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Heinz Ketchup Coupons

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About the Heinz Company

The Heinz company is well known for making Ketchup, and it was started by Henry John Heinz. He was an extremely talented business man, but he was also a fair one. That's one of the reasons why his company was so successful.

The company has been headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, since 1890. Today they sell their products in locations all over the world, including Australia, the Philippines, Canada, India, several countries in Europe, and various other locations. They are also not just known for ketchup anymore - though they started out advertising they had 57 different varieties of food products, today they actually have over 6,000 products.

Even though there are many, many different products that the company focuses on making now, they will always be best known for their ketchup. It is the number one brand of ketchup in all of the United States.

Their brand of Ore-Ida frozen potatoes is also quite popular with shoppers and consumers. They have also gone from selling not only the typical red tomato ketchup, but many other styles and kinds as well. You can get Heinz ketchup that has no salt, is hot and spicy, organic, and more.

They also come in different style bottles, such as one that has the cap on the bottom so that you never have to shake the bottle or tap the bottom just to get the ketchup to come out.

Ketchup Process

One thing that the Heinz company is very proud of is the fact that their ketchup is "grown, not made." They place a great amount of importance on the ingredients that they use to make the ketchup, and on the fact that these ingredients are fresh and taken directly from the ground. Using the best tomatoes out there makes the highest quality ketchup that you can get. The tomatoes that they use are never genetically modified, and they are nurtured and taken care of by some of the best farmers out there. If you want to rest assured that the ketchup you're using really is made from these materials and hasn't undergone any significant changes, you can actually use a code on a cap of the ketchup bottle to trace where the tomatoes came from and what they went through, all the way up to the time that they arrived on your food.

Heinz Company Logo

With such a great tasting product and the highest quality ingredients, of course you'll probably want to be buying Heinz ketchup for yourself. There are many good deals and Heinz ketchup coupons out there that you can use to save some money when you buy it. One of the easiest ways that you can get coupons is simply by staying alert of what is available from local grocery stores and supermarkets. Sign up for any newsletters that they might have, which can be delivered to your mailbox. You can also check the newspaper to see if there are any advertisements with coupons. These stores will often have Heinz ketchup coupons that are good for a limited time that you can go into the store and use to buy your ketchup.

Getting Coupons

When you're actually in the grocery store or supermarket, take a look around there as well. If they do have an advertisement in the newspaper or one that is sent to homes, they will sometimes leave free copies of it by the entrances to the store. Some supermarkets even have little dispensers that give out coupons right on the shelves, so if you're looking at the Ketchup and you see one of these in the area, take a closer look to see if it could be a Heinz ketchup coupon. It's also a good idea to sign up for any deals or "clubs" that the specific store might have, because sometimes they'll offer discounts when you swipe your membership card that isn't available to other shoppers.

If you'd like to try and find some Heinz ketchup coupons online, there are lots of places that you can do that. Some of the supermarkets or stores have the same coupons that are available in store available online, and sometimes they even have coupons that aren't available anywhere else. You can get these sometimes by just checking the website, or else by signing up for an email list, where you'll receive periodic emails which often contain coupons and deals.

Finding Coupons Online

There are also numerous websites that offer coupons and deals which you can find. Sometimes you may even be able to go to the Heinz website to see if they are having any coupons that are available to download and use in the stores. Another good website is Money Saving Madness. There you can find information on all of the goods and coupons that you can then use in the store. They sometimes have Heinz ketchup coupons. They will let you know where the coupons are available and how long they will be good for, so you can track them down and get them in time to buy all of your ketchup.

Wherever you get your coupons from, you can rest assured that you will be getting a good deal on some of the best ketchup on the market. You can't go wrong with Heinz, and getting some Heinz ketchup coupons will make the purchase that much more worthwhile.

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