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Heartless (ECRPG)

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.


As long as there is darkness in the heart, the Heartless will exist...

Heartless are beings spawned from spiritual hearts corrupted by darkness. Most are close to mindless, exhibiting no more intelligence than a carnivorous hunter. They feed and reproduce by consuming living hearts. The forms of Heartless are as diverse as the worlds and beings they are formed from.

Heartless Lords are more advanced Heartless, closely resembling their original body. They are capable of thought, yet are subject to the same hunger as their animalistic brethren. Heartless Lords are typically very dangerous, thanks to their ability to think and plan. All Lords have amber-colored eyes, and dark skin if their original form was human. For nonhumans, they exhibit a darker fur or scale color.

The Renquizdt race's yellow-eyed subsection have been mistaken for human Lords, which reportedly was one of the factors that led to the "Renquizdt Genocide".


  • Jason Kizumet - Short, several minute stint as a heartless for darkness research and balancing.
  • Kefka Palazzo - One of the primary antagonists in the KH arcs. Became a Heartless to get back a human form after having soul be stuck in a robot drone. Defeated for good in The Finale, winds up in a Hell. May or may not have been pulled into the game between Cosmos and Chaos in Dissidia: Final Fantasy afterward.
  • Alisha Shatogi -
  • Dri Ksehsh - Kefka's partner in crime, an insane and malicious kitsune.
  • Exdeath - Another KH arc primary antagonist, defeated for good in The Finale. Like Kefka, he may have been pulled into a certain game afterward...
  • Smithy - Last primary antagonist in The Finale. Defeated in it as well.
  • Shadowfall -
  • Dr. X - See Existenz Totessquadron
  • Audri Baretta - See Existenz Totessquadron
  • Axydos Boregg - See Existenz Totessquadron
  • "Lab rat" - See Existenz Totessquadron
  • Demon Buckle - See Existenz Totessquadron


Nobodies are "shells" of body and soul created from beings that became Heartless. Lacking a spiritual heart, Nobodies are without emotions, though they can act as if they do posses a heart. All Nobodies posses the capability for thought, and share a unique form of telepathy to communicate with one another. They are also constantly driven to reunite with their heart before they fade into darkness, and this is what motivates most Nobodies. Few Nobodies have a human form, as few beings have the strength of heart to create a Higher Nobody.

Higher Nobodies make up The Thirteenth Order, and are identifiable by the long, black, hooded cloak they typically wear. They are several magnitudes of power stronger than even the most powerful Lessers. Many Highers adopt a name that is an anagram of their original name with an X added. The reason is unknown, though many seem to choose it within a few minutes of their "birth."


  • Faxkek Oroboros - #6 in the first version of the New Order, became a Forgotten after death, now leads the Terror Seekers.
  • Muxsez - Right hand man of Faxkek in the Terror Seekers, but has ulterior motives.
  • Lexeln - Hired by Faxkek as a nanny for his and Ego's daughter, Moyen; and by extension, Himi and Alter's son, Eli.
  • Jaxnos - Faxkek's former science researcher who eventually had a Heel Face Turn and joined the New Order's second version, killed by Muxsez later.


Without darkness, there is no light... without light, there is no darkness...

Lumen are beings of pure light, formed when a heart is completely consumed by light. They exist as the polar opposite to Heartless and seem to possess limited intelligence, driving them to exterminate darkness.


Forgotten are beings created from Heartless or Nobodies when they die with strong desires, that cause them to reincarnate after death as a complete being. They are always born with a humanoid form, and having transcended death twice, are extremely powerful. They are driven to fulfill the wish that spurred their reincarnation, and as a result can be psychologically unstable, or even insane.

Forgotten do not always form from a Heartless or Nobody with a wish at death - even among these, the rebirth takes place only half the time.


From Birth by Sleep. May be beings that are the opposite of life itself (antimatter beings, maybe?).


Explanation goes here.

Jason Kizumet has one.

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