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One of the few things you can't do yourself as a wiki author is delete a page.

You can't even delete your own page. Why? Because there's really no concept of "your own" page in a wiki. It's a free for all. That's why we need to be nice to one another, even respect one another, and share the space.

If you know for sure that a page needs to be deleted -- maybe you created it by mistake -- then you should simply stick the following tag right at the top:



This means "please delete". It will render the following text:

and it will add your page to a category called Category:Pages to delete. A sysop will come along, and look at the history of every page in this category. If it was created today, and edited by only one person, then it's a no-brainer. The sysop will delete the file for you. On the other hand, if it was created a while ago, and edited by a number of people, then the sysop will wonder whether everyone agrees it should be deleted. He'll read the "talk" page, and try to understand the goals of the wiki authors, and judge whether it is reasonable to delete this page. After all, deleting is a pretty drastic move, and maybe there is another solution to whatever problem has been perceived. The sysop may delete the page, if that seems prudent, or he may contribute to the discussion on the Talk page to understand the situation a bit better. Then, no matter how the situation is resolved, the page will be removed from the Category:Pages to delete.

Alternatively, you can type <code><nowiki>

</nowiki></code> to add a reason to your plea, like this:

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