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Hollister Coupons

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The Background of Hollister Co

Hollister Co, sometimes advertised as HCo or Hollister, is an American lifestyle clothing brand created by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The original concept was designed to attract consumers between the ages of 15-18 with its casual SoCal inspired style. Clothing can be purchased through their online store and retail stores as well. In 2008, it was ranked as the second best clothing brand of west coast compnies.

The History of Hollister Co

While Hollister was not launched until July 2000, Abercrombie & Fitch enjoys creating pseudo-histories of their spin-off brands to help give the brand a personal feel and allow customers to feel an attachment to it. Hollister has a concept character named John M. Hollister to be the ‘founder’ of the company. The story claims he is an adventurous young man who was born in Maine and enjoyed playing water sports. He graduated in 1915 from Yale University at the age of 21, before gaining interest in steamboats. Instead of following his father and working the highlife in Manhattan, he joined the Dutch East Indies in 1917.

There, he bought a plantation from another fictional character named Gregory Van Gilder. John began to fall in love with Gilder’s daughter, Meta. The two of them purchased their own 50-foot boat with the money they made from selling the plantation.

The two of them traveled the pacific for years before marrying in Los Angeles in 1919. Their fictional son, John M. Hollister Jr. was born in 1920 and fell in love with California. John Sr. settled down in Laguna Beach and launched Hollister Co in 1922. The original store carried South Pacific treasures until 1957 when John Jr. began introducing surf apparel and other equipment into the inventory.

This fictional story is not widely available to the public, but the design of the store and items all tie in this theme filled with beauty, adventure, and romance.

Unique Locations of Hollister Co

There are a couple locations which stand out significantly in the total of 540 worldwide. One of the must-visit stores is the original location at the Easton Towel Center in Columbus, Ohio. It opened for the first time in July 2000 and it was due to that success that it began to grow all over the world. Other locations that stand out are the newer ones opened in Canada since they were the first locations out of the US to open to the public.

Hollister Coupons

Popular and Specialty Products

The merchandise offered from Hollister Co is unique in that it combines a casual surf look while also adding a prep feel, similar to high class retailers like Ralph Lauren. While the prices are still a bit high compared to other retailers aimed at high school students, their products are much more inexpensive compared to Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The men and women sections in the store are divided by the names ‘Dudes’ and ‘Bettys’, carrying on with the surf theme.

The clothing that is most popular at this retailer includes polos, ‘applique’ and ‘heritage’ shirts, flip-flops, fleece, knits, Henleys, boxers, low-rise jeans, and more. Most of the clothing has a casual, laid back SoCal feel inspired by the existing clothing and named after local beaches in California. One of the most popular products that isn’t clothing offered by Hollister Co is their array of perfumes, body care, and even music. The men’s line carries scents such as Manhattan Beach, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach.

The women’s line offers Ventura, Crystal Cove, Solana Beach, and Malibu Beach, to name a few. Near the checkout stands, music that is played throughout the store is available for sale. Many albums offer an indie carefree feel, with rock and acoustic being quite popular.

Finding Discounts at Seasonal Sales

A great way for customers to help bring down the cost of products from Hollister is through visiting the store during the end of different seasons. For example, many pieces of spring clothing are discounted greatly each May, while summer clothing is available for lowered prices when fall begins. Sale items can be found both in person at local retailers and online, but shopping on their website will increase the likelihood of finding a particular item in the customer’s exact size and desired color.

Joining an Email Club for Savings

Customers looking for great deals should look into joining the email club for Hollister Co. An individual can sign up either by looking at their website online and entering in their information or by asking a cashier about it in the store. Joining is completely free and it is a great way to get more details on any upcoming sales, opening of new locations, or introductions of new products.

An individual signed up for emails from Hollister Co is likely to receive coupon codes for free shipping or even discounts off items. While there isn’t typically coupons available through Hollister Co, an individual can still save some money by using their emails to find out about special sales and any discounts offered.

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