. "Let me get this straight, you wasted sixteen hours of tracker time trying to find Moron Pukes?"

"May I ask what is wrong with that?" Niock finally blurted out, thinking, no shit, Prof, you just found out now?!

"Everything!" Dumbledore thundered, "I said clearly at Blake Markato's funeral that Pukes would be tracked down and tried under a Magic Court ruling!"

Mitch really didn't care anymore, he raised his voice. "I don't think you said anything about tracking down Pukes."

"The Magic Court does that, understand? They have much better equipment with much better efficiency, and they track down people legally. The magic court..."

Dumbledore was interrupted by Niock, "The Magic Court can't do anything, they're not taking the case seriously. Honestly, they see it as no more than just another wrongful student misconduct case."

"What do you mean not serious!?" Dumbledore yelled through the roof, prompting a jerk from Robert. "The judge personally adressed the matter, justice will be served!"

"Which judge. William R. Fruitcake?" Mitch said, referring to Scotland Supreme Magic Court Judge, Dr. William R. Fruoks, "The ruling will be permanent expulsion from Magic -- no prison terms, no real punishment. We would've served five days in the school dungeon for unauthorized use of the damn tracker, Proffessor. While Pukes basically gets off with murder to live as a normal person again in the Real World. Where's the justice there, huh Albert?!"

Dumbledore was dazed, he didn't believe how much the kid knew. The corrupt system was hidden for about fifty years and is now suddenly known to Mitch and probably Niock and Oliezhik and their gang. He also noticed Mitch's use of "Albert", his real name. Dumbledore was silent.

Mitch continued, "And for trying to find a killer who bashed our friend literally into unrecognizable pieces, we get this shit from you?!"

Oliezhik wanted to say this from the beginnign, and was glad someone actually said it. He was not known to get angry easily.

"I can't take this disrespect from a student, Mitch. I will be asking for your expulsion from the magic world permanently." Dumbledore said, looking at the other side of the office, feeling apprehensive of what else Mitch might know. Might as well get Mitch out of here before he causes more trouble. "This is utter disrespect to a superior, Mr. Chang, and I do not tolerate it."

Mitch couldn't retreat. Now that Dumbledore mentioned his expulsion he knew he had nothing to lose, so might as well take everything out on Dumbledore. He fired, "Albert! The magic world has disrespected everyone from the beginning! Its deception to lure young children into this cruel world knows no borders. People like you are just trying to enforce your stanic beliefs upon others, and gain power through it! The only reason your damn potions and transfigurations and whatever the fuck appear thrilling to the kids is because they know nothing, Albert. Nothing. They are tricked, used, then most of them killed; some you use to spread more evil."

Dumbledore looked thrilled to hear all this. Yet he was scared to see this information revealed on his own turf, he didn't want to guess who else knew it. He had no choice but to deny it. "These are false allegations, Mitch!"

Niock wanted to punch Mitch for being so agressive. They were here at Hogwarts, essentially, to learn, not to destroy, not to reveal what some people in the real world know. Further, Niock knew that he himself explained most of this to Mitch no too long ago, and now seems like Mitch is spilling his guts and and appeared to take all the credit for knowing. He wanted to interrupt, but withdrew.

Mitch continued, this time in more of a ridicule and explaining-to-children kind of tone. "So, Albert... you and your team were real good at coming up with these deceptive ideas, weren't you? You wanted publicity... so you just ripped off and plagiarized Greek and Roman mythology and a whole bunch of other things to make everything look good, didn't you?"

"I'm an old man, Mitch. Don't make me mad."

Mitch laughed out loud. "You're old and you might as well die off soon, bring the Magic World to hell with you. Save the children, Albert. They deserve a life, you ruined yours."

Dumbledore all of a sudden was emotionally hit. He couldn't deny the truth. He went to sit down in his huge leather chair, and then looked silently at Mitch, frown dissappeared.

Niock had understood what this meant. If Dumbledore didn't deny this outright it means he was the creator of the Magic World. Niock called it the Fabricator -- creator was too great of a word for someone who fabricated a scam. Everything he learned in the Friday-night Anti-Magic Club meetings were being revealed, and the dots being connected. He spoke softly, "So, you're the Fabricator."

Dumbledore slid further into this chair, eyes now watery. He didn't understand. He uncontrollably brought back memories from his past, from when he was still in the twenties, energetic and young. Albert Dumstrum was looking for a good way of making money after getting fired form a mill in rural Oxfordshire. His friend Larry Potter's death deeply shocked him, but Larry told Albert to explore the land and raise pigs. Albert had real faith in Larry, so he did, and made a small fortune. One day, Albert brought some pig meat to Larry's grave as an offering, and from that moment on, for one reason or another, he possessed special powers. He didn't know what they were but he liked it. He was able to create wormholes, and during an experiment he found the thrill of doing so. This opened way to a series of later developments that led to the creation of the Magic World, where everything in its setting is fantasy, therefore everything defied logic and "Magic" thrived. He began luring in children to share the world with him, each only needed a 4-pound tuition to enter. He had forty students from that first year, when he first founded a school to supposedly "teach" his magic -- the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, named after Larry's pig, Watt.

Later that year, Albert accidently transfigured a student into a plant, and was not able to get the student back to his original form. But since the student's death Albert began gaining strength and special powers, and since then he's had a bad habit to transfiguring, in essence, killing, to gain strength. This series of events were not known until a student, Joseph N. Harding, a trusted protege of Albert, wanted to be like him in terms of strength. Albert explained and lied, saying this was the only way to gain power. After Joe Harding found out the truth, he escaped from the Magical World and founded the Anti-Magic Club. Joe Harding and his group is another story altogether.

His grandson, Robert, was currently sitting inside the room, doodling with his thumbs.

Mitch tried to explain calmly what he knew about this killing, and suggested a theory to why Pukes wouldn't be brought to justice. The killing of Pukes was simply another form of justified power-gaining.

Dumbledore took this as a naive conclusion. "You all do know a lot, I suspect, but not enough, obviously, judging from the fact you haven't tracked down Pukes."

Oliezhik threatened Dumbledore, knowing that it was justified, "You know, Professor, we are pretty hard to silence."

Dumbledore laughed, "You know I haven't used a bit of Magic yet to attempt that. Want a taste?"

So you still think you're all powerful, huh? Oliezhik thought. He said with ridicule, "Oh, just so you know, Proffessor, Bachina can repel Magic any time."

Joe Harding, that idiot! Dumbledore thought; so you ditch me and start your own magical shit and call it "Bachina"?! That's honorable now?! Dumbledore knew he was trapped. He couldn't simply admit, though, being the supreme icon of power at Hogwarts. "I'm an old man," Dumbledore said again, "Don't want to handle all this shit from you brats."

Everyone but Robert laughed. Niock suggested, "Proffessor, all we want is justice for our friend, Plankistan. If you can seek that justice for us... then we'll remain silent." This was only a temporary suggestion, and subject to change any time.

Dumbledore cleaned his glasses for a while, then looked into Niock's eyes. "Let's make a deal."

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