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Hawaiian Reading

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Hawaii's history is not simple. There are many sources for learning the history of Hawaii, and of course, many may be considered biased, depending on who's reading. Therefore, in an attempt to be partial, several sources have been included that may portray more than one side to this history.

Barnes, Phil

A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands

Budnick, Rich

Stolen Kingdom: An American Conspiracy

Chinen, Jon Jitsuzo

The Great Mahele: Hawaii's Land Division of 1848

Creighton, Thomas H.

The Lands of Hawaii: Their Use and Misuse

Daws, Gavin

Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands

Day, A. Grove and R.S. Kuykendall

Hawaii: A History from Polynesian Kingdom to American Commonwealth

Ellis, William

The Journal of William Ellis, Narrative of a Tour...

Fuchs, Lawrence

Hawaii Pono: A Social History

Kamakau, Samuel

The Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii

Kuykendall, Ralph Simpson, 1885-1963

The Hawaiian Kingdom (1778-1854): Formation and Transformation
The Hawaiian Kingdom (1854-1878): Twenty Critical Years
The Hawaiian Kingdom (1879-1894): The Kalakaua Dynasty

Russ, William A.

The Hawaiian Republic and its Struggle to Win Annexation (1894-1898)
The Hawaiian Revolution (1893-1894)


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