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Hefty Coupons

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Hefty Products

Hefty® products have helped consumers stay neat organized for almost 40 years.

Ever since their introduction in 1975 by the Mobil Corporation, Hefty trash bags have helped consumers around the country stay neat and organized. This has happened because Hefty continues to introduce new and better products that have helped people keep trash from overwhelming their lives. Moreover, the Hefty® product line also features several house ware items that make entertaining and living easier.

Nowadays, the Reynolds Group Holdings Limited Partnership continues to promote the Hefty brand name by offering coupons online and through various marketing campaigns around the country. These coupons can be especially valuable if you use Hefty products regularly because they can help you save 85 cents, $1.75 and even $3.00 off the regular retail price of many Hefty® products.

If you would like to obtain these coupons, here’s a handy guide about locating Hefty’s coupons that can help you learn where you can find valuable coupons for Hefty trash bags and other household products. To start off, let’s explore how the Hefty® brand name has evolved in to one of the most popular brands in the country.

Hefty's History

The Hefty® brand was introduced around 1975 by the Mobil Corporation.

The Hefty® brand was introduced as far as we can tell around 1975 by the Mobil Corporation. It was introduced because Mobil wanted to take advantage of the greater demand for household products that could be produced with plastics.

The first products to be introduced were trash bags that featured patented Two-Ply® technology and plastic storage bags that featured Zip Lock technology. Many stars such as Jonathan Winters made commercials touting these products’ strength and durability. Consumers enjoyed using these trash bags because they really were durable and strong.

Hefty Coupons

As a result, the Mobil Corporation was able to expand the Hefty product line during the 1980s to include trash bags including Twist Tie bags, SteelSak® and the famous CinchSak® bags that still remain a hit with many consumers. They also introduced quart-sized and gallon-sized plastic storage bags to appeal to housewives who needed inexpensive ways to store their kids’ lunches.

The late 1990s saw the Mobil Corporation sell the Hefty® brand to the Pactiv Corporation. It also saw the first disposable tableware and disposable cookware. These items became a huge hit with consumers who wanted inexpensive alternatives to silverware and roasting pans.

Reynolds Group

These days, the Reynolds Group Holdings Limited Partnership owns the Hefty® brand. It has added a full line of tableware products, stronger trash bags and other products that can help you entertain well and live a happier life. As a result, don’t be surprised to see the Hefty® brand in stores for many years to come.

The Hefty® brand features several well-known products including:

  • Hefty® Cinch-Sack trash bags
  • Hefty® EZ Ovenware® Pans
  • Hefty® Everyday plates, bowls and cups
  • Hefty® OneZip® Bags

Hefty Coupons

Consumers can find coupons for these Hefty® items online and through various marketing campaigns. For example, the most reliable online source for Hefty’s coupons is a grocery store website such as Kroger.Com or Shaws.Com

Since the Reynolds Group Holdings Limited Partnership does not actively use the Internet to distribute its coupons, consumers looking for reliable online sources of Hefty’s coupons can always search their favorite grocery store website for coupons for Hefty’s products.

This is true because local and regional vendors that work for the Reynolds Group Holdings Limited Partnership work with local supermarket chains to offer coupons for all Hefty’s products. As a result, be sure to check out your favorite grocery store’s website for coupons good for $1.00 off any Hefty® Cinch-Sack trash bag product and $2.00 off any set of Hefty® EZ Ovenware® Pans.

If you want to get these coupons, be sure to sign up for your favorite grocery store’s email club or Frequent Shopper program. These programs allow consumers to download coupons from websites such as Kroger.

Mailed Coupons

They also mail out monthly coupon specials to members to their mailbox. To sign up for these free consumer programs, go to your local supermarket and ask for a free form. Fill out the form using your name, address, telephone number and email address. Once you’ve filled out the form, wait about 48 hours to start using your supermarket’s website to download coupons for Hefty’s products.

Another way that you can get coupons for Hefty’s products is to search for them in your Sunday newspaper. One of the Reynolds Group Holdings Limited Partnership’s favorite ways to promote Hefty® EZ Ovenware® Pans and other Hefty’s products is to use newspaper advertising campaigns to spread the word about new and existing products.

These promotions include coupons that can save consumers 50 cents, $1.50, $2.00 and even $3.00 off many of Hefty’s products. As a result, be sure to check your local Sunday newspaper’s advertising coupons for Hefty’s coupons.

Print Coupons

Finally, the Reynolds Group also prints coupons inside the Parade Magazine insert that is included in most Sunday newspapers. These coupons appear about 4 times a year in the Parade Magazine insert that is included in most Sunday newspapers. They are good for 50 cents off most Hefty® brand sandwich bags and up to $1.00 off most Hefty® brand trash bags.

Therefore, don’t forget to check this little-known resource for valuable coupons that can help you save money on many Hefty® brand products.

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